Seduction 101™: How To Seduce Women

Hunka hunka!Matthew, teach me how to seduce a woman.”

I nodded. “Just like everybody else,” I thought.

Vincent seemed to be able to know what I was thinking.

He frowned.

“Not sure if you got me, Matt. I am not interested in learning how to seduce women. I want to know how to seduce a woman.”

“OK, tell me more then.”

“I don’t know what the other guys come here for, but listen… my case is different. I’m not looking to pick women up. Like, I’m not interested in approaching random females at the bar to sleep with them.”

“Alright then, Vincent. So what are you looking for?”

“I only want to seduce this one woman whom I already know.” Fast Start Video

When “Picking Up Women” Is Not Your Thing

From the outside, the SIBG (or, the Baltimore Seduction Lair for the uninitiated) seems to be populated by horny young men looking for the latest and greatest “seduction techniques” to lure women for one night stands…

… and yet that’s not true at all.

In fact, the overwhelming majority of guys who came up to us have more similarities with Vincent than, say, the random two-bit “Pickup Artist” that prowls the bars on Saturday nights for easy lays.

Like many others here at the SIBG, Vincent needed help sorting out his problems with one particular woman.

Are you like Vincent?

And if you are, then I know this about you – you’ve already outgrown the phase when “pickup” was your thing.

You’re no longer the testosterone-fueled kid who lusted after every pair of tits and ass which happened to bounce across your face. Nope.

Instead, like Vincent, you’ve matured, and your needs have matured correspondingly, too.

At this stage of your life, what you may desire out of love and relationships is something deeper… something more meaningful…

Like complete authority, control and domination over a woman.

Am I describing you accurately?

If I am, then continue reading, because what you’re going to read next will give you exactly what you want.

With this knowledge, you’ll be able to turn any woman into a docile little kitten who will be subservient to you for as long as you want.

Exciting stuff, right?

Before you dig in further, however, there’s something that you must know (and agree with) before we can proceed, and it is this…

To Succeed With Women, Avoid This Common Mistake

This may be a bitter pill to swallow, but the truth needs to be said…

Most of the guys who read this guide will fail to get any benefit out of it.

Want to know why?

Here’s the reason – most guys who are actively seeking to improve themselves by reading blogs and forums online usually make this very common mistake:

They overwhelm themselves with “research”, and as a result, they fail to take any meaningful action out of it.

So what happens is that they tend to jump from one blog to another without really learning anything, much less taking real action from the knowledge that they have acquired.

You should already know that in order to be better with women, you’ll need to ACTION upon the things that you have learned.

Knowledge without action is about as useful as a condom machine inside the Pope’s bedroom.

So, before proceeding, I would ask you to promise me this one thing:

After reading this guide, go out and take concrete action based on what you’ve learned here.


Good! 🙂

To make it easier for you, I’ve prepared an Action Checklist which contains everything inside this guide in step-by-step format.

This is how the Action Checklist is useful: before you use the techniques inside this guide to seduce a woman, simply leaf through this Checklist to see if you’ve covered every important step (and not missed out on anything.)

Cool, right?

Download this Action Checklist here (in PDF format) –

Free Action Checklist Download

Click here to download the “How To Seduce A Woman” SIBG Action Checklist for free. This beautiful 14-page PDF contains every technique in this guide PLUS a bonus tactic not found here in this article.

When you’re done downloading this Checklist, proceed to the next section…

Can you keep a secret?

Warning (Our Lawyers Made Us Write This!)

What you’re going to read next in this guide will probably be new information to you.

Why am I so sure?

Well, because of two reasons:

Firstly, the “Source” of this knowledge (and we’ll disclose who this “Source” is later below) has only agreed to reveal this information recently (and exclusively through

Secondly, this knowledge is so “un-politically correct” that nobody else would want to touch it with a ten foot pole.

Make no mistake about it: the risk of public backlash to this information is very real.

Learn fractionation to make her want you!When we published a guide on “how to manipulate women” some time back, we received heaps of negative publicity from the mainstream media (cough, Huffington Post, cough), accusing us of promoting hatred towards women…

… but of course, that’s nothing but a vicious lie.

If anything, guys would come up to us at our office here at Calvin Street (with their grateful girlfriends in tow!), thanking us for saving their relationships with that guide.

Anyway, because of the nature of the information that I am going to share with you next, I must ask you to agree with this simple condition before you proceed:

You must never use this knowledge to intentionally hurt women.

(You’ll understand exactly why as you continue reading below.)


Great. Let’s start!

A Little Back Story…

It all started when a woman whom Vincent had dated (let’s call her Meggy) texted him:

“I’m leaving you, V. We are no good for each other. Goodbye.”

That message immediately plunged him into the deep abyss of depression and despair.

Poor Vince!As he showed me the breakup text on his phone, tears started rolling down his cheeks.

As a dating coach for the last five years, I’ve seen episodes like this literally hundreds of times…

… and yet, seeing a grown man like Vincent cry was still somewhat unnerving, I must admit.

Still, most of these meltdowns were utterly and completely unnecessary.


Well, that’s because I have stumbled upon a method that will solve the problem with military-like precision.

Guys like Vincent wouldn’t had needed to suffer through so much despair if only they knew what I knew.

Why Things Are Not Usually What They Seem

As you get more skilled in the art of attracting women, you’ll soon discover that the things that a woman say to you are usually not what they seem to mean.

As an example, let’s examine the text that Meggy had sent Vincent.

A breakup message? Was it, really?

Here’s a different take of the situation which I’d like you to consider:

Why would a woman behave like a prima donna and text you that she’s “leaving”… when she could have just, you know, left?

So what was really happening there with Meggy?

Clearly, she was testing poor ol’ Vince if he’d take the bait… you know, if he’d beg her to stay, and jump a couple of hoops along the way.

Sick, sick, sick.

Vincent’ case was hardly one-of-a-kind.

In fact, the women I went out with used to pull shit like that on me all the time.

And I gotta admit that I had deserved every act of abuse I had received… because at that time, I was a lily-livered, pussified little wimp.

A real sucker for pain, I was one.

And then came my enlightenment when I found the “System”. As they say, the rest is history.

And you know what?

I realized that if I follow the “System” by the book and play my cards right, women who had threatened to dump me would come back to me. Every. Single. Fucking. Time.

I’m dead serious.

Over a week of intensive coaching, Vincent learned the same strategy and immediately used it on Meggy.

You can probably guess what happened next…

Meggy went crawling back to him, sobbing with remorse.

So, what exactly did Vincent do?

What’s inside this mysterious “System”? What’s the magic sauce?

Well, you’re about to find out about that next… strap in your seat belts!

How to seduce women

The “Source” And The “System”… Revealed

Without holding the suspense much further, I’ll now pull the curtains and open the kimono:

The “Source” is Derek Rake.

The “System” is Shogun Method.

Use Shogun Method to learn how to make her want you now!My discovery of Derek is one of pure serendipity.

After many years of a relentless quest to seek out the most potent seduction system on the face of God’s good earth, fate had led me to Derek’s lair in sunny San Diego.

No exaggeration: to learn how to attract women from Derek was like taking boxing lessons from Muhammad Ali.

It was Derek who completely turned me over from my “Pickup Artist” days to a true believer in (and practitioner of) Mind Control-based school of seduction.

Now if you’re unfamiliar with Mind Control and how it differs from the usual “Pickup Artist” stuff you see elsewhere, watch this online Masterclass. It will give you a strong understanding on how you can use Mind Control to quickly make a woman subservient to you.

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Moving on…

Derek clearly had something special, and I was determined to extract every single piece of knowledge from him.

Within minutes into our first meeting, I had wasted no time in going for the jugular to ask him:

“Derek, what’s the absolute best way to attract a woman?”

His answer hit me like a ton of proverbial bricks.

“Matt, look. The whole notion of “attraction”, frankly, is pretty much bullshit.

Kissing couple“Huh? How so?”

He gave me a knowing smile.

“Attraction is short-term play. Let’s say a woman gets attracted to you, right here and right now. Just as easily that she falls in love with you today, she could just fall out of love tomorrow.

I must confess; I thought once I could make a girl like me, then my job was done… and we could ride into the sunset, hand in hand. I started to see why I was failing with women…

“So what’s the secret of getting a woman to stay in love with you as long as you want?” I asked Derek.

His reply:

“Matt, you don’t just want to seduce a woman. You want to enslave her.”

How To Seduce A Woman: By Enslaving Her

I gotta admit, Derek’s answer came rather shocking to me.

Make no mistake – “Seduction” is already a pretty controversial topic all by itself…

… but “Enslavement“? This one really hits it out of the Controversy Park.

The best way to seduce a woman is to enslave her.I guess there’s good reason why Derek had a lot of haters (who had accused Derek of promoting ill-will towards women, which is blatantly false.)

Derek rested his hand on my shoulder.

“Matthew, I was as shocked as you are right now. And yet over time, I have grown to accept this basic truth about women, as ugly as it is.”

As I flew back from San Diego to DC, Derek’s words kept ringing in my ears.

And then, my moment of Enlightenment came. Everything immediately became crystal clear in my mind.

It felt like the dark clouds had parted, the sun shone through, and the birds had started singing again.

It was the revelation of a lifetime:

The best way to seduce a woman is to enslave her.

Her devotion to you is total and assured if and only if she is emotionally enslaved to you.


Now before you get any funny ideas, let me clarify this:

We are not talking about physical enslavement here.

It’s clear as day that it’s not about constraining anyone’s movement or keeping her “enslaved” physically in any way.

Instead, we are talking about emotional enslavement.

Someone who is enslaved emotionally to you is dependent on you (emotions-wise) for her happiness and survival.

Here’s another way to put it: a woman who is emotionally enslaved to you will need you like air and water.

Pretty hardcore!

Make her your emotional slave using Shogun Method

How To Enslave Her In Two Steps

So how do you enslave a woman emotionally then?

The complete strategy is inside Derek’s Shogun Method (reviewed here), but here’s what it is in summary:

  • Step 1: Segregation
  • Step 2: Identity Replacement

In order to enslave a woman, first, you’ll need to segregate her. This means that you’ll need to detach her from her world so that you become the sole focus of the life.

Black Rose SequenceOf course, this can be easier said than done. However, with the “Us Against The World” routine inside the Shogun Method (appended at the end of Module 7), segregating a woman (emotionally) becomes relatively simple.

Segregation also means that if she has a boyfriend, she will be willing to break her ties with him in order to be with you.

Post segregation, you’ll then need to “close the deal” by erasing her existing identity… and replacing it with one which is completely subservient to you.

Inside the Shogun Method, this is done using the Black Rose Sequence.

Now at this point, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the amount of new information that I’ve given you so far. Understand that it’s perfectly normal.

Take one step at a time. (I’ll show you exactly what you need to do next.)

At the same time, just think about all the new possibilities once you have acquired this ability to dominate any woman and make her subservient to you.

Exciting, isn’t it?

So, What’s Your Next Move?

Let’s recap what we have covered so far.

  1. To seduce a woman, you’ve got to enslave her.
  2. To enslave a woman, first, you’ve got to first segregate her from the outside world.
  3. Once segregation is completed, replace her identity with one which you control.

So now you understand just why these Mind Control-based techniques are different from (and about 10X more effective than) the lightweight Pickup Artist gibberish that litters the Internet these days.

Now, the ball is in your court. You have two options…

Option #1 is to continue doing what you’ve been doing.

Logically, you’ll continue getting the results you’ve been getting. No surprises there.

Option #2 is to give these Mind Control techniques a shot and see if they work for you.

If you choose this option, you’ll no longer do the standard stuff like “be confident”, “take care of your appearance”, “be a good listener”, you know, the usual dating bullcrap.

Instead, you’ll kick your game up a whole notch with cutting-edge Enslavement strategies which will give you greater control, dominance and power over women.

So, which option would you take today?

If option #1 is your choice, well, then exit this site, be on your merry way. No harm, no foul. 🙂

But if you’re going for the smarter option #2, then continue reading.

Earlier, I had promised you that I would share with you a simple step you can take to kickstart your journey in using Mind Control techniques to seduce women like a champ. So, here it is.

Attend this a free online Masterclass on how to use a simple technique to enslave women (led by Derek Rake himself). This technique is called Fractionation, and is known to be able to make women fall in love quickly – sometimes in as little as ten minutes.

See if you qualify for this Masterclass by clicking this button and entering your email address in the page that comes up next:

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One important thing to note though…

Because of the controversial nature of this material, we reserve the right to take the Masterclass offline without prior notice.

(If the button above leads to a dead link, it means that we have already cancelled the Masterclass.)

Thank you for understanding.

Matt Ganz SIBG

PS: We have received numerous emails from readers with questions about how to seduce women in different situations, so here are the answers to those questions. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Seduce A Woman Who Has Rejected You

Rejection fucking sucks.

Take heart, however. It’s not the end of the world!

You see, rejection is not permanent.

You already know that women are by nature fickle creatures.

As such, by playing on her fickleness, it’s not impossible to completely overturn the situation to your favor.

There’s a strategy inside the Shogun Method which deals with this situation (it can be found in the Insider coaching area) which can be summarized broadly as follows:

Step 1. “Accept” the rejection.

Your response – “you’re probably right” and “it makes lots of sense… I think I could have made a mistake.”

This will knock her balance a little and create some intrigue.

Remember to be as vague as possible (use words like “probably”, “maybe”, “perhaps”, liberally) – you want to keep her guessing your REAL intentions.

Step 2. Initiate the freeze-out.

Stop contacting her for at least 14 days.

8 times out of 10 she will attempt to get back in touch with you. Trust me on this.

Step 3. Fractionate her.

When she gets back in touch, hit her with a series of Fractionation sequences and routines. (Learn Fractionation from the Masterclass link above, or click here.)

In this step, you’ll be exploiting the intrigue and curiosity that you’ve been building in her during the first two steps above (Disqualification and the Freeze-Out).

If done correctly, her emotions will overrule her rational thinking, and your “rejection” will soon be a thing of the past.

See how powerful this is?

Over the years, this method has never failed me or any of my clients. Use it, and thank me later. 🙂

Learn how to seduce a girl by hacking into her mind

How To Seduce A Woman Who Is Not Interested

Make no mistake…

When a woman tells you that she is “not interested”, she’s in fact rejecting you.

Follow the steps in the preceding section above and you’ll do well.

How To Seduce A Woman Who Is Older Than You

“You’re too young for me.”

“I’m looking for someone more mature.”

These are just women-speak for “I’m not attracted to you enough”.

Remember that women are driven by their emotions, and not by reason.

So, the next time you hear a “rational” excuse like “I’m too old for you”, don’t sweat it.

If you have done what I told you correctly, her objections will soon melt like a flake of snow in the morning sun.

How To Seduce A Woman Who Already Has A Boyfriend

Let’s face it – worthwhile women don’t stay single for long.

For this reason, as far as I am concerned, women with boyfriends are fair game.

Otherwise, we will all be stuck with sub-par women, you know, those with huge emotional problems which keep them single in the first place.

(We do object against using these techniques to seduce married women, however. See the next section below.)

So, how do you seduce an attached women then?

Simple: make her feel doubtful about her boyfriend as a partner.

You do this in two steps:

  1. Make her imagine her IDEAL boyfriend – his looks, behavior, and how he makes her FEEL.
  2. Covertly get her to compare her current boyfriend with the IDEAL version that she had described.

Guess what… her current boyfriend will ALWAYS fall short of the IDEAL picture that she has imagined in her mind.

(This is a common psychological flaw inside a woman’s mind, where the IDEAL is inevitably some pie-in-the-sky projection which is far from reality.)

When this happens, she will start to feel doubtful about her boyfriend, and with enough repetitions, cracks will start to form in her relationship with him.

It’s pretty insidious.

But like some wise men once said, everything’s fair in love and war.

And you know what… if you’re already not using these Boyfriend Destroyer techniques, then you can be darn sure than someone else is using them on YOUR woman.

(Sidenote: In the Shogun Method, there are two Boyfriend Destroyer scripts – the “Perfect Guy” and the “Dream Guy” sequences at the appendix of Module 6.)

How To Seduce A Woman Who Is Already Married

Let me be crystal clear here: we do not condone using this material to break up marriages.

If your intention is to make a woman leave her husband for you, we do ask you to think hard over what you want to do because its consequences can be severe.

There’s just too much at stake if you really think about it.

Having said that, I can’t stop you from using this knowledge on married women.

Needless to say, you’re responsible for your own actions, of course.

How to dominate a woman and own her soul

How To Seduce A Woman Over Text

First things first –

Trying to seduce women via texting can be counterproductive.

You see, if you happen to “over” text a woman, and even if she seems to respond to you well, there’s a danger that she might see you as a “texting buddy”.

And that’s quite similar to getting friend-zoned.

As such, I do NOT recommend that you attempt to seduce a woman using text ALONE.

Ideally, you should spend a lot more time face-to-face with a woman.

Texting should be secondary.

This means that if you’ve been texting a woman more than talking to her, then you might be in real danger of losing her.

On the other hand, if you’re using texting to complement your face-to-face seduction, then consider using Implanted Commands in your texts. See Pages 11-13 of the Action Checklist for examples.

How To Seduce A Woman Online

See the above.

Whatever I mentioned about texting is also relevant to emailing, messaging over Facebook, Skyping, etc.

Don’t get pigeonholed as an “online buddy.”

You want as much face-time with her as possible. Everything else (texting, emailing, etc) should be secondary.

How To Seduce A Woman With Touch

Touching forms a crucial part of seduction – there’s absolutely no question about that.

There are, however, two huge pitfalls that you will have to keep in mind when it comes to touching a woman:

  1. Some women are pretty sensitive, and may see your “harmless touch” as a form of harassment.
  2. Touching may distract a woman from what you say to her.

To sidestep these pitfalls, keep this in mind:-

Touch her only on non-sexual areas of her body.

Examples of non-sexual body areas:

  • Wrists
  • Elbows
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Hair

Grey areas (touch only when you’ve built enough rapport with her):

  • Hands
  • Waist
  • Neck
  • Thighs

Avoid touching these areas outright:

  • Breasts
  • Ass
  • Crotch
  • Inner thighs

How To Seduce A Woman With Body Language

“Communication is 80% non-verbal.”


As far as seduction goes: the opposite is true – 80% of your seduction is through what you say.

(See the next section on how to seduce a woman with words.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean that body language is not important.

If you’ve got a natural flair for displaying attractive body language, then good for you.

If not, then don’t sweat it.

Work on the crucial 80% and learn how to be attractive through the things you say to a woman.

What I found is that once guys are able to converse with women well, they will naturally display confident and attractive body language.

How To Seduce A Woman With Words

Simple answer: use Fractionation.

With this technique, you’ll make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster via simple storytelling techniques.

All you need is a set of proven lines which can make a woman feel happy and sad.

Then, what you do is to ALTERNATE the lines so that she feels happiness and sadness in quick succession (i.e. make her experience an emotional roller coaster.)

These stories don’t have to be complicated.

Learn fractionation to make her want you!In fact, there’s a variation called the “One Sentence Fractionation” which pretty much packs everything into, well, one sentence. Easy.

(If you have access to the Shogun Method, it’s in the Fractionation quick start module and the accompanying report on Storytelling / Rollercoastering.)

To get started on this technique, attend this (free) Masterclass on Fractionation delivered by Derek Rake –

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Matt Ganz SIBG