How To Get A Girl To Cheat On Her Boyfriend

Alright, this guide is going to be controversial for sure. It’s going to get some hate comments, but who gives a crap? has always been a purveyor of cold, unvarnished truth when it comes to dating and seduction, and that’s not going to change anytime soon.

So what motivated me to write this guide today? Well, it all started with this chap named Willie who came up to me at my office here on Calvin St, Baltimore last Saturday with this request:

“Matt, there’s this chick that I’m absolutely crazy for. Damn, she’s hot! But here lies the kicker… she has got a boyfriend. And guess what, he’s a real dick, too. How do I destroy her boyfriend and get her to leave him?

He then leaned forward and said in a hushed voice:

“Teach me, Matthew. How do I get a girl to cheat on her boyfriend?”

Well, if you’re in the same situation as ol’ Willie then guess what: you’re going to learn just to do that exactly. Buckle up!

Check this video :-

How To Completely Destroy Her Boyfriend – He Won’t Even Know What Hit Him!

First things first… I didn’t invent this technique.

And like probably 90% of everything you read here at, the knowledge comes from Derek Rake and his seminal program the Shogun Method (which we highly recommend.)

  • Sidenote: before you continue – I’d have to warn you that this is advanced stuff. For a more foundational guide on how to seduce women, click here.

Derek has got more Boyfriend Destroyer techniques than you can shake a stick at, but at the core of each of this tactics is this basic structure:

  1. Step #1: Get her to picture the “Perfect” guy
  2. Step #2: Get her to compare the boyfriend to the “Perfect” guy
  3. Step #3: Fractionate her

Now let’s go through each of these steps in detail.

  • The first step is simply create a picture of the Perfect Guy in her mind.

To do this, ask her this question –

“Just imagine that you can be with anyone in this world… anyone at all. Can you see him now in your mind? Tell me…how would he look like? Also, how would you feel when you are with him?”

It’s also useful to get her to name this Perfect Guy – I’ll let you know why later. 🙂

  • The second step is to make her compare her boyfriend to the Perfect Guy.

Here comes the insidious part this technique!

Now at every opportunity you can get, you want to make her compare her boyfriend to the imagery of the Perfect Guy that you already induced her to create in her mind.

Let’s say she has named the Perfect Guy, “Charles.”

Imagine she complains about her boyfriend: “Bruno is so insensitive to my feelings. He has stopped paying attention to how I feel ever since we hooked up!”

You can then say: “Hmm. How would Charles treat you then?”

She might answer: “Charles would treat me sooooo much better! He will listen to me and try to understand how I feel before mouthing off, quite unlike Bruno! And guess what, he’ll also leave the toilet seat up!”

Repeat this a couple of times, and she might just tip over and even start loathing the fact that she’s attached to a prick like Bruno.

Evil, isn’t it?

Well… I didn’t say it’s gonna be pretty, did I? 🙂

  • The final step is to finish him off using a technique called Fractionation.

So let’s say you’ve done a couple of rounds of making her compare her boyfriend with Charles, the Perfect Guy.

You can then seal the deal using Fractionation – a mind control technique which is designed to make a woman feel emotionally addicted to you.

What you need to do is to get her to go through an “emotional roller coaster” so that she becomes vulnerable to your advances after you destroy her boyfriend.

To find out more about this technique and how you can use it to seduce women easily using Mind Control, watch this online Masterclass – click here.

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