How To Attract Women With Body Language

As the experts say, up to 90% of all communications is non-verbal. This is especially true when it comes to talking to women. Trust me, because I know this from experience. I found that I could talk gibberish and if I use this one special body language technique that I use, the woman will end up liking me.

This technique is known as Mirroring. According to Derek Rake, it’s the single most effective body language technique in the arsenal of the Mind Control seducer. It’s devastatingly effective because of this reason:

“A woman’s brain cannot consciously filter out non-verbal information which suggests familiarity.”

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What this means is that if you come across as “familiar” to a woman, she won’t be able to reject the suggestions that you’re going to make to her. It’s a flaw in a woman’s mind which gets exploited by Derek Rake’s students and people who know Mind Control in general.

You “mirror” your target by copying her behavior – hand gestures, facial expressions and body movements. By replicating your target’s non-verbal signals, you’re sending familiarity signals to her subconscious.

Mirroring works well as a rapport building technique because it is perceived outside the boundaries of conscious awareness. When newbies do it incorrectly, the target becomes aware that they are deliberately parroting her, and she could well feel insulted. You must always be aware of the danger of getting “found out” – she may think that you are mocking her.

Here’s how you can avoid this particularly deadly pitfall of getting found out: by following the Three Seconds Rule. You should mimic a particular behavior or gesture that you notice only three seconds after you have first noticed that behavior. This will make what you are doing less obvious to her.

Apart from her gestures, you should also mirror her mood.

For example, if she seems to be a little down, don’t say, “What are you worrying about? Let’s go have a drink and forget all your problems!” If she is in a foul mood, she expects you to empathize with her.

Match her mood, and then say with a sympathetic smile, “I feel terrible. If there’s anything I can do to make you feel better, let me know, okay?”

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