Shogun Method: My Confession (A Review)

Now before anything, I’ve got a confession to make. I’ve always been a junkie of what’s called the techniques invented by the so-called Pickup Artists, commonly known as PUAs. At first, I was really excited at learning these techniques because there were lots of reports online on how effective they were.

However, my excitement turned to disappointment when I tried some of these PUA techniques and failed. I thought it was my fault that I was not using the techniques right, but it turned out that I wasn’t the problem… you’ll find out why later in this article. 🙂

When I told my best buddy Matthew (who owns about this, he laughed. “Jon, man…” he said, “Forget about silly Pickup Artist tricks. Do yourself a favor and go find out about the Shogun Method instead.”

Curiosity Got The Better Of Me…

Intrigued, I went online and did a Google search. At first, I was somewhat skeptical as it looked just like another Pickup Artist program, but boy, was I wrong!

Truth be told: the Shogun Method gave me the shock of my lifetime. I was told that some of the techniques contained inside the Method were quite controversial, but nothing really prepared me for it. And so when I saw it for myself, it gave me a couple of sleepless nights.

In short, this may well be the Shogun Method review that you’d never expect to read. 🙂

Shogun Method: To Attract Is To Enslave

The core of the Shogun Method is what termed as “Enslavement” strategies – these are used to segregate a woman and isolate her from the outside world. When used correctly, a woman will drift away separated from her family and circle of friends. At the same time, she will grow more attached to you emotionally. Soon, she will be sucked into a world consisting only you and her.

And so you’ll see how this is miles apart from the shallow Pickup Artist mumbo jumbo like “approach openers” and (shudder) “peacocking”. The Shogun Method will equip you with tools and techniques that will last a lifetime: simply because they are rooted in the (hard) science of female psychology. In other words, the Shogun Method is not just another pickup artist fad. This stuff is validated to work scientifically.

Also, the Shogun Method is unique because it’s not merely a collection of techniques – instead, it’s a step-by-step roadmap which clusters up the techniques according to which stage you’re at with your target.

The IRAE Model / Roadmap

The heart of the Shogun Method is the famed IRAE Model – a roadmap consisting of four distinct stages in seduction, namely Intrigue, Rapport, Attraction, and Enslavement. According to Derek Rake, the process of seduction is linear and sequential – first, you’ll need to Intrigue a woman so that she invests her attention in you. When you have captured get attention and interest, then you’ll use the opportunity to build Rapport with her. With sufficient Rapport, you can then make her feel Attracted to you. Finally, to keep her Attracted to you (for a lifetime if you want), then you’ll need to Enslave her.

Most guys make the mistake of not following this strict sequence, and according to Rake, this is the reason guys fail with women.

For example, if a guy attempts to build Rapport without first generating Intrigue, his efforts would fall flat because her short attention span would make her look for other things to capture her interest. Or, if a guy tries to Attract a woman without first generating Rapport, he would just come across as creepy and stalker-ish.

It all made a lot of sense to me personally, and it helped explained my failed attempts previously when it came to dating and attracting women.

Shogun Method

Derek Rake: “Seduction Is Linear, Sequential, And One Step At A Time”

In the Shogun Method, you’re only supposed to focus on one stage at a time, and mastering the techniques contained in that particular stage. To me, this helped me to avoid information overload and it gave me a clear mind on what next to do with a particular woman that I am interested in.

Now I can’t claim to be an expert at the Shogun Method, but I’ve gone through the complete IRAE cycle once, and so here’s what I think. The Enslavement stage is the most exciting (to me at least!) because that’s where you can wield the most power when you start to indoctrinate a woman and make her subservient to you.

If that sounds rather controversial, then you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet…

Black Rose Sequence: What Is It?

Derek had warned not to use Enslavement techniques unnecessarily, but out of curiosity I had used one of its tactics (the Black Rose Sequence) on this girl I was going out with… and to say that it completely blew my mind would be an understatement. Well, not to mince my words, she had been quite a bitch to me, but now she’s as obedient to me as a puppy.

OK, to be fair to Derek and his clients, I can’t disclose what the Black Rose Sequence (or also known as the Black Rose Method) is in detail, but to summarize, you use it completely “erase” a woman’s self-identity, and install a new identity that’s completely subservient to you. In the Shogun Method, this new identity (“Persephone” in Shogun Method lexicon)  is completely under your control. It can indeed be quite sinister especially if you have malicious intentions.

I gotta tell you… the Black Rose Sequence is indeed quite special – once you’ve seen it in action, there’s never turning back. Heck, you’ll never go back to those lame Pickup Artist crap ever again… this I can guarantee you.

Shogun Method Free Download…?

I made the mistake of trying to find a free download of Shogun Method somewhere, but that proved to be rather stupid because of two things:

  1. Virtually everyone who offered “free download” of Shogun Method tried to either scam me, or infect me with viruses
  2. The real value of Shogun Method lies in the protected community where coaching is included as well as a constant stream of new techniques and materials through the Derek Rake Insider Labs

My laptop is filled with some “free” PDFs which are gathering digital dust. I bet yours is too. 🙂

To me, success with women is pretty essential (it’s do or die for me). Investing in Shogun Method (expensive though it may be) is one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made in my life, bar none.

The Final Warning You Should Take Heed Of

There’s one thing to watch out for, though: there’s no option to undo the effect of Enslavement as far as I know. If you’re not really serious about a woman, then subjecting her to the Shogun Method can be intolerably cruel.

For a presentation on the Shogun Method, click here. You’ll have to register with your email address, but it’ll all be worth it. You’ll have your eyes opened, I guarantee it.

– Jon “300” Snowden (Shogun Method lifetime member)