Covert Seduction – How to Mess with Women’s Minds

iStock_000008701262XLargeBefore anything else, you should know that women are professionals in the art of mind games. They will flirt with you, they will play hard-to-get, and they will get what they want out of it.

Interestingly enough, men don’t mess with women’s minds as they do with men’s minds. In fact, a lot of the time, they don’t get played at all. The good news is that this makes them vulnerable to mind games. This basically means that you can learn how to mess with women’s minds, confuse them to death and win them over in no time.

  • Try cold reading.

Approach any woman that you want and tell her that you can read her fortune for her. Most women will agree to this. If she does, then start stating general and random things that could apply to any woman out there or come up with things that you might have picked up from afar before you actually approached her. If you sound convincing enough, you will definitely make a good impression on her.

If you really want to succeed at this, then make sure you learn more about female body language before trying this tactic out to begin with. This would entail staying on track with your words, especially if you decide to read her fortune through her palm. Generally speaking, palm reading would be the best method to go for when it comes to this since you will be able to hold your hand while you’re at it. Light touches like that can easily help you connect with a woman much faster than usual. Plus, they could send shivers up her spine and build up even more attraction overall.

  • Try entering her mind.

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Believe it or not, several methods of hypnosis can help you make women emotionally addicted to you. You can try making a woman happy one minute and then making her sad the next. As long as you bring some drama into her life, though, you are sure to get in good with her.

Women actually love drama, so if you can make her feel like she is living a real-life soap opera, then she will invest her feelings into you much quicker. Once you succeed at doing this, you might even be able to get her to do anything that you want her to.

  • Try playing games.

Make jokes, laugh and tease the woman that you like to win her over. Even if some women pretend like they don’t like any type of childish behavior, the truth is that every woman enjoys being playful with a man. So, don’t be afraid to show off your playful side when you’re with a woman that you like.

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Besides, being playful is much better than being boring. In fact, being boring is probably the worst mistake that you could possibly commit in dating field. So, instead, aim to bring more fun and entertainment into her life. She is sure to find you interesting and definitely worth her while in the end if you do this.

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  1. Guys don’t realize that if you don’t play games then females won’t play games. It’s because of how completely narcotic males act, females have to adapted. It’s a waste of time these games we play.

  2. does fractionation really work?

  3. Playing games with women is a risky thing to do. Not all women have a sense of humor and can be easily offended.

  4. Fractionation is the strongest weapon if u know how to use it with some humor

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  6. This is awesome!

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