Flirting 101 : Techniques On How To Flirt With Women

Matthew here. OK, so this won’t be a complete guide on how to flirt with a girl because the subject is just far too vast to be covered in a single article. However, this SIBG article will cover most of the highly effective techniques that will help you flirt with a girl and succeed at winning her over in the end – ten (10) tactics that will build rapport with her.

SIDENOTE: This guide is a shortened version of the comprehensive SIBG Master Method that we provide to our members (which is only available for those to join the Baltimore Seduction Lair – yes, you’ll need to come to Calvin Street yourself).

Flirty girl Amanda at HQ

Flirting skills are an important component of the SIBG seducer’s arsenal.

Flirting 101: SIBG’s Top Ten Techniques On Flirting With Women

Technique #1: The Soft Stare. (Setting The Stage)

Since the eyes can generally convey a lot of different feelings, you should put them to use whenever you flirt with girls because girls are actually hardwired by their feelings. Ideally, you should stare at a girl deeply whenever you talk to her while maintaining a calm and relaxed expression on your face. This will not just make her feel more comfortable in your presence, but it will instantly make her feel closer to you, as well.

Technique #2: Lightning Emotional Connection. (Use Hypnosis)

Many guys will debate me on this (yes, even members of the SIBG lair!), but I recommend immediately jumping into building emotional connections rather early in the interaction (immediately after Setting The Stage above). After the initial attraction stage, you will need to build attraction – and this can only be done if she is affected emotionally.

The fastest and easiest way to build emotional connection with a woman is to use hypnosis. I know some guys are completely against this, but I don’t care – it’s the easiest shortcut to a woman’s heart, period. A particular technique, called fractionation, is known to be the fastest way to make a woman feel emotionally “invested” in you. Click here for a free guide.

Technique #3: The Sensual Look.

Once a girl feels more comfortable around you, you can give her a mischievous look that will tell you that you think about doing naughty things with her or a coy look that will make her think that you have a dirty secret that she would love to know. You can bite your lip every now and then, too; this move happens to make girls think about sexual things without them meaning to.

Of course, this will be more effective once you have built some emotional connection with her – otherwise you’ll just look like a creep, or worse, a potential molester minus the rapist glasses and brown trench coat. Do yourself a favor and use fractionation. Really. Do it.

Technique #4: The Surprise Wink.

Whenever you pass by the girl that you are eyeing, wink at her after you lock eyes. Since she won’t expect it, it will surprise her a bit yet give her the clear and distinct message that you are flirting with her.

Naturally, you shouldn’t overdo it with the winking, though. If you wink at her too much, she might just get used to it and not get affected by your winks anymore. If winking is out of the question, then smile at her instead. This will show her that you are both friendly and approachable.

Technique #5: The Playful Bump.

Playful actions, like bumping a girl on her side, will definitely make her smile. As a bonus, it will create sexual tension between the two of you, too. Make sure you don’t do this to a complete stranger, though; that might just make things awkward. Again, revisit Tip #2 above and create that emotional bond first.

SIBG’s Golden Rule: Make Her Feel Comfortable With You BEFORE TOUCHING HER.

Nice picture of a woman with really white teeth

Look at my white, pearly teeth, not at my boobies!

Technique #6: The Understatement.

While complimenting a girl is something that a lot of guys do, it is actually something that I ask my SIBG mentees to stay away from. At the very least, you should understate your compliments as much as possible.

Believe it or not, telling a girl that you like her through compliments will do nothing but the break the tension. So, instead of telling a girl how gorgeous she looks, try telling her that she isn’t the ugliest girl that you have ever met in your life. This will add a bit of humor in the mix, yet will still tell her that you think she is beautiful. #seewhatididthere 😉

Technique #7: The Double Negative.

Here’s a patented SIBG flirting technique. Another fun and effective way to compliment a girl or tell her that you like her without boosting up her ego too much and breaking the flirty tension is by using double negatives such as, “I don’t not think you’re beautiful”.

This statement will not just confuse her to death and make her think about you all day long, but it is also a playful way to tell her how you feel.

If you combine a double negative with an understated compliment (see Tip #5 above), then you will definitely hit gold. Try saying something like “I don’t hate you at all” or “I don’t not like you a little bit“. That is sure to get her mind reeling.

Technique #8: The Sensual Tease.

Now if you have used all the first seven techniques above, you’ll find that she will display some indicators of interest, and she will be starting to flirt back at you.

Flirt using techniques!Once you start to notice this, you can start teasing her for liking you or for being in love with you. This is also one of the most subtlest ways if you want to know how to seduce a woman (we have covered this in a previous mini-guide which you can read here). If you are feeling extra bold, then you can even tease her by saying that you know that she wants to kiss you or telling her to stop flirting with you so much. Make sure you don’t sound cocky when you say these things, though; otherwise, your words might just completely backfire…

…but if you have built enough emotional rapport with her then it won’t – it’s as simple as that. 🙂

Technique #9: The Moniker.

This doesn’t mean that you should be rude or anything, but you can give her a cute nickname that pertains to an inside joke or something special that you noticed about her.

Call her goofy for the way that she dances, call her a geek for liking Star Wars so much or call her a brat for being spoiled by her parents, for example. Make your teasing fun and it will easily be seen as flirting instead of rudeness.

Technique #10: The Mind Hacker. (Advanced Technique)

Most guys would not consider using hypnosis or covert psychology to flirt with women, but as hardcore seducers, we do. Remember that all you want to do when you flirt is to develop a deep emotional rapport with a woman so that you can continue to build attraction on top of the connection. The best way to do this is to use fractionation – a hypnosis and covert psychology technique which is reputed to be able to make a woman fall in love in ten minutes flat.

We here at the Baltimore Seduction Lair have been teaching and using fractionation as part of our “core” curricula, and for good reason – it works. We have, unfortunately, also seen the dark side of this technique; when misused, it can cause a woman to feel emotionally DEPENDENT on you. Believe me, you don’t want a stalker following you everywhere you go, no matter how hot she is. 🙂

If you agree NOT to misuse this technique, then click on the link below to find out more on how to use it to attract women quickly. If you have BAD intentions against women, then DO NOT click on this link below.


How To Use Fractionation To Attract Women

Good luck! 🙂

Matt Ganz SIBG

-Matthew Ganz, seduction lair leader


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  4. If I said the lines suggested to a girl (“I don’t not like you a little bit“), she’d immediately flag me for full of crap.

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    #6: do not do that to a girl. that is really stupid. It will come across negatively. She will not like that and will interpret that as you calling her ugly. Or at the very least, average. Which is still not good enough for 99% of girls

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    Good stuff!

  8. As a woman, I’ll have to warn the guys on here.. these Technique’s are rather awful and would not work as well as they’re advertised to.. Most of them will come off as creepy if done unnaturally or coached, and will be sort of cheese if done well..

    You have been warned!

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