Boyfriend Destroyer – How To Seduce A Woman Who Has A Boyfriend

In this short video, I will share with you a Mind Control seduction technique which you can use to “destroy boyfriends”, or in other words, make a woman leave her boyfriend for you.

Also, I don’t want you to use this seduction tactic on married women – I am not interested to be involved in attempts to break up marriages and families. Thank you for understanding.

Boyfriend Destroyer tactics inside the Shogun Method are Mind Control techniques that make a woman feel deeply insecure about the shortcomings of her boyfriend (perceived or real). It is also a tactic to isolate a woman from her partner emotionally so that she feels “distant” from him.

In this video, you’ll discover how to use a specific (and very dark) Shogun Sequence to hack into a woman’s mind and make her see her boyfriend as someone who is very much less desirable than you.

Watch this video below –

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