How To Pick Up Girls (The SIBG® Guide For 2017)

Do you want to know how to pick a girl like Johannes Dower up?You know what? The fact that many guys try to learn how to pick up girls from those so-called “Pickup Artists” (PUAs) really amuse me to no end.


Well, for one, I know for a fact that these “Pickup Artist” tricks are pretty darn useless.

Most of the newbies who come up to us at the Baltimore Lair would tell us these awfully similar sob stories:

“I tried using pickup line which I learned from a Pickup Artist on this girl. She looked at me as if I was this monster freak from Men In Black.”

Alien from Men In Black

Or, this:

“I used this opener to approach this woman. She told me that I should stop reading Pickup Artist books!”

How about this?

“I walked up to this girl, and before I could say anything, she asked me to bugger off.”

Kinda sad, don’t you think? Well…

Now if you’re thinking that this article is yet another “how to pick up girls” guide which litters the Internet, then, well, you will be surprised (in a good way, of course.)

The information contained in this guide will be brand new to most people. Indeed, many of the techniques in this article have not been seen elsewhere before.

Couple cycling

The strategies that I am going to share with you here is derived from the (surprisingly little-known) Shogun Method by Derek Rake.

(Shogun Method is pretty much the de facto “how to pick up girls” book that we issue to everyone here at the Seduction Initiatives Baltimore Group.)

The good news is that I’ve obtained Derek’s permission to share a sampling of his work in this guide. (Thanks, Derek!)

More on the Shogun Method later… for now, let’s talk about what you want to know.

  • Do you want to know how to pick up women quickly?

  • Do you wish to acquire the ability to pick girls up anywhere you go: at the bar, club, on the streets, at the gym, in college, and online (say, on Facebook)?

  • Have you been frustrated by lame “Pickup Artist” tricks, fake openers and impotent pickup lines?

  • Are you sick and tired of getting rejected by women?

  • Do you want to know what really works so that you can get the results you want without the disappointment and heartache?

Well, if you’ve answered YES to one (or all!) of the questions below, then be prepared for a ride for a lifetime…

… because if you do exactly what I tell you to do now, you will soon be armed with the most extraordinarily potent pickup abilities that you’ll ever need for a lifetime.

Say goodbye to lightweight “Pickup Artist” stuff because you’re ready to take your game to the next level.

With this knowledge, you’ll be punching well above your weight.

Before anything, though, I’ve gotta be entirely honest with you…


There are no “magical” pickup lines or openers that will “guarantee 100% success” in all situations.

(Don’t get duped. Anyone who tries to sell you a magic, “cure all” pill is trying to scam you, plain and simple.)

Therefore, you won’t be learning any plain vanilla pickup lines or run-off-the-mill “opener routines” here.

Instead, you will uncover some deep insights on female psychology and understand how to exploit a woman’s weaknesses to make her fall in love with you.

(Don’t let that scare you… once you’re done reading, you’ll be amazed at how easy this stuff really is.)

A Word of Caution!

This “How To Pick Up Women” guide is quite lengthy… and yet it’s important for you to read it all the way through (if you’re serious about getting better with women.)

As you continue to read further, you’ll understand exactly why this guide is somewhat long-ish. You see, there’s a method to my apparent madness… I’ll let you know why soon enough.

Use the jump links below to help you navigate later… but for now, understand that it’s absolutely crucial for you to read the entire guide in sequence (or it won’t make much sense to you.) OK?

Let’s go! 🙂

Why “Pickup Artists” Are Bad For Your (Dating) Health

Most guys think that they could just learn some magical pickup lines which they could use to make women fall in love at will.

Of course, that’s not how it works. Not by a long mile.

We’ll talk more about why “Pickup Artist” stuff is necessarily bad for your love life later…

…but for now, you must understand the following.

If you’ve not been successful with women, I want you to know that it’s not your fault.


You see, given the huge amount of fake information out there on the topic of picking up and seducing women, it’s just too easy to be duped.

Black bikini womanMake no mistake about it… “Pickup Artists” (PUAs) and Dating Gurus sell tens of millions worth of books, courses and seminars each year.

It’s a pretty lucrative business!

So it’s quite understandable why these shysters would resort to high pressure sales pitches making some rather fantastic claims about “magical pickup lines” (which, of course, don’t exist.)

You may have stumbled upon these “Pickup Artist” websites which are dime a dozen on the Internet these days.

And if you’ve tried to use any of those “Pickup Artist” tricks, you would have realized that they are as bogus as a prince from Nigeria seeking to move his billions into your bank account.

Now if the barrage of (mis)information and conflicting advice has left you confused, jaded and discouraged, then relax.

Let me destroy the smokescreen so that things finally become crystal clear to you.

Before that, however, you’ve got to first de-clutter your mind.

Do this for me. If you’re still preoccupied with using “Pickup Artist” gibberish then you’ve got to stop. They ain’t gonna do you any good…

Instead, I’ll show you what really works, minus the usual bull crap.

We will set out to do what seems to be out of reach for most guys: to pick any woman up smoothly in the matter of minutes.

And we are going to accomplish this with Mind Control and skillful manipulation, not some “Pickup Artist” trickery.

Fractionation Masterclass

Discover the quickest way to make a woman fall in love with you using a little-known “mind hack” tactic. With Fractionation, you’ll have the ability to covertly plant ideas in a woman’s mind and influence her thoughts and behavior. Watch this Masterclass for free!


“She Laughed Like A Hyena When I Told Her I Loved Her”

Before anything, I gotta confess though…

I was once piss poor at women.

Throughout my childhood, I was a loner. Completely devoid of any social skills whatsoever, life was tough… at school, at home, everywhere.

I was quiet, reserved, and seemed to be content doing my own thing at my little corner.

To others, I was a weirdo who didn’t seem to want to make friends…

…and yet deep inside, I was absolutely dying to be liked. The problem was that I just didn’t know how to make others like me.

I probably could count my number of friends on one hand. And as you could have guessed, none of them were girls.

Needless to say, I had lived (and endured) a lonely childhood.

This problem stuck with me all the way to college.

I had gone to the University of Baltimore (UB) which was known as a top “party school” in entire Maryland… and yet my social life was as dry as a camel’s toe (ha ha).

The “everything goes” reputation of the college meant that everybody got laid… and amazingly, so did I.



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In fact, it was there at UB where I had met my first girlfriend Charlotte. She was a psychology major just like me.

(Yes, Charlotte was her real name. Frankly, I don’t give a crap if she finds out about this article or not.)

Now looking back, I think she hooked up with me so that I would be a guinea pig for her to play mind games on.

Sick, I know. And yet I think it’s true!

Charlotte was not hot by any standard. Hell, no.

So she had a face which was somewhat pretty (with a striking similarity with Jessica Alba, especially after you had a couple of vodka shots). Alas… she was extra chubby at all the wrong places.

Charlotte the HippoOK, OK, I’m just being charitable. Without masking my words: she was as fat as an overgrown hippo with a serious eating disorder.

And that’s not all. She had an extra pinky on her left hand which felt kinda yucky sometimes when she touched me. Shudder.

Still, despite all that, I bent over backwards to accommodate her…

Why? Well, it’s because I felt that if I had lost her, I won’t get another girlfriend in this lifetime.

You could say that I was as desperate as the proverbial 40 year old virgin.

She was only too eager to exploit this weakness of mine. So she would play mind games on me like a big fat bully she was.

Sometimes, she would make me jump through hoops… just because she could.

Case in point: she would get me to skip classes and drive her around Baltimore with her girl friends… to meet other guys.

And when I refused, she would play victim by lamenting that she had made a “mistake” with choosing me as her boyfriend.

Crying baby! Boo hoo!She once cried loudly at the university cafe in front of everybody while I squirmed in my seat in front of her. (She made me look as if I was bullying her.)

She would withhold sex whenever she felt like punishing me.

She would compliment other guys openly in front of her friends and family… plainly to embarrass me.

She would say things like “Mr so-and-so is so handsome and muscular. I bet he’s great in bed”… implying that I was anything but.

She would stop taking my calls and delay responding to my texts for no apparent reason at all.

She was indeed a Bitch, with a capital “B“.

Of course, nothing I ever did could ever please her…

…even when I had confessed my feelings for her one time. (I thought by telling her that I “loved” her, she would treat me better.)

I even told her that I wanted to marry her after we finished college. (WTF, I know.)

And her response to my proposal?

Make her your emotional slave using Shogun Method

She stared at me blankly for about five seconds.


Then, she started laughing. And her insulting chuckles shortly gave way to a series of bizarre, animalistic howls.

Like a hyena’s mating call in the wild.

Middle fingerMy stomach started to turn. I never felt such a revolting feeling before, honest to God.

Long story short: after graduation, we didn’t marry.

Why? Because she dumped me and moved to California.

So, why am I telling you my sob story?

Well, for one, I don’t need your pity.

If anything, I was grateful for the entire “Charlotte” episode…

…because if I wasn’t pussywhipped by her, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Fast forward till now:

Hugh Hefner

I don’t claim to rival Hugh Hefner in terms of the ability to chase tail, but I can hold my own.

For now, I’m pretty happy with the two beautiful women I have in my life, Suzanna and Leigh, who love me for who I am.

(Yes, those are their real names.)

Now, I’d like to think I’ve got my problems with women completely sorted out…

…after all, guys won’t come up to me for advice if I knew jack about this stuff, would they?

I’m proud to say that to date, we have helped more than 10,000+ men achieve what they desire out of their love lives via face-to-face coaching here out of Calvin Street, Baltimore (and hundreds of thousands more through

So, what happened which completely transformed my life (for the better)?

Continue reading… because the same thing is about to happen to you.

My Break Point (And Moment Of Enlightenment)

Every man has his break point.

I’m guessing that you may have reached yours.

You see, that’s why this guide is so lengthy. By now, those who are looking for quick fixes and magical “pickup lines” would have already gone elsewhere.

You’re still here, which means that you’re dead serious about wanting to be good with women.

You’re not here to learn “how to pick up girls” just for a quick lay this weekend. You’re not looking for a shortcut.

Instead, you could well desire something which is more powerful and profound

…like the ability to exert complete control and domination over women.

Pretty lady holding a bouquet(That was what I had desperately wanted when I reached my own break point.)

When Charlotte mocked me with a hyena-like howl after I confessed my feelings to her, I knew I had to get my problems with women sorted out quickly.

And that was when I pretty much consumed every single piece of dating and seduction advice I could find.

So, for about a year, I did nothing but to learn the art of picking up women… mainly through “Pickup Artist” material (because that was all I could find.)

Blogs, books, online courses, and even week-long seminars… I devoured ’em all.

Soon, I became a walking encyclopedia for all things pickup. I could name all the famous “Pickup Artists” and their “best” pickup lines, flirting tactics, openers and routines.

And yet as you could have guessed, my dating life didn’t get much better either. In fact, it became worse.

Whenever I tried to use a “Pickup Artist” line on a woman, she would either zone out or become totally indifferent. Heck, some even turn outright hostile.

(The worst thing that happened to me was when a girl poured a Martini over my head for some lame pickup line I tried to use on her. I had to run out of the bar because everyone was laughing at me… including my wingman.)

Frustrated Matt Ganz!That was when I realized just how incredibly bogus those “Pickup Artists” were, and I fell deeper into depression.

Horrible times.

Truthfully, there and then, I was ready to give up.

Out of frustration, I wrote a long post on a popular “Pickup Artist” forum about quitting dating and resign myself to the fact that I was going to live a lonely life forever.

Minutes after publishing that rant at the forum, a private message (PM) came from someone I didn’t know.

The message contained only two cryptic words:

“Shogun Method”

That, my friend, was the moment of my enlightenment.

Hack into her mind

Shogun Method vs Pickup Artists – The Battle Royale

At first glance, the Shogun Method seemed to be yet another one of those Pickup Artist bag of tricks.

Well, then let me assure this: it’s not.

If anything, the Shogun Method runs entirely opposite to what nearly every Pickup Artist teaches.

Let me show you what I mean.

Shogun Method delivering the knockout punch!

  • Pickup Artist (PUA): Your goal is to make a woman like you.

  • Shogun Method (SM): You don’t want a woman to merely “like” you. You want to emotionally enslave her so that she is yours forever.

  • PUA: You make a woman like you by making her happy.

  • SM: You make a woman emotionally addicted to you by forcing her to suffer through grief in addition to making her happy.

  • PUA: You want your dating life to be as smooth-running and trouble-free as possible.

  • SM: You must deliberately introduce “disasters” into your relationship in order to strengthen it.

  • PUA: You’ll appeal to a woman by “demonstrating high value”… usually by using pickup lines.

  • SM: You’ll appeal to a woman by covertly exploiting her deep psychological flaws, forcing her to lower down her inhibitions towards you.

  • PUA: You’ll use fancy pickup lines and lighthearted “openers” to entertain and amuse a woman so that she’ll sleep with you.

  • SM: You’ll use hard-hitting female mind control techniques like Fractionation and the Black Rose Sequence to make a woman go through an emotional rollercoaster so that she becomes completely enslaved to you.

  • PUA: Picking up women is a number’s game. You should therefore go on a rampage and approach as many women as you can.

  • SM: You will want to use Shogun Method on a small number of women you want to be with for the long term. (In fact, many use Shogun Method on only ONE woman they want to be in a long term relationship with.)

  • PUA: The best places to meet women are in the bars, clubs and other public places.

  • SM: You’ll do better if you use Shogun Method on a woman you already know.

In short, Shogun Method is not a “pickup” program. Important!

It goes deeper than that.

According to the master himself:-

A woman’s mind is flawed. The fastest way to seduce a woman is by directly manipulating these flaws.

Derek Rake

Pretty hardcore.

Upon investigating Derek’s work further, it suddenly became clear as day to me why I was failing with women…

My attempts at attracting women had been superficial at best. I was merely parroting and spewing out pickup lines without knowing what really ticks with a woman.

You see, a woman’s unconscious desires will always overpower her conscious ones. Remember this!

Pickup lines are meant to fulfill a woman’s conscious desires. (That’s why they are as useless as a pair of fine tits on a nun.)

Instead, Shogun Method is designed to meet a woman’s unconscious desires, and why it works so damn well.

So here lies the key to seduction…

red arrow

The Ultimate Key To Seduction

To seduce a woman, you’ll need to manipulate her by exploiting her unconscious desires.


How To Pick Up Women (By Manipulating Them)

Here’s a quote by Michael Ende, the famed German storyteller:

When it comes to controlling human beings there is no better instrument than lies. Because, you see, humans live by beliefs. And beliefs can be manipulated. The power to manipulate beliefs is the only thing that counts.

Michael Ende

As crazy as this sounds: every single human is a manipulator.

And I mean everyone. Your friends. Your family. Your neighbor. The milkman. Your dentist. Your favorite bartender. The President of the United States. 🙂

Why is this so?

The answer’s quite simple…

Manipulation ensures the continued existence of humankind.

We manipulate our situations (and the people around us) in order to continue to survive and thrive.

So how does this fit into dating and seducing women then?

Well, this is how –

If you want to make a woman fall in love with you, you must therefore manipulate her.

I know that sounds terribly un-politically correct, and yet it’s true.

Concealing of Intentions: The Art of The Indirect Pickup

Here’s yet another crucial difference between cookie cutter Pickup Artist tricks and the Shogun Method –

Pickup Artists are open books to women.

(Trust me – it’s pretty darn obvious to a woman that you’re trying to hit on her when you use a pickup line.)

On the other hand, Shogun Method is as covert as they come.

According to Derek Rake, you’re not supposed to be obvious when you’re hitting on women. He calls this the “Concealing of Intentions.”

In fact, this is why his methods are so frighteningly effective: women will never see you coming.

This makes complete sense, since if she cannot “detect” you trying to seduce her, it’s impossible for her to reject you.

The truth is that you simply can’t “persuade” or “reason” with a woman to make her like you. It’s an impossibility.

By nature, she is biologically and psychologically programmed to reject direct attempts to seduce her.

(And this is why Pickup Artist stuff works rather poorly. With a pickup line, you’re wearing your heart on your sleeve.)

To seduce a woman, you must conceal your intentions until the seduction is complete.

Derek Rake

Wanting to get an ex-girlfriend back?

The concept of “Concealing Your Intentions” is especially important for guys who want to get their ex-girlfriends or wives back. Declaring to an ex that “I want you back” is a surefire recipe for disaster. The Shogun Method way is to work covertly in the background, appearing as harmless as possible, while planting ideas in her mind that reconciliation is what she really wants.

Many Shogun Method students use it to get their ex-girlfriends back, but we are here to day to talk about how to pick up girls, so let’s jump into that right now. 🙂

The Biggest Flaw In Her Mind You Want To Exploit

How the female brain works can be boiled down into these two simple concepts:

  1. Whenever a woman relies on her intuition (or emotions) to decide on things, she is said to be in “HOT” mode.
  2. On the other hand, when she makes rational, calculated decisions (like, when she’s doing sums mentally while buying groceries), her brain is said to be in “COLD” mode.

Here’s a psychological flaw that exists inside every female brain:

It can’t get “HOT” and “COLD” at the same time.

Female BrainIt’s just not possible.

The female mind is hard-wired in a way that only one of such state can exist at any given time.

So how is this useful to you then?

Well, pretty simple!

It means that you can easily pick up a woman and make her swoon over you if you can (covertly) force her brain to be in “HOT” mode constantly.

In other words, you want to stop her from turning into “COLD” mode where her rational thinking takes over.

(Rejections happen when the female brain turns “COLD”.)

On the other hand, by keeping her in “HOT” mode continuously, she’ll continue to be overrun by her emotions while the rational part of the brain switches off completely.

Get it?

How to dominate a woman and own her soul

How To Pick Her Up: Keep Her “HOT”!

So far, we’ve covered the following:

    1. The female brain can get “HOT” or “COLD” at any one time, but not simultaneously.
  1. To pick a woman up, keep her in “HOT” mode continuously and she’ll eventually fall for you, sooner or later.


Here’s what we need to figure out next: how do we accomplish (2) above, exactly?

How do we keep a woman in “HOT” mode continuously?

Well, here’s the answer:

Females get excited about things which are fresh, charming and unconventional.

Whenever the female brain sees something which is unusual (in an interesting way), it becomes engaged in the “HOT” state.

So, when you approach a woman to pick her up, for example, her brain falls into “HOT” mode instantly.

This is what her brain tells her:

“Who is he? What does he want from me?”

At that time, you’ll have her attention. But not for long.

Next, her female brain tries to size you up:

“Is he like the other guys who tried to hit on me? Or is he different?”

The moment her brain “decides” that you’re just like the gazillion of guys who tried to pick her up that evening, it’s effectively game over for you.

(That’s when her brain switches from “HOT” to “COLD”, see?)

She will disengage when she feels that she knows enough about you and your motivations.

In other words, her female brain has “solved” the puzzle in front of her (i.e. you), loses interest, and starts to look for a new puzzle to solve.

How To Keep Her “HOT” Using Intrigue Stories

Guys get rejected by women in “COLD” mode. This means that if you keep a woman in “HOT” mode, she won’t be able to reject you.

How do you do this then?

Well, here’s the answer:

You keep a woman “HOT” by telling her an Intrigue Story.

I’ll share with you how to develop Intrigue Stories shortly, but first, understand this…

Those who are skilled in this game are able to make up Intrigue Stories pretty much on the spot. However, that’s not necessary in most cases.

From my experience, guys can do well with only ONE personal story which has been prepared and tested in advance which can be used in every interaction with women.

This is the beauty of Intrigue Stories: if it works on one woman, it will work on another. Pretty awesome.

(This is why Intrigue Stories, or by extension, the Shogun Method works universally across all ages and types of women.)

So how do you craft a kick-butt Intrigue Story then?

Well, there’s a formula which you can use to come up with your own Intrigue Story, and it is this:

BFDTC Formula (Shogun Method)

The BFDTC Formula

    • “B” stands for Brevity. The story has got to be simple to be told.
    • “F” stands for Focus. You have got to be the central character of the story.
    • “D” and “T” stands for Danger and Time Constraint respectively. You’ll need to perform a task in a short time window, or someone gets hurt.
  • Finally, “C” stands for Conflict. You are stuck in a sucky situation, or being threatened by an enemy.

(I remember “BFDTC” by this moniker – Boy Friend’s Dick Caught on Tape. Yes, I’m a weirdo.)

The most optimal Intrigue Stories have all five elements.

From experience, however, stories with at least three out of the five elements will do usually do well, especially when delivered properly.

For example, inside the Shogun Method there are two delivery techniques which would take any Intrigue Story to the next level. These are “Cliffhanger” and “Rollercoastering” tactics which when used properly, it will get the female brain stuck on the “HOT” mode perpetually.

Powerful stuff!

The Multiple Sub-Plot Technique

Let’s now switch gears and talk about an “add on” technique which you can use on top of your Intrigue Story to capture a woman’s attention.

You see, a good Intrigue Story is never a straight line from beginning to its end.

Sexy in bikiniFor an Intrigue Story to be both realistic and captivating, it will need this storytelling device known as the “Sub Plot.”

Simply put, these are minor stories which are related to the “main plot” of the Intrigue Story.

They exist in order to “color” the Intrigue Story with conflict and drama.

You should be familiar with what Sub Plots are. Indeed, they are everywhere… from the TV shows and movies we watch and the novels we read.

Specifically in the art of picking up women, keeping a series of Sub Plots has only one objective:

To create the illusion that both of you have got a lot of things to say to each other.

That’s pretty much it!

You see, it’s never a good idea to talk a single topic to death.

Therefore, within the first 3-5 minutes, you want to create as many Sub Plots as you can.

This will give you enough opportunities to latch on another “fresh” topic to keep you going.

Now enough of theory… let’s look at a real life example!

To create Sub Plots, here’s what you do: break her sentences down in order to create new conversational topics.

For example, she might say to you:

“I’ve been working as a trainee teacher for six months.”

Breaking down that statement, here are some possible Sub Plots:

    1. What’s the difference between a “trainee” teacher and a “real” teacher?
    1. What was she doing before she became a trainee teacher?
    1. Any interesting teacher stories? (Think Beverly Hills, 90210)
    1. What she loves being a teacher?
    1. What she hates being a teacher?
  1. Do male teachers try to pick her up?

See how this works? Pretty simple, isn’t it?

red arrow

Avoid This Potential Pitfall!

Once you know how to create Multiple Sub Plots, you won’t have shortage of things to talk to her.

With that technique, it’s really easy to come up with the questions to ask her in order to create continuous conversations.

However, here lies a potential pitfall

You don’t want to “fire up” a long series of questions that will completely overwhelm her.


Well, when a woman feels overwhelm, it triggers her brain to go from “HOT” to “COLD”.

And as you’d remember from the previous section, rejections happen when the female brain is in “COLD” state.

Instead of shooting off one question after another, do this instead…

Try out ONE Sub Plot at a time. See if she takes it up.

Then, pursue the one or two Sub Plots that she is most interested to talk about.

This way, you’ll keep her in “HOT” mode until, well, she seduces herself for you!

how to pick up a woman

Bonus Third Tactic: The “Nuclear Bomb” of Mind Control

Let’s do a quick recap!

With Intrigue Stories and Multiple Sub Plots, you are already well ahead of most guys who are still using Pickup Artist style “openers” to approach women (shudder!).

With those two techniques, you’ll be able to keep the female brain in “HOT” mode which is great…

… but the war is not won yet!

You’ve caught her undivided attention, and she couldn’t stop talking to you…

… and what you need to do next is to grab this opportunity to seal the deal and make her fall in love with you!

To help you to just that, here’s the (bonus) third tactic on how to pick up women…

Learn fractionation to make her want you!It’s a classic Mind Control technique called “Fractionation“.

For many years, this technique remains somewhat hidden, and for good reason.

To those who are familiar with it (or have seen its effects), they liken the use of Fractionation in picking up women to bringing a Nuclear Bomb to a gunfight.

Of course, that’s an exaggeration, but still, it illustrates just how powerful the technique is.

A master of Fractionation has the power beyond making a woman fall in love with him…

… indeed, if you’ve ever met a man who seems to be able to make women captivated and addicted to his presence, you should assume that there has been some “Fractionation action” going on.

It’s really quite impressive!

OK, so here’s the deal…

As you can see, this guide is already pretty lengthy as it stands…

…and as such, it’s quite impossible to talk about the entire Fractionation technique here.

(It’s not a shortcut or a magic pill. You’ll need to invest some time and effort to make it work for you.)

Anyway, here’s a super shortened version of the tactic:


You make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster by making her feel both happiness and sadness in equal measures.

With enough rounds of Fractionation, she will soon be emotionally addicted to you.

(Women find soap operas irresistible because of the Fractionation effect. It’s the same thing.)

And as you will see, Fractionation is a perfect compliment to the Intrigue Story and the Multiple Sub Plot techniques that you have already seen above.

Good stuff!

The world’s most complete guide on Fractionation is inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method.

In it, you will find sample scripts and routines on Fractionation you can use immediately on any woman you lay your eyes on.

There’s also a very informative (and entertaining!) video case study on how to structure and deliver your Fractionation lines.

Finally, there are also “One Sentence Fractionation” scripts which pack the entire Fractionation routine inside one (yes, just one) sentence!

To find out more about Fractionation and how you can use it to pick women up, here’s what you need to do. Click on this button below to watch a free Masterclass on Fractionation:


Watch Free Masterclass

In this Masterclass, you’ll discover how to use Fractionation (and other Mind Control tactics) to quickly make a woman succumb to your charms, and more.

Disclaimer (our lawyers made us write this!) –

Fractionation has been known to have somewhat negative effect on women if misused.

There has been recorded instances where some women were made to suffer from psychological damage by guys who used Fractionation unscrupulously on them.

This risk is very real.

That said, we can’t take responsibility for the actions you choose to take with the knowledge that get here.

As a final note…

Before you learn about using Fractionation, promise me that you won’t use it to harm women.

Remember: karma can be a real female dog!

Thank you for understanding.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Picking Up Women

Q: How do I pick up a woman quickly? Say, in a couple of minutes?

Short answer: use Fractionation.

Use Shogun Method to learn how to make her want you now!Think of it as the “minified” version of Shogun Method. You can use it to quickly make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster in a span of a couple of minutes to make her fall for you.

There’s even a One Sentence Fractionation technique you can use – and as it namesake suggests, it packs the entire punch of the Fractionation technique into one sentence. Pretty strong stuff!

The world’s most complete version of Fractionation (with examples, scripts and lines) is inside the “Quick Start” module of the Shogun Method.

Before that, you should watch a free Masterclass on Fractionation which you can access here.

Q: How to pick up women at a bar or club?

A two-step combination of using Intrigue Stories (to capture her attention), and then hit her with Fractionation to build attraction. Works amazingly well.

Q: How do I pick up women at the gym?

Lots of opportunities! You can use Intrigue Pings along these lines:

“Let me help you with these weights. BTW, you know you shouldn’t do that…”

“I’d probably regret asking you this, but…”

“Is that new Craig David that you’re listening to? Apparently there’s something about him that not a lot of people know…”

Q: How to pick up girls online, or on Facebook in particular?

Everything that we have covered here are applicable online.

By design, Intrigue Pings are short enough to be delivered through text as well as messaging through Facebook.

There are, however, two major disadvantages when it comes to picking up girls online:

    1. The danger of being seen as a “texting” or “Facebook” buddy. Your goal, therefore, is to ask her out and spend more face time with her.
  1. You won’t have the benefit of using body language to boost your Intrigue Pings. Therefore, your Intrigue Pings have got to be punchier than usual to solicit a response.

Q: How to pick up girls at work?

The danger of picking up women at your workplace is due to the fact that they are, well, your co-workers.

There’s this problem of “Contextual Rapport” – any existing rapport that you have with a female co-worker is confined to the office only.

Any other type of rapport apart from “Sexual Rapport” is useless, and in the case of “Contextual Rapport”, it can even be counterproductive.

To overcome this problem, you must stop interacting with her within the same “context”. In this case, this means that you stop seeing her at the office and talk about the usual (work) topics.

Strike up a conversation about things OUTSIDE work, and then follow up by asking her out so that you can engage her outside the work “context”.

In other words, don’t make a mistake of gaming her at the workplace. Get her out of the office first.

Q: What’s a good “how to pick up girls” book?

You should check out the Shogun Method, although it’s much less a “book” than a complete online course (in the form of PDFs, videos and audio files.)

Before you do that, remember to first watch this Masterclass:-

Watch Free Masterclass

Shogun Method is not for everybody, and once you watched the Masterclass, you’ll understand exactly why.

Matt Ganz SIBG


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  2. Hi, just read through the article and found it quite interesting. Just wondering, you talk about how concealing intentions is superior to the direct approach. How does this compare with stating intent and letting the girl know why you’re talking to her? Won’t that buy you some time with her? Thanks in advance!

    • Matt "Cougar Hunter" Ganz says

      Ted: a woman is hard-wired psychologically to reject OVERT advances – it’s a self defense / survival mechanism. You don’t want to “buy time” – you want to capture her attention! You do this with an Intrigue Ping (the main Intrigue Development vehicle inside the Shogun Method.)

  3. I want to thank you all for making this. It really helps for those who are hopeless like me. I am no longer in the pain of losing out to other guys, and am now blessed with a nice girlfriend. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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    Guys I am new here and confused as hell, I need a mentor lol seriously though.

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