How To Get Women To Chase You (Role Reversal™ Strategies)

Dianne Lee at SIGB.comWhether we admit it or not, every man wants to be chased by women.

I mean, wouldn’t it be good it we can just sit back and let women come to us? That would be absolutely heavenly, wouldn’t it?

Let’s face it – in this day and age, guys are expected to “chase” by default. Why not challenge this assumption for a change?

Here’s the deal…

Guys who are in the game long enough will know that it’s entirely possible to make a girl do all the chasing. It’s true!

And to make things more interesting, some women actually prefer to chase than to be chased. In other words, females are not really as “passive” as the society makes them out to be.

You see, when a woman gets controlled and dominated by a man, she has no choice but to chase especially when she gets ignored by the man. That, my friend, is exactly how the female psyche works!

To learn how to make a girl chase you, learn the following six “Role Reversal” strategies and you’ll soon be way ahead of the game.

Before we get into the meats and potatoes of this guide, however, there’s something important that you need to know beforehand…

Important: Skip This And You’ll Fail (No Freakin’ Joke)

I’ll kid you not… 99% of the guys who read this article will fail to reap any benefit from it.

Use Shogun Method to play role reversal on her!Do you want to know why?

Well, here’s the answer: a large majority of guys who get their share of advice from blogs (here and elsewhere) usually make the same mistake over and over again, and it’s this –

They fail to take action from the knowledge that they acquire.

Let’s not fool ourselves… as far as love and dating is concerned, action is everything. Knowledge without action is as useless as a pair of tits on a nun.

At this point, I would ask you to promise me that you will take action from reading this guide – would you do that for me?

What’s more – to help you take concrete action I’ve prepared a beautiful Action Checklist (in PDF format) which you can download and print. Even better: it’s free!

This is how the Action Checklist works:- it contains everything inside this guide in easy to follow, step-by-step format (as well as a bonus tactic that you don’t see here in this article.)

Before you use these techniques on a woman, simply leaf through the PDF and see if you’ve not missed out anything important. Cool, right?

Download the Action Checklist below –

Free Action Checklist Download

Click here to download the “How To Make Women Chase You” SIBG Action Checklist. This 15-page PDF contains every technique in this guide in step-by-step format PLUS a bonus tactic not found in this article.

While this Action Checklist is free to download and use, it does come with one very important condition: when you’re done downloading it, avoid forwarding it to anyone else, OK? If your friends want a copy of the Action Checklist, just ask them to come here. Alright?

Cool. 🙂

The “Pickup Artist” Mindset – Get Rid Of It!

What you’ll find here in this SIBG guide is vastly different from what you’ve seen elsewhere.

There’s a good reason for that too. I mean, if everybody is going around using the same tricks and pickup lines they will turn useless pretty quickly, right?

And that, my friend, is the main problem with mainstream “Pickup Artist” (or PUA) advice. Because they have been so widespread, those opener routines have become as useful as a pair of wrinkly testicles on an 80-year-old monk.Learn how to make her chase you

So, if you’ve been devouring PUA-type advice (or worse, you’ve started to use PUA tricks on women), then stop.

Get rid of the PUA mindset, right now.

Instead, choose the smarter option and join us by turning to the “dark side” into the world of Mind Controlit’s the only thing that is currently working in love and dating, period.

With Mind Control, you’ll go beyond lame “pickup lines” into the deeper realm of female psychology and persuasion. In particular, you’ll learn exactly how to identify a woman’s psychological vulnerabilities and exploit them for your benefit.

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Once you’ve done the above, then get into the “meat and potatoes” part of the guide below – let’s start!

How To Make Girls Chase You – Six (6) Killer “Role Reversal” Tips You Must Know

Tip #1: Keep Her Hungry

Here’s a nifty trick to try…

Tell the woman that you are after that there are three things that you love about her.

When she asks what those three things are, tell her what two of them are, but keep mum about the last one. If you want, you can drop her some hints to keep her wanting more, but never actually reveal what that third thing is.

Heck, it would be even better if the truth is that there isn’t a third thing at all! 🙂

Use Shogun Method to learn how to make her want you now!Key lesson: keep her hungry so that she comes chasing after you.

Extra credit – learn the “Rollercoastering” technique inside the Shogun Method – it will help you craft more of these “keep her hungry” stories you can use to continually captivate a woman’s attention. Highly recommended.

Tip #2: Ignore Her Calls

No matter how much you might like this woman, you have to learn to ignore her calls every once in a while.

(Trust me… nothing screws with a woman’s mind more than being ignored!)

How to ignore a girl (without pissing her off)?

Good question. 🙂

Here’s the foolproof strategy –

  1. When she calls, ignore it.
  2. Text (not call) her in 30-45 minutes, asking “what’s up”. Be brief, and don’t explain yourself.

Don’t be afraid to push it a little too “far” once in a while. It will work amazingly well, trust me on this.

Tip #3: Bust Her Chops

Bust her chops and tease her from time to time.

The more you “piss her off”, the more compelled she will be to chase you. I know it sounds weird, but that’s how the woman’s mind is wired.

Here’s an easy way to do this…

When you go on a movie date with her, try to find a character that has similar traits as her.

Then, after the movie, playfully tell her how much she resembled that character. If she asks you how, just give a sly smile instead of replying.

This will definitely get her thinking about you more often than not.

  • “Why is he seeing me like that character?”
  • “Is that a good thing or a bad thing?”
  • “Does he hate the character or love it?”

All these questions will race across her mind and will make her uncomfortable. (In psychology circles, this is called “cognitive dissonance“).

She won’t be able to sit still until she gets those questions answered, and guess what… she will need to chase you to get those answers to resolve the conflict in her mind.

Pretty sneaky!

It's kinda hard to ignore a girl like this!

Tip #4: Pull Back (Physically)

This is probably the hardest thing you will ever have to do… don’t say I didn’t warn you. 🙂

Let’s say you’re, ahem, escalating physically with her.

She starts kissing you, and things get hot and heavy…

… but you suddenly back off and tell her that you want to take things a little slower.

However, as with all of the other tips above, don’t tell her why you backed off and decided to take it slow. (See where we are going here?)

This is sure to drive her nuts and take her for a loop. However, it will also make her run after you day and night until you finally give in to her advances.

And when that moment will be is completely up to you. 🙂

Learn how to control her mind and make her surrender to you!

Tip #5: “It’s All Your Fault”

Of course, a famous “Role Reversal” technique is to blame her for making you attracted to her.

Everything is covered in this excellent video below –

Pretty effective!

Tip #6: Control Her Mind

This last tip is also the most effective (and advanced). If you want to know the absolute best way to make a woman chase you, then this is it.

The strongest “Role Reversal” method is one which involves the use of “mind hacking” techniques used by underground master seducers. Using these techniques, a guy can “access” a woman’s mind covertly and plant ideas inside her head.

Learn fractionation to make her want you!Some have denounced these techniques as “immoral” because they can be used to manipulate women in deceptive ways. That’s somewhat true, but morality issues is not my concern.

One of such techniques, Fractionation, is known to be able to make women fall in love in as little as 15 minutes from start till finish. Pretty amazing!

Using Fractionation, you’ll be telling her stories which will bring her through an emotional roller coaster. As a result, she will feel emotionally addicted to you, forcing her to chase you.

To learn how to use this technique to compel a woman to chase you, sign up for the Masterclass below:


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Watch the Masterclass, learn the technique, and thank me later! 🙂

Matt Ganz SIBG

PS: There’s a bonus seventh “Role Reversal” technique which you can find on Pages 10-13 of the Action Checklist.

PPS: Got questions? Just leave me a message below.


  1. If you want a girl, act like a boy. If you want a woman, act like a man. While ignoring her once in a while can sometimes be effective, ignoring her all the time is going to kill her feelings for you. Be careful not to make her feel worthless, or completely invaluable to you; why should she chase you, if you treat her like a doormat?

    • This comment might mean something if it did not come from a delusional female!

      • Hilarious reply hahahafa
        Btw- agree these tactics definitely work lol

      • Honeybee says

        What an idiot you are Jonny. Isn’t it the females you’re sitting here trying to figure out how to manipulate? She just gave you advice on what works for a female. Maybe it’s the best advice of all … because it comes from a FEMALE! I’ve been at the end of these techniuqes, the DO work, but the downside is, you half resent the man for playing them on you when you figure it out. And any man who uses this level of domination and control, is ultimately doomed. Great for short-term results, if you’re a hollow. psychopathic prick. Useless for anything else.

        • I dunno… perhaps when you start calling them “women” instead of “females,” they’ll be more receptive to your advances. Role reversal: Would you want anything to do with a woman who called men “males?” I rest my case.

          • Female or woman, wtf is the difference? You will pander to women by arguing semantics like a knight in shining armor? Pitiful!

          • bongstar420 says

            Honeybee is a female

            And I’d love a lady to call men males. She would almost certainly be an INTJ

          • Dude, ure an idiot and I doubt you’re really a man. What’s the opposite of male? What about man? So, what’s wrong in saying male or woman if it’s not meant to be derogatory?

        • Never take tips from a Fish on how to catch a fish

      • Konnect Life says

        You are absolutely right. Anyone with common sense would know that if you need advice on women, go to the type of men that women are mostly attracted to and get advice from those men who are good with women instead of going to women who say they want one thing but repetitively chase and give themselves to the things they complain about.

        It’s just common sense.

        Why would you take advice from someone who claims to want a “nice guy” and all the good stuff but only goes after the kind of people they claim to hate while completely ignoring the type of guys they claim to want?

        If you wanted to learn how to hunt deer, would you go to the deer, or the hunter?

        The type of men who are good with women obviously know what women want. This is why they get women and not the foolish guy who sits there, gets advice from and listens to what women tell him they want.

        • bongstar420 says

          Any strategic success is unlikely to be shared but with the very few. It would poison the well and they would be left to fend on basic qualities again.

          • Matt "Cougar Hunter" Ganz says

            These strategies work on a primal level – they will continue to work even when women “know” about it.

        • Ding ding ding! We have a winner. I agree 100% and I couldn’t have said it better myself. Why is that so? I have experienced and witnessed this all time and time again. This is why I must dismiss what women say when it comes to relationships and what they say they want. In general go by what people do, not the bullshit they say.

        • How f**** TRUE!!!! So f*** brilliantly said.
          I wouldn’t listen to a word a woman says about what they want. You just need to look around and see who is scoring and who is failing and look at your own experiences. My own experience has always been, without fail, that every time i treat a girl nicely i get treat like sh**t but conversely the girls i give little attention to or mistreat always end up chasing me.

  2. Dickface says

    Sort of strange, how men essentially hate women but so desperately trying to get into their pants! 🙂

    • Women hate men more but women want to squeeze every single fucking thing out of them; including marriage & kids.

  3. These website has real men comments. I do not like men who suck up to women and be treated like doormats.

  4. I just spent several really great days with a nice woman whom I know from high school. She recently told me that she had a crush on me in high school. I revealed to her that the crush was mutual. We have both since gone to college, gotten married, started careers, had kids, etc…

    We are both also in dead end marriages and we are getting out of them.

    She has tried to save her marriage and I have tried to save mine and we have come to the realization that we need to face facts, make our splits and move on. Neither of us wishes to jump into another relationship right away; however, the three days we spent together was so effortless, fun and we will definitely see each other again. We had so much fun hanging out, sharing laughs and great conversations, delicious food and the beach.

    Aside from one really passionate kiss and a lot of hugs, we didn’t go further than that. We are several states away from each other and this is going to be a marathon versus a fifty yard dash. We are so alike in some ways yet we have our differences. Where one of us is lacking, the other fills it in. She will be a little aloof at times and then, I will get a text or a call from her and just hearing her voice makes me so unbelievably happy. I don’t overcommunicate with her and she doesn’t do it either.

    Before we headed to the airport for her to catch her flight, I told her, “I think that you know how I feel about you.” She is sometimes VERY shy, but she said that she knows. About a half hour later, when I got out of the car and got her bag for her, we hugged and kissed one last time. While we were hugging, I told her that I loved her; I just kind of blurted it out. She said back, “I love you too.”

  5. Women are full of shit and I agree with the guys!

    I’ve seen myself make a twat out of myself on many an occasion by showing I give too much of a fuck and they batted me around like a tennis ball.

    Change the game, once I’d had enough and started to ignore them the bahaviour polarity changed almost immediately and it was almost stalker like with some women

  6. This is depressing. I’ve been the nice guy all my life. Literally everyone I know knows I’m the nice guy. So I cannot afford to be the dick, cause the instant my personality or behavior changes everyone would be on my ass about it. It is a lose lose unless you were born a dick. Ladies like intrigue and mystery while I’m the most boring person on the planet. Watching and reading all this arguing isn’t exactly helping.

  7. Yeahhh…this would have worked on me til 13…now I’m in my 20s…this would have the opposite effect of what you’re thinking. The first time a guy I might like ignores my calls, I’m already looking for the next one. I mean, why waste your time on an unknown quantity? You can only be an enigma if you show her constant intense interest when you’re around BUT you also have a very busy life other than her with your own friends and personal interests…that…will drive her a bit nuts…she’ll want to unfold every part of you including your clothes.

  8. True. When you ignore them, they come running after you.

  9. Every single one of these websites gives contradictory advice, but SIBG is the most consistent and honest. 100% legit.

    • And women lie & get defensive! As we can see.

      • Let me put on my shocked face, Jonny! Of course…. like I said, go by what people do, not what they say. Most of the time those people are even trying to convince themselves! LOL!

  10. True story. Oh, and a woman here.

    I had a crush on a guy in my gym, I talked to him a few times, he seems to know I like him and started to play games. It’s a huge turnoff… but I couldn’t turn my attention away from him strangely. Maybe he was using some of the things you mentioned here, I don’t know.

    Life is stressful enough, and I wish guys don’t play mind games. But I have to admit that these tactics will work (not all, but MOST women are vulnerable to them. Trust me, I know). If a guy I like starts playing mind games like this I will TRY to move on. I wish they would just snap their fingers and release me.

  11. Ignore her?!! Pull away emotionally and physically?!! and that’s how to ‘win’ her over?!! HA! Only women with no self respect will chase a guy who does that sh!t. Either treat her like she’s the goddess she is, or go play games with girls.
    I won’t lie. This shit worked on me. But not anymore… I’ve wised up!

  12. You are creating the next generation of fucked up relationships. Please stop and encourage some genuine communication

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