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We are a group of dating gurus and seduction techniques practitioners in Baltimore under the Seduction Initiatives (SI) Maryland chapter.  This website is intended to be a repository of pickup and seduction techniques for men. If you’d like to become a member of the SIBG, or if you want to set up your own local Seduction Initiatives chapter, please contact us using the details below:

Matthew D. Ganz, BA (Cantab)
1062 Calvin Street Baltimore, MD 21201
TEL: 410-466-5644
EMAIL: matt@sibg.com

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  1. What is the expansion of SIBG?

  2. Do you gentlemen have meet-ups?

  3. If she walks with you without you really asking or suggesting it is that a sign? I mean I will be talking with her as we walk to her next class then once we are their she doesn’t peel off to go to the class or stop talking and say bye, so I just continue to walk around with her, at the same time there is a silent period and so I sit at a bench and she just stands next to me and listens to me and responds to my questions and comments, but completely forgets what she is or was supposed to be doing, so I reminder her and so I walk her back to her class but then she says bye before we get there and walks over to her friends. Is she just fuckin with me or am I not reading the signs? If so what do I do next?? Today I gave her her space and didn’t talk to her today but was in the same place as her sometimes, so I try not to notice or look at her but out of the corner of my eye I see her look back hearing my voice. I am confused on what to do next I mean I have looked at this site and done these techniques before but that was years ago, I had completely forgotten about this site until now. So i am here asking for help what do I do, Preferably Matt.

    Thanks, Ethan

  4. Sometimes women like me but I find it hard to make love to them. What can I do?

  5. I was wondering if you had an oregano chapter specifically around hermiston
    Thanks ryan

  6. Hey Matt,

    My name is Tim. I’m located just outside of Baltimore approx 35
    minutes away in Mount airy, md. I recently came across your lair’s website
    and I’m interested and curious to know the details of how to go about
    becoming a Lair member and what that entails… If you could give me the
    basic breakdown of things such as when the members all meet up/how many
    times per week, what’s the cost, etc. that’d be appreciated. I believe I
    also read on your website that we would have a personal tutor/coach for
    a one on one type deal as well. I appreciate what you do and look forward
    to hearing more about the possibility of becoming a member and learning
    from you guys. Thanks a lot


    Ps. I tried emailing you directly from my email address to matt@sibg.com but it wouldn’t go through. So I assume this is where I was meant to ask my questions.. Feel free to email me back to the email given. Thanks again.

  7. Is there a chapter in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania? If not could I start one lol.

  8. Is there a chapter in Malaysia or anywhere nearby Malaysia?

    If there isn’t a chapter nearby, I am interested to start one if this is possible. I am currently a member of The Shogun Method by Derek Rake.

  9. I’ve been living in Baltimore for 2 years and looking to get involved with the chapter. I tried emailing matt@sibg.com but it wouldn’t go through. I am interested in knowing about the process to get involved. Feel free to contact me at the given email.

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