How To Seduce A Woman From Another Man


Before you learn how to seduce a woman from another man, you need to know one thing: this isn’t the best thing for every man to do. In fact, some people might frown upon the practice of stealing another man’s woman altogether.

However, if you are pretty open-minded and simply cannot imagine your life without this woman in your life, then you can learn how to attract her in order to seduce her and steal her from under that man’s eyes here. Keep reading.

The first thing that you need to do is focus on her current boyfriend’s weaknesses. A lot of men out there try to focus on their opponent’s strengths and do their best to outdo them, but that really wouldn’t be a good strategy. After all, if her boyfriend is good at something, then he might be really good at it. If you try to beat him at something that he’s already great at, then you might just fail and end up looking like a try-hard while you’re at it.

To avoid this, what you have to do instead is find out what his weaknesses are, especially in terms of their relationship. No man is perfect, after all, so find out what he is lacking and what he cannot give her. Of course, this will involve taking a closer look at their relationship and delving into your dream girl’s mind, but it will definitely be worth all of the torture in the end if you can get some information out of it.

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Listening Skills Are Imperative To Your Success

A lot of men tend to suck at listening to women’s needs or just listening to them in conversations for that matter. So, if you realize that her boyfriend isn’t giving her the deep emotional bond that every woman craves, then you can get right in there and steal her from him with ease.

What you basically have to do is concentrate on any of his weaknesses and give her what he can’t. Women constantly compare men with their boyfriends, so this is sure to work in your favor if you do it right. Just make sure you do it subtly and make sure she doesn’t know what you are up to; otherwise, she might just avoid you altogether.


This is actually very important to note because you shouldn’t be blunt about this when you are eyeing to approach a woman who already has a boyfriend. Regardless of how great you think you are or how confident you might, telling her straight up that you like her will make her disappear from your sight right away.

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Putting Her In The Driving Seat

The truth is women don’t like being put in a moral position, in general, and they don’t like making difficult decisions, either. If you do force her into making a decision, then she is sure to choose the easier and more comfortable position: the one she is currently in. So, go for the more subtle process of winning her over instead. You definitely won’t regret it!

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