How To Control Your Girlfriend

Female liberation groups and “social justice warriors” will probably scream at me for saying this, but it’s true: women like (and want) to be controlled by men.

The truth is that females are hard-wired to be led when it comes to the matter of the heart. This means that women often resort to be controlling in a relationship out of frustration with men who are unwilling to lead.

So are you being controlled by your girlfriend? Well, here are some tell-tale signs:

Does she automatically think that you will follow what she ways without questioning?

Does she decide on most things, say, from something trivial like if the toilet seat stays down or up, to the important like how to raise your children in the future?

Does she play mind games on you?

Do you think that it’s “alright” for her to control your life just because it makes her “happy”?

Do you think it’s “alright” for her to be rude to you just because you “love” her?

Can you plan ahead on anything without asking her permission?

Does her happiness take priority over everything (including your own)?

If you’ve answered “YES” to any of those questions, then you’re in trouble, buddy.

I don’t care if I sound like a male chauvinist here, but you, as a man, shouldn’t allow yourself to be dominated by a woman. I want you to follow exactly what I say next so that you can break free and start taking control over your life, and possibly hers too, OK? Great!

Trust me: you’re not the only guy in town with a dominating girlfriend.

Check this video :-

In fact, most guys who come to see me and Derek Rake for help suffer from the same thing… that they’ve been pussywhipped by the women that they are dating.

The truth is that they are already in chronic conditions, and so they often need some high-powered solutions to fix their problems quickly.

And here’s how we help them. We get them to go through the ultimate “shock therapy”, consisting of a “boot camp” where they’ll learn and master this Mind Control tactic called Fractionation.

What’s amazing about this technique is that guys are able to regain the controlling position in their relationships with their girlfriends or wives quickly and easily. How Fractionation works is that it “hacks” into their girlfriend’s brains and subtlely plant thoughts in their minds. This means that you will be able to sneakily control your girlfriend’s thoughts and make her think whatever you want. It’s pretty powerful!

When used correctly, Fractionation can get a woman under your control, enslave her and make her fall in love with you far quicker than the usual “Pickup Artist” tricks. I have to warn you though that it is not possible to “undo” the effects of Fractionation. Once you have enslaved a woman using this technique, dumping her will cause irreparable damage to her psychology. Therefore, please use this technique responsibly and ethically.

To learn how you can use Shogun Method and Fractionation to manipulate a woman’s mind and enslave her to you emotionally, go to

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