SIBG On How to Make a Woman Like You

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Everyone needs someone.

No matter how manly a man may seem, he will always need some love in his life. Even loners want to find someone special who can truly understand them – and that’s the truth. Unfortunately, knowing how to start a relationship with a woman isn’t exactly easy. So, if you have no idea how to make a woman like you or even how to approach a woman to begin with, before reading the Flirting 101 just make sure you read to the end of this article.

Easy ways to make her like you !

If you currently feel like you cannot control the way that women see you, then you need to open your eyes and face the truth that you can make women attracted to you. After getting a girl’s number, you just need to follow the three tips below. Believe it or not, it’s as easy as that!

  • Tip Number One: Do not buy her off. Contrary to popular belief, buying a woman drink after drink after drink and showering her with gifts will not help out your cause at all. While women do like getting free stuff, this plan might backfire if they end up feeling like you are buying them off or pressuring them to date you because of how much money you spent on them.


    Make friends and socialite.

  • Tip Number Two: Work on your social proof. When women see men having fun at a party, in general, they immediately assume that those men are fun to be with overall. So, if you want to catch a woman’s attention the next time you are out, take things up a notch and start talking to more people and laughing with them. Besides, women tend to feel much more comfortable hanging out and talking to men after seeing them successfully making other women laugh before them. So, if you want to make women like you, you need to work on your social proof and show them that you are a socially accepted human being, in general.
  • Tip Number Three: Make yourself scarce. Before you even read what this tip has to say, you should know that being too available to women will do much more harm than good in this department. Just think about all of the times you begged for a woman’s phone number. You probably never got their number in the end, did you?

huggingThis is simply the way that women think. If you watch women when they are shopping, you will instantly come to notice that they tend to be much more attracted to expensive brands that they can hardly afford and actually steer completely clear from the items that are cheap and easily available to them. This is basically just because items that are more available look far less valuable in women’s eyes.
So, if you meet a woman at a bar and she asks you how often you go there, don’t admit that you practically hang out there everyday. Say that you only go there once a week, control and dominate women just make her go crazy over you. This will pressure her into finding other ways to connect with you and turn things over in your favor. Alternatively, you can also tease her and bust her chops like this.

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