How To Seduce A Lady By Text Message

So you’ve finally gotten the digits of this babe that you’ve been eyeing for some time. Well, congratulations.

Let me assure you that the euphoria will soon stop… because you’ll start to wonder this one thing –

  • What should you text her to make her like you?
  • What are you going to say to convince her to agree to date you?
  • How are you not going to screw it all up?

I don’t blame you for being cautious. But don’t worry for your pals here at has got your back. 🙂

How to text a girl ( style!)

Learning how to seduce a woman through text is quite easy if you know how. That’s exactly what you’re going to learn here today.

Let’s get to it!

Texting 101

First things first. You gotta know the main reason you want to text a girl: for you to know a girl better.

Remember: in the game of love and seduction, knowledge is power! Think of texting as another way for you to find out what makes a girl tick.

Use Shogun Method to learn how to seduce an attached woman(If you are familiar with Derek Rake’s Shogun Method, you already know that eliciting a woman’s values is an important step in seduction. Using texting, you will have another opportunity to communicate and understand a woman’s values.)

Also, understand that women typically respond differently over text than say, face-to-face.

There are many reasons for this, but for now, just note that this is entirely normal behavior. In fact, this is a fact that you can exploit to your advantage: we’ll show you how in this guide.


Now I gotta warn you…

Your first text to her is the most important, and will make or break your seduction.

The reason is simple really: if it doesn’t work, then it will be all over for you. Therefore, it’s imperative for you to hit the ball out of the park the first time.

Worried already? Don’t be.

It turns out that there is a simple solution for this, and here it is –

Use Fractionation.

Of course, if you’ve already read our famous guide on how to control a woman then you should already know what this technique is.

(If you’ve not, click here to read the guide and come back.)

Simply infuse your first text with elements of Fractionation and then come back.

Obeying The 1 Second / 1 Day Rule

The most common question that we get when it comes to texting is this:

“Matthew, when is the best time to text a girl?”

Well, here’s the answer:

Be unpredictable.

For one text conversation, reply her immediately (“1 Second Rule”). Then, for another, take your sweet time to reply her (“1 Day Rule”).

You’ll see that this is a variation of Fractionation that you’ve already come across above.

Your unpredictability will drive her crazy (in a good way), and will keep her thinking about you.

Awesome, isn’t it?

Dangers Of Texting

You gotta know this:

There’s a real danger when it comes to trying to seduce a woman through texting.

(If you’ve already read our Seduction 101 guide – How To Seduce A Woman, then you should already know what this pitfall is.)

The problem is guys spend too much time texting a girl, and not seeing her face-to-face.

And as a result, they develop “Contextual Rapport” with a girl, which is a real problem.

The girl then sees them as a “texting mate”, which is entirely counter productive to what they want. You see, that’s no different from being friend-zoned.

Therefore, you must see texting as a method to get a girl to see you face-to-face more often. That’s all. The truth is that you cannot seduce a woman entirely through texting.

It’s impossible.

The only way to attract a woman successfully is to seduce her in person (and with covert mind control techniques.) Don’t lose sight of that!

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