SIBG Humor Guide On How to Make Women Laugh

smiling girl

Make her smile.

Try asking any woman out there what she looks for in a man or what makes them go crazy for a man, and most of them will mention a sense of humor. Truth be told, when learning how to make women laugh nothing is better or more effective out there than humor. Men who can make women laugh don’t just automatically look more attractive in their eyes, they end up standing out, as well. So, if you want to get into a woman’s mind yourself, then you need to learn how to make her laugh. After that, you won’t have any trouble getting her to fall for you and stay with you forever. You can see this interesting article from TeleGraph.

Women like to date men who make them chuckle due to evolutionary differences, claim scientists. -From one of the article from DailyMail

Once you can successfully make women laugh without even trying, you will know that you are already in an advanced level and will have practically no trouble at all getting into a woman’s mind, making her want to be around and make her miss you all the time.

laughing girl

Make her laugh.

            Most men who already have a lot of experience in this department say that getting a woman to laugh is the only thing that they have ever had to learn to keep women by their side. This is because men who have this power always look happy and friendly, this why they always get women chase them and help to conquer a woman’s heart. Well, women don’t want to experience sad moments when they are with a man. This is why humor is such an effective way to getting women to fall for men to begin with.

Things to keep in mind to make her fall in love with you

Now, if you are starting to get a bad feeling in your gut because you know that you aren’t exactly a funny guy nor do you have the power to make people laugh when you want them to, then stop sulking! Humor can be learned. Plus, you will be able to use it to win women over and make them fall for you. You just need to learn the right skills and practice them on a regular basis. Here are a couple of tips to help you out.

Playful Couple

Feel her special.

  1. Do not be predictable. Predictability and consistency are boring traits for a woman. As such, it would be best to take her off guard and surprise her every now and then. When it comes to humor, this basically means that you should throw some jokes her way when she least expects it or be funny at times when humor is needed the most.
  2. Time things right. Of course, it is important to make sure that the mood, place and time is right before you start bringing on the humor, as well. If you are at a funeral, a joke might not be the best way to get people to feel better, for example. Also, women aren’t always in the mood for laughter, so make sure you look for cues on whether a woman is actually ready to laugh and hear your jokes before you try to lighten up the mood with it. Lastly, make sure you don’t try too hard. There is nothing attractive about a man who tries too hard to be something he’s not, after all.

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