Role Reversal Strategies – How to Get a Woman to Chase You

girl kissing

Be chase after her.

Every man wants to be chased by women. However, not a lot of men understand that succeeding in this endeavor actually requires a chase dynamic all throughout the relationship.

Make her chase you!

Fortunately, there are a lot of ways that you can set up this dynamic in order to get a woman to chase you and go crazy over you. Here are some of them.

  • Keep Her Wanting More. Tell the woman that you are after that there are three things that you love about her, control and dominate her. When she asks what those three things are, tell her what two of them are, but keep mum about the last one. If you want, you can drop her some hints to keep her wanting more, but never actually reveal what that third thing is. It would be even better if the truth is that there isn’t a third thing at all! This way, you won’t have to worry about spilling the beans by mistake.

    girl texting

    Don’t answer her call.

  • Do Not Answer Her Calls. No matter how much you might like this woman, you have to learn to ignore her calls every once in a while. After getting her number, you also have to learn to ignore some of her calls and then text her right after you ignore them by asking what’s up. This will make her wonder what or who you are busy spending your time with that you don’t even have the time to pick up her calls.
  • Compare Her to Fictional Characters. Whenever you watch a movie, try to find characters that have similar traits to the woman that you like. Then, tell her all about the movie that you watched and how much she resembled that character. If she asks you how she resembles that character, just give a sly smile instead of replying. This will definitely get her thinking about you more often than not. If you were lucky enough to mention a movie that she isn’t familiar with at all, you can even sit back and relax while watching her go crazy looking for the movie and trying to find out her similarities with the character that you mentioned. Of course, if she went through all of the trouble to find and watch the movie, you might want to open up about their similarities in the end – over a dinner date, that is.
  • Cut Back on the Physical Stuff. This is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do while learning how to seduce women, important here is to conquer her heart. Basically, if she finally gives in and starts kissing you and things get hot and heavy, suddenly back off and tell her that you want to take things a little slower. However, as with all of the other tips above, don’t tell her why you backed off and decided to take this slow. This is sure to drive her nuts and take her for a loop. However, it will also make her run after you day and night until you finally give in to her advances. When that moment will be is completely up to you.

Of course, a famous “Role Reversal” technique is to blame her for making you attracted to her which is aptly demonstrated in this excellent video below –


Remember this…

The “Role Reversal” strategy can be further enhanced if you are able to hypnotize her and control her mind. The best technique when it comes to putting a woman under your thumb has got to be Fractionation. Famous for its ability to make any woman fall in love in 15 minutes or less, Fractionation is also the underlying technique behind legendary seduction frameworks like the October Man Sequence and Derek Rake’s Dark Rake Method.

To learn more about Fractionation, click on the link below –

Fractionation (The First Seduction Secret)

Watch the video, learn the technique, and thank me later! 🙂


  1. If you want a girl, act like a boy. If you want a woman, act like a man. While ignoring her once in a while can sometimes be effective, ignoring her all the time is going to kill her feelings for you. Be careful not to make her feel worthless, or completely invaluable to you; why should she chase you, if you treat her like a doormat?

    • This comment might mean something if it did not come from a delusional female!

      • Honeybee says:

        What an idiot you are Jonny. Isn’t it the females you’re sitting here trying to figure out how to manipulate? She just gave you advice on what works for a female. Maybe it’s the best advice of all … because it comes from a FEMALE! I’ve been at the end of these techniuqes, the DO work, but the downside is, you half resent the man for playing them on you when you figure it out. And any man who uses this level of domination and control, is ultimately doomed. Great for short-term results, if you’re a hollow. psychopathic prick. Useless for anything else.

        • I dunno… perhaps when you start calling them “women” instead of “females,” they’ll be more receptive to your advances. Role reversal: Would you want anything to do with a woman who called men “males?” I rest my case.

          • Female or woman, wtf is the difference? You will pander to women by arguing semantics like a knight in shining armor? Pitiful!

          • bongstar420 says:

            Honeybee is a female

            And I’d love a lady to call men males. She would almost certainly be an INTJ

          • Dude, ure an idiot and I doubt you’re really a man. What’s the opposite of male? What about man? So, what’s wrong in saying male or woman if it’s not meant to be derogatory?

      • Konnect Life says:

        You are absolutely right. Anyone with common sense would know that if you need advice on women, go to the type of men that women are mostly attracted to and get advice from those men who are good with women instead of going to women who say they want one thing but repetitively chase and give themselves to the things they complain about.

        It’s just common sense.

        Why would you take advice from someone who claims to want a “nice guy” and all the good stuff but only goes after the kind of people they claim to hate while completely ignoring the type of guys they claim to want?

        If you wanted to learn how to hunt deer, would you go to the deer, or the hunter?

        The type of men who are good with women obviously know what women want. This is why they get women and not the foolish guy who sits there, gets advice from and listens to what women tell him they want.

        • Ding ding ding! We have a winner. I agree 100% and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Why is that so? I have experienced and witnessed this all time and time again. This is why I must dismiss what women say when it comes to relationships and what they say they want. In general go by what people do, not the bullshit they say.

        • bongstar420 says:

          Any strategic success is unlikely to be shared but with the very few. It would poison the well and they would be left to fend on basic qualities again.

  2. Yeahhh…this would have worked on me til 13…now I’m in my 20s…this would have the opposite effect of what you’re thinking. The first time a guy I might like ignores my calls, I’m already looking for the next one. I mean, why waste your time on an unknown quantity? You can only be an enigma if you show her constant intense interest when you’re around BUT you also have a very busy life other than her with your own friends and personal interests…that…will drive her a bit nuts…she’ll want to unfold every part of you including your clothes.

  3. Every single one of these websites gives contradictory advice, but SIBG is the most consistent and honest. 100% legit.

    • And women lie & get defensive! As we can see.

      • Let me put on my shocked face, Jonny! Of course…. like I said, go by what people do, not what they say. Most of the time those people are even trying to convince themselves! LOL!

  4. True. When you ignore them, they come running after you.

  5. Dickface says:

    Sort of strange, how men essentially hate women but so desperately trying to get into their pants! 🙂

    • Women hate men more but women want to squeeze every single fucking thing out of them; including marriage & kids.

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