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Hello! It’s Richard here, your ever reliable sergeant-at-arms in the very happy and always-steamy world of dating and relationships. Last time SIBG gave you a dose of what you may expect written here on our blogs, so we really hope you get to stick around for more. Boy do we have a lot to talk about and a lot to cover! 🙂

So what’s happening with the flirting? If you missed our “Flirting 101” article on it, you can read it by clicking here so you’d have an idea. I sure hope you’re having a lot of progress.

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Now, lets talk about SEDUCTION. A lot of men seem to mistakenly believe that they have to focus solely on sexual attraction if they want to successfully seduce a woman. Well, while sexual attraction may play a part in this, you need to know that female seduction isn’t actually all about sex. If you are one of the men who thinks that way, then you probably don’t get to have a lot of sex, do you? You may be a god at bagging phone numbers, but that is probably where your lucky streak ends.

What you need to realize is that female seduction and male seduction are completely different things. Unlike men, women are more attracted to status, power and a strong personality. Because of this, you need to have at least one of these traits before you even start trying to seduce your dream girl.

A lot of men also mistakenly believe that women are only attracted to good-looking guy. However, while looks do play a vital role in the game, it isn’t the only thing that women look at. Women are actually more interested in charm. So, if you can turn on the charm at will, then you shouldn’t have any trouble seducing a woman at all.

If you happen to be one of those men who can’t grasp the notions behind female seduction, then here are several tips that can help you get closer to women like never before:

  • Create an Emotional Connection.

To women, sex isn’t just a physical thing; it is an emotional thing, too. In fact, any woman who says she can have sex without getting emotionally attached is lying. It is a fact that sex is a very emotional act for women and as such, you have to make her connect with you on an emotional level if you want to seduce her in the end. If you don’t, then you will never be able to seduce her. It’s as simple as that.

The quickest (and best) way to create an emotional connection with a woman quickly is to use this “female mind hack” technique called fractionation. Known as one of the “forbidden patterns” of seduction, it’s reputed to be the fastest way to make a woman fall in love (often in ten minutes or even less). If you want to know how to use this technique, click here.

  •  Look Your Best Inside and Out.

Before trying to seduce your woman of choice, it would be vital for you to look your best inside and out. This means that, aside from looking good, you should always be polite to other people whenever you talk to them. Do not start fights, either; that kind of behavior simply isn’t sexy. If you want to meet women and seduce them, try to be charming and charismatic. Those are two of the traits that women find simply irresistible nowadays.

Sidenote: Alternatively, you can also use a fairly advanced hypnosis method like the Emotion Path which you can check out in this video below –

  •  Do Not Mimic What Other Men Do.


Most men out there have no idea what to say to women that they like, so they end up fumbling with their words when they do decide to talk to one. Well, you need to be different and just completely ignore the woman that you are eyeing when she is around, but talk to the people around her instead. Don’t laugh at her jokes when she tries to make you laugh, either. This type of unexpected behavior will not just draw her attention to you, but will make her go crazy inside, as well.

  • Let Her Know that You Don’t Kiss and Tell.

Women sometimes refuse to get seduced because they are scared that their reputation will go down the drain after they become prey to a man. This would be especially true if you already have a reputation of being a tattletale.

Well, guess what? Women will never risk their reputation just to be with a man who will tell the world of his sexcapades.

So, if you want to seduce a woman into doing whatever you want her to, you have to let her know that you will never ruin her social and sexual reputation, no matter what. If you need to get help from your female friends to get her to believe you, then get it. Do whatever it takes or kiss your chances goodbye for good.

  • Make Her Feel Safe Around You.

It is sad to note that not a lot of men are able to make women feel safe around them. This is mostly because they tend to approach women with their end goal already in mind: to seduce them.

Well, if you approach a woman with that thought in mind, then she is sure to sense that from you and thus not feel safe around you. Because of this, you need to have the logistics down first before you make any type of seductive move. In other words, you need to be her friend and make her feel safe around you before you transition into another type of environment with her.

  • Use Covert Psychology Techniques

Not many ‘dating gurus’ will want to discuss this, but the most effective way to make a woman fall in love with you quickly is to use what’s infamously known as the “female loophole” techniques. One of these techniques, fractionation, is said to be able to make any woman feel attracted to a man in less than ten minutes from the start of the approach. It’s amazing, but at the same time, quite controversial as well.

You see, since this technique taps into the female mind using subconscious psychology techniques, they can cause lots of emotional grief to a woman if it gets misused. Therefore, we do NOT recommend this to everybody because it might be abused.

You can find out more about this technique here, but as our lawyers would say: you will take 100% responsibility for the things you decide to do using this knowledge. Thank you for understanding.

-Richard, Baltimore Seduction Lair


  1. Kyle Rochlin says:

    Nowadays, you just have to lead the girl into believing that she is always replaceable, never treat her too good, the day you do is the day you look weak, thats when u can say goodbye sucka

  2. good

  3. Cllark Kent says:

    It would be much easier to just pick off the female you got the hots for with a club… ala the caveman days. Keep them barefoot an in the kitchen and don’t let the little wumins get any ideas from Cosmo, or Red Book magazines.


  5. Well, you need to be different and just completely ignore the woman that you are eyeing when she is around, but talk to the people around her instead.
    I use to like a guy who used this technique but eventually I started to believe he didn’t like me. I got tired of waiting for him to ask me out. I disconnected our heart chakras cuz he was making me sick physically. Now all the love is gone. I know he regretted it. This “game did a lot of damage to us. God decides who will love you and this game will destroy the real thing. Although, it will work on girls who don’t like you and just want to hook up.

    • God doesn’t decide who we choose to love. God gives us the opportunity to choose who we want to love.

  6. Poppie Rozencrantz says:

    Just spank the twitch like she deserves! That’ll get gears oiled…

  7. most seduction sites contradict themselves

  8. Be charming, charismatic and seductive – in other words, be the devil himself! I could’ve sworn I saw more girls checking me out lately – it must be the pointy, long, black Lucifer-like goatee of mine that’s doing the trick! I think it’s quite clear guys – when Adam and Eve were around, he was the only man on the planet, and still Eve chose to be seduced by a snake instead. You draw your own conclusions.

  9. the one who has the psychological game is the one who call’s the shot’s

  10. Dick Friend says:

    I found that wearing stretchy pants and having a constant erection attracts a lot of female attention but ypu need to be careful about std’s from the hot girls it attracts.

  11. Jose Cespedes says:

    I am interested in tips on seduction. My mindset is based solely on building a better me to get chased instead of opposite pursuit. If I only think about sex as a prize might as well go strip clubbing…women are women you need more than that even if sex in the end is the prize and the odds are almost even, we must work with ourselves to filter that confident mindset. I learned that you have to build a conversation without diverting away keeping her interested in YOU, making her your main focus/ objective. I still need coaching to move forward onto dating

  12. Islay Robinson says:

    I wish I could pick up some of these sluts but my dick is just so small. When any girl sees it she laughs. I feel like such a fucking loser.

    • Just date young, petite women that can still enjoy a pocket rocket. I mean, you just have to LEARN to work with what you got. Stop thinking about what it is and start thinking what you CAN do about it. Keep your heads up… both of them!

  13. Pelvic Johnson says:

    I understand it all clearly now. Confedence is the key. Knowing what you want and knowing how to get it. It’s a mind thing. Women are easy to control if you use your skills correctly. My Great Grandfather was a Preacher. In his younger days he was one of the most well known Macs in my hood. He dressed good, and cared a swagger women could not resist. They said my grandfather had good looks but it was his verbal presents that attracted the pussy. Tap into her world and rearrange it. Use your talent. I have a Nate Dogg voice. Women say pussy melt when I talk or sing. So I use my voice as a way to get her mind on whatever I want. Then I avoid her then she can’t get me off her mind. When she seems to can’t leave me alone. And blows my phone up. She’ll do whatever I want, to keep me in her world. That’s how I like it. I respect her. She know I get around. I’ve learned that when using this trick, I don’t have to lie because women like her just want a Giggilo.

  14. Boomeranv says:

    First comment has more truth and deep men knowledge than all the others. In todays world the only way you gonna get and keep women if you treat them like replaceables.
    I had 3 dates with my latest girl, was buying her drinks, pizzas, even cooking for her when after the 3rd date she said to me on chat “sorry i dont want a relationship right now, im not looking for bf”…
    Omfg then why do you think we date… I just told her ok then I will find other girls, bye.
    She never wrote me ever since but I would bet my life on it it is just the matter of time when she comes apologizing..

  15. Man, I really need this I will test it out and if it works for me I will tell you, I also promise you to not misuse anything that you teach me…thanks truly thank you.

  16. Bryany Neal says:

    I shit my pants every time a girl flirts with me. I don’t think I could get a partner ever.

  17. Bryany Neal says:

    I shit my pants every time a girl flirts with me. I don’t think I could get a partner ever.

  18. I’ll tell you the biggest secret. Make a woman feel like she is the most special and beautiful creature you have ever seen and you will have her hooked. You have to do this with care and hopefully you mean it. Don’t trick a woman because you can really hurt her and I believe in Karma. I was seduced with a man like this and had the best sex of my life because a woman is turned on by how much a guy is turned on by her. If you think she is beautiful, tell her, if you think she smells good, tell her, if you think her eyes are sexy tell her and tell her with confidence because only a confident man isn’t afraid to tell a woman how he really feels. Do NOT criticise her or make fun of her. Guys treat eachother like that but woman do no like to be teased. Believe me. They want a sweet guy who will protect and cherish them but if you are an Ahole just wanting to get laid, a good woman will see through your insincerity eventually so work on not being an Ahole and then follow this advice and really mean what you say. You will get the woman you want. Last piece of advice – be generous and be a gentleman. All women despise cheapskates. Do not expect her to pick up the tab and do not accept an offer from her to do so. She is testing you. Believe me. Most woman would rather be with a generous guy who wasn’t rich than a rich guy who is a tight wad.

    • Most of your advice sounds like it comes straight from a woman who wants to play games and uses men. You may say not all woman are like that, but way too many are?

      “All women despise cheapskates.” Mind game put down for a gold digger. So you want to be bought and wonder why he moved on? Looks like he knew the game and karma came early.

      “You will get the woman you want.”, if you want to carry around a boat anchor the rest of your life.

      “She is testing you.”, lol, testing to see how much she can use you… Why would a good woman need the man to be generous? A good woman has pride in pulling her own weight.

      “If you think she is beautiful, tell her, if you think she smells good, tell her, if you think her eyes are sexy tell her”, of course, but after she knows how you feel be prepared to run, because that’s when the game player turns up the heat and it never stops.

      A good woman knows this, a narcissist doesn’t and BLAMES the man when he sees through her personality disorder.

  19. Of all comments, the last one is the best. Women are too selfish. They don’t know what they want. When you treat them well, you are weak. It’s best to be indifferent to them because that seems to attract them more.

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