How To Make A Woman Miss You

Hottie at!What you’re about to learn today is a trick which you can use to “force” a woman miss you.

This guide is written especially for you if any of the below describe your situation…

  • You want to make a woman miss you while you’re away
  • You’ve just had a fight with a woman, and you want her to think about you during the “cold shoulder” period
  • You want to make your girlfriend want you more by sticking in her mind
  • You’ve just broken up with your girlfriend, and you want her to miss you so that she comes crawling back
  • You want to learn how to make a woman think about you even when you’re not around her

In this guide, you’ll discover a nifty little trick that works on a woman’s psychology that will “short-circuit” her brain so that she keeps thinking about you everywhere she goes.

Powerful stuff.

Before we start, though, I’ll need you to know this…

What you’ll get here is entirely fresh, virginal information.

In other words, you won’t see the usual plain vanilla “dating tips” that you find almost everywhere else. You know, stuff like…

How to make her miss you? Easy if you know Mind Control!“Give her space!”

“If you love a woman, set her free!”

“Genuinely care about her!”

“Surprise her with flowers!”

“Be sensitive to her needs!”

Writing that almost made me want to puke.

Don’t get me wrong now. I’ve got absolutely nothing against being nice to women in general…

But as you already know, relationships are not all rainbows and butterflies all the time.

Indeed, for most couples, sooner or later, the proverbial shit will hit the fan.

The truth is that if you’ve always been playing “nice” with a woman, these things will start to happen…

Your woman starts playing mind games with you.

She begins to disrespect you.

She makes you jump through hoops… just to test you.

In short, here’s the “reward” for being nice to women – you get pussywhipped.

Sucks, I know.

Well, the truth is that things just don’t have to be like this at all. Seriously.

And if you’re thinking that there must be a way out… well, you’re right.

Keep reading. 🙂

How To Make Her Miss You – By Manipulating Her Emotions

Alright, I’ll get straight to the point here.

Here’s how you can stick in her mind and make her miss you while you’re away (or after a fight)

You manipulate her emotions.

Forget everything you’ve read elsewhere. That’s the only thing that works, period.

How to make a woman miss you I’ll teach you how to “force” a woman to keep thinking about you every single day… whether she wants to or not.

She wouldn’t be able to control the thoughts of you that jump into her mind once every few minutes. She won’t have an option.

In other words, you’ll stubbornly stick inside her brain like a fat, hungry, juicy Amazonian leech.

Sounds good?

Before we go further, I need to warn you though:

What I teach can seen to be offensive to some.

For writing this guide, I’ve been called “disgusting”, “women-hating”, “unethical”, “a dick”, “male chauvinist pig” and a slew of unprintable insults.

To those people, they can fuck off and go read a Mills and Boon novel.

Make no mistake about it…

What you’re going to read below can seem a little cruel

And you know what, the techniques that I teach can indeed be abused.

If misused, they can harm a woman emotionally and psychologically.

This is absolutely not a joke.

Sexy lady lying on sofa

I’ll admit this to you right now:

Some of my students have gone “rogue” and started to use my stuff to do some really bad things.

(I won’t tell you what those bad things are… but they really are abhorrent.)

And yet I’ve decided to continue teaching these tactics because of two reasons:

  1. They work tremendously well, and I will do my clients a great disservice if I stop teaching them.
  2. Just like anything else, one can use the tactics for good OR bad. Guys will have to be responsible for their own actions.

Still, it disturbs me whenever I hear anyone use my techniques to mess with women’s minds and abuse them, causing permanent emotional damage.

Therefore, before you continue, promise me this:

You should never use my material to harm women.

After all, why would you want a girlfriend who has been damaged emotionally, right? Think about it.

So, go ahead. Make the promise.


Great. Now, let’s start. 🙂

How To Make Her Want You More: By Making Her Suffer

My teachings about attracting women can sound rather crazy.

For example, the conventional “dating gurus” and (shudder) “Pickup Artists” teach their followers to make women happy…

Make her go through emotional hellI, on the other hand, teach my students to give women emotional hell.

Here’s what I teach my students:

“To force a woman to love you forever, you must make her suffer.”

To the layman, this may sound completely nutters. After all, aren’t women attracted to guys who make them feel happy, comfortable and appreciated?

Good question!

To answer it, you’ll need to have an understanding of how the female mind really works.

Women are attracted to pain.

(You read that right.)

Attraction to pain (or formally,”Sadomasochism”) has been studied for decades by eminent psychologists such as Sigmund Freud, Alfred Kinsey and Carl Jung.

Carl Jung (1875 – 1961) : women have hidden addictions for drama and conflict

But let’s not geek out on science here. For now, it’s enough for you to understand just one thing:

Women are genetically “programmed” to derive pleasure from pain and torment.

Here’s how that is manifested in their daily lives…

They watch tearjerkers on TV just to bawl their eyes out. (It makes them feel good for some twisted reason.)

They read “Dear Abby” advice columns to relive the problems of other women in their own lives.

They deliberately create drama with their boyfriends or husbands just to add a little spice to their otherwise uneventful days.

See what I mean?

Even us guys are guilty of doing this sometimes if you think about it…

Since you’re already reading this far, I can guess that your girlfriend or wife may already be dragging you through an emotional turmoil of her own doing…

Does that make you love her any less?

If anything, your feelings for her gets intensified even more!

And guess what… you can turn the tables and do the SAME to her.

Bottom line: to “force” her to love you, you’ve got to grow some balls…

…and make her suffer.

Don’t take this lightly, though –

As you follow exactly what I tell you to do, one thing is certain to happen:

She will downright hate you.

Don’t worry… that’s not a bad thing. I’ll explain.

Strange this may sound, but at the same time, she’ll be quietly intrigued by the emotional roller coaster that you’re forcing her to take.

And then, magic happens.

I’ll show you how to completely flip this “hate” around and turn it into intense passion and love for you that will last a lifetime.

Continue reading!

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How To Use Cult-Like Strategies To Control Her

My mentor, Derek Rake (the founder of Shogun Method) once told me the story of him visiting a large country farm in Suzhou, rural China about 10 years ago.

“It was a group of about 100-odd men and women, gathering together to learn how to sharpen their intuition through meditation.”

“It had all the trappings of a cult… a charismatic leader, and odd routines that members had to follow, like what they can eat and drink.”

“They even had special greetings and unique handshakes as well as a bizarre initiation.”

“Even though it was supposed to be a boot camp on meditation, very little meditation was done. Instead, bulk of the time was spent carrying out the routines and rituals.”

“They would pray and offer incense to their deity together.”

“They would cook, eat and wash together.”

“They would walk on hot coals together.”

“I then asked the leader on what was going on, and why there was so little meditation.”

“The leader then answered: “Derek, the meditation is secondary. The bonding experience is more important.””

“At the end of the boot camp, the entire congregate gathered for one last time.”

“Each and every one talked about how the boot camp was a profoundly life-changing experience… and guess what, nobody talked about meditation at all.”

So what was happening there?

And more importantly, how is this relevant to you?

Simple, really. You can use a similar “cult-like” strategy to control and dominate a woman (or, as how Derek Rake puts it, “enslave” her.)

Lisa Amber @SIBG.comTo enslave a woman, you don’t need to whisk her to a rural farm and brainwash her…

… you only have to deliberately create experiences which you share exclusively with her (good, or bad).

In fact, these “shared experiences” work even better if they are negative.

History shows that humans often bond by experiencing disasters and hardships together.

Strong friendships are formed fighting and surviving a war…

Football teams grow stronger from occasional losses and setbacks…

Family members become closer when one of them gets diagnosed with cancer….

The list goes on.

Now imagine small “disasters” happening between you and her. For example –

A picnic date at the park suddenly “interrupted” by a downpour, drenching both you and her while running for cover.

Or, a road trip to the countryside “marred” by a flat tire, getting you and her stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Sure, these “disturbances” seem particularly troublesome when they happen, and yet they are more memorable than, say, an uneventful movie date.

These negative Shared Experience work tremendously well because they exploit a female’s hidden need inside her psyche for excitement and drama.

(And as you’ll see later, this is also why a Mind Control seduction technique like Fractionation works wonders when used to manipulate a woman’s emotions. We’ll talk more about Fractionation later.)

So here’s what I want you to do now:

I want you to deliberately “craft” a series of “disasters” in her life in order to create these memorable Shared Experiences.

Throw the proverbial monkey wrench in the works.

If there’s no conflict, create one.

All in all, it’s pretty much a number’s game. The more compelling experiences you share with her, the more devoted she will be to you.

Black bra blonde

How To Make Her Miss You By “Triggering” Shared Experiences

Let’s say things have suddenly taken a turn for the worse.

You might have fought bitterly with her. She might have even threatened to leave you.

After a couple of days, things have cooled down a little. You want to text her.

So, what do you say?

Anything that will make her recall a Shared Experience, of course.

Tying back to the two “disaster” examples in the last section, you can text her:

“Remember our drenched picnic at the Central Park?”


“Remember the Lake Shore Drive? Flat tires?”

These messages will make her think back to the times when you and her survived a disastrous event together.

By triggering off a plethora of positive and negative emotions linked back to you, she will start to recall even more of other Shared Experiences.

These emotions will keep stacking on each other until they overwhelm her…

…during which she will start missing you.

See how it works now?

Anchoring is a Mind Control hypnosis techniqueOf course, if you’re familiar with Mind Control-based seduction techniques, you already know what I’m talking about here…

It’s an age-old hypnosis technique called Anchoring.

You’re using the text messages to trigger off an old Anchor that you’ve placed in her when you created the Shared Experiences with her.

Now if that sounds rather technical, don’t worry.

Like everything in Mind Control seduction, you don’t have to know WHY a technique works – as long as you know HOW to use it.


Win The Game By Exploiting This Loophole In Her Mind

In the last section, I’ve introduced you to the Shared Experiences technique.

You’ve learned how you can use it to “trigger” off her past memories (using an Anchor) in order to get her to miss you.

So far, so good. 🙂

Next, I’m gonna load you up with another Mind Control technique which will take your game one notch upwards…

How to make girlfriend want you moreWith it, you can put any woman under your control and dominance for as long as you want.

Beyond making a woman miss you, you’ll even “force” her come back to you willingly, and on her own.

Sounds cool? Well, let’s dig in then!

If you haven’t realized it already, women are 100% driven by their emotions.

What this means is that trying to persuade a woman logically to do anything is, well, kinda stupid.

You already know that in order to make a woman behave the way you want her to, you’ve got to manipulate her emotions.

The “Shared Experience” technique is one way to do it. But there’s another method which works on a woman’s emotions on a whole new level.

It turns out that there exists a “loophole” inside a woman’s mind that can be easily exploited if one knows how.

Think of this as a hidden back door to the female mind.

Let’s examine how this loophole works from a scientific point of view.

(Bear with me here just for a little while because it’s important for you to know this.)

When a woman rejects or dumps a man, her decision is through what scientists and psychologists call the “Critical Mind”.Female Brain

This is the part of her brain which is calculative, rational and cold.

It’s her natural “defense” mechanism which protects her against unwanted advances from guys.

Therefore, in order to stop a woman from rejecting or dumping you, you’ll need to bypass this defense mechanism.

(In hypnosis circles, this is known as Bypassing The Critical Mind.)

And guess what?

It turns out that a woman’s Critical Mind can be easily bypassed if you make her through an emotional roller coaster with you.

Take through an emotional rollercoaster!

This is done simply by making her to experience both happiness and sadness together with you (hence the term “roller coaster”).

If what I’ve told you seems a little complicated, don’t worry, because I’m going to simplify it for you.

All you need to know is this –

To completely dominate a woman and make her subservient to you, she needs to go through an emotional roller coaster with you.

Simple enough?

Next, I’ll share with you a sneaky little trick that will do that for you, and more.

Continue reading…

Continue reading!

How To Put A Woman Through An Emotional Roller Coaster (And Dominate Her)

Here’s how you put her through an emotional roller coaster in order to dominate her:

You use this Mind Control technique called Fractionation.

Famously identified as the “grand daddy” of hypnosis-based seduction tactics, Fractionation is perhaps the best kept secret of the underground dating community in the recent times.

Master seducers have been known to use it to completely turn spunky, otherwise uncontrollable women into obedient little kittens in 15 minutes or less.

It’s really that powerful!

Learn fractionation to make her want you!Below is a resource which you can use to learn Fractionation in its entirety. It’s a Masterclass taught by Derek Rake (who had single-handedly brought Fractionation to the limelight in the recent times.)

In this Masterclass, you’ll learn exactly what to do and say for it to work its magic.

I know you’re excited to get started, but before you continue, though, it’s my responsibility to warn you…

In some situations, Fractionation can be somewhat excessive. Indeed, under normal, everyday dating situations, you probably won’t need to use it at all.

In fact, using Fractionation merely to “seduce” a woman is like bringing a gun to a fist fight. It’s an overkill.

For example, if you’re only looking for a pickup line for you to use at the bar on a Saturday night, then it’s not for you. (Fractionation is not a pickup line.)

On the other hand, it’s the perfect solution for you if any of the below describes your situation:

  1. You want your woman to be obedient to you, for as long as you wish.
  2. You want to regain control, and be the dominant partner of your relationship.
  3. She is on the verge of breaking up with you, and you want to stop that from happening.
  4. There’s another guy who is after your woman, and you want to destroy him.
  5. You’re sick of your woman playing mind games on you, and you want her to stop.

To learn how to use Fractionation on a woman (in order to completely dominate her), attend this online Masterclass by Derek Rake –

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Watch Free Online Masterclass

If you qualify (and yes, we screen through all applicants), you will be emailed the link to the Masterclass. (So, make sure you put in your best email address, and check your spam folder.)

If you don’t receive the link, it means that we have taken the Masterclass offline, sorry.

Learn and use the technique… and then tell me your success stories!

Matt Ganz SIBG


  1. Kevin Blow says

    Really eye-opening. Will report back with results. Thank you Matt

  2. James Dobson says

    Was hanging out with a girl that has a boyfriend in another state and he’s really terrible with her. Her and I met and hit it off very well. We were perfect for each other, really!

    I first hesitated with using shared experiences and fractionation with her because I was afraid to hurt her, but after much deliberation, I gave it a shot. She left her boyfriend, and now she’s with me. I guess it’s fine to go through a little hurt to achieve long lasting happiness later.

    • Same experience here. Some of this stuff may be quite objectionable (also see the boyfriend destroyer stuff elsewhere on this website) but if you’re not looking out for yourself, then you deserve to fail.

      • Right on the money

        Beware of the crazy female liberation types of swarm this website… they’ll try to make it sound that it’s EVIL to do all this on women, but if there’s a surefire way to win in this game, it’s to use these tactics

      • Very true dude. Definitely tried this and guess what… the woman eventually came begging.


      • My mind blown on how some guys just continue to play nice with women. Being nice never works, and as Matt says here, it will only get you “pussy whipped”…

        I’ve used fractionation / shared experiences / dream guy / dark rake method for eons now, and no regrets. Pity the fool who doesn’t know these stuff!!

  3. OK, I’m open to using somewhat underhanded strategies to make her want me. Frankly, I’m sick of getting stonewalled with everything I try. Where do I start?

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    Is the masterclass back online?

  6. So what if you have been friends forever? What if she calls you her best “friend” and her rock? I mean this seems like a hopeless cause for me. We rekindled our 20 year friendship 3.5 years ago. I went into it as just a friend. We were phone friends which was just fine with me.

    Once we started spending time together I gradually became attracted to her again to the point where I really love this woman but again feel it is hopeless and that I’m repeating history all over again.

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    Struggling to get a website that will lead me straight into Shogun Method

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