How to Pick Up Girls at the Bar

When at a bar, picking up girls is a completely different ball game compared to picking them up at coffee shops or while walking on the streets. You need to understand that there are significant differences when it comes to this, like meeting their eyes first since the music can be quite loud.

Here is a step-by-step guide to help you out:

Begin with Eye Contact

eye contact

Eye contact. If she smiles back after establishing eye contact, it means she’s also interested.

Before even approaching a girl at the bar, you have to meet her eyes until she sees you looking her way. When your eyes meet, smile and look away. This is the first step to show her that you find her interesting. If she finds you interesting, as well, she should smile back or do something flirty, like play with her hair. This is actually the first way to flirt. Watch out for these signs before making your next move.

Make Your Approach

Around ten seconds after smiling at herc, approach her or at least get closer to her somehow. Don’t rush to her side, though. Just slowly move towards her in a confident and slightly cocky manner. Don’t forget to keep a smile on your face while you do this, and don’t just walk up to her without looking away from her eyes, either. This might make her feel threatened.

Ideally, you should come in from the side. If she is with a group of other people, she might not notice you too much, so speak up and mention that you can’t stay for long. This will make her want to make the most of her time with you.

Win Her Friends Over

Girls are hardly ever alone at the bar, so there are very high chances that she is with a group of other people. If this is the case, try to win the entire group over. If there are guys in the group, introduce yourself to them. Then, try to figure out if any of the guys is her boyfriend. If there seems to be a “Queen Bee” in the group, make sure you become her friend, too. Check out other ways to win her over here.

Steal Her Away

If you've win everyone over, ask her friends if you could 'borrow' her and talk somewhere you could hear each other well.

If you’ve win everyone over, ask her friends if you could ‘borrow’ her and talk somewhere you could hear each other well.

After winning everybody over, you have to try and get your target away from them. Use a line like “I’d like to borrow your friend for a few minutes. Is that okay? I promise to bring her back.”

Another tactic is to invite the entire group to move elsewhere. Since you invited them, you will have to sit down first. Once that happens, you shouldn’t have any trouble getting her phone number or asking her to go somewhere else to talk.

Believe it or not, all of the aforementioned tactics can really change how a girl sees you. You just have to make sure that you follow the guide to a tee and constantly try to take things to a whole new level every time you try it out. Through some basic trial and error and more research online, you should soon come up with a flawless guide that will help you get the results that you want in no time!

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