Make A Woman Miss You – Some Practical Tips

Are you having trouble getting a certain woman out of your mind? Do you want to learn how to make a woman miss you, so that she can’t get you out of her mind, either? Do you want to make a woman like you? If so, then this article is perfect for you.

3 Easiest Ways To Make Her Miss You

Make a girl go crazy over you! Here are three easy ways to make sure that a woman misses you and thinks about you at all times.

  • Be a Cloud of Mystery. Women long for mystery because they love the intrigue that comes with it. In fact, if you just lay everything out in the open; chances are, they will eventually get bored and move on to something more exciting instead. Having said that, the secret to making sure that a woman keeps missing you is to therefore be vague. Always leave a woman hanging, so that she always looks forward to seeing you again. The fact is: if you leave women hanging, they will constantly think about the last things that you said and did and look forward to your next meeting. 

    Reign the relationship.

    Reign the relationship.

  • Hold the Reins in the Relationship. Whether you have just started dating, have been dating for a while or aren’t even dating yet; you have to make a woman feel like she needs to have you around at all times. To make her feel this way, just make sure you make every decision possible when you are together, be it the restaurant that you will be eating at or the movie that you will be seeing together. Once she gets used to you making all of these decisions without consulting her, she will begin to depend on you at all times and expect you to make all of the decisions and the first moves. Soon after that, she will start missing you and your leadership whenever you aren’t in her presence. After this happens, she will start to long for your presence and keep requesting for it. This is exactly where you want to have her right now.

    girl waiting

    Be the first and foremost person in her mind.

  • Be the Last Thing on Her Mind Every Night. Although the human brain is considered to be very popular, it is possible to influence its thoughts with just the tiniest interactions. Try to beat woman’s mind games. Studies actually show that the last thing that a person thinks about at night will affect their subsequent dreams. If those dreams aren’t interrupted in any way, it may result in those thoughts becoming the first thing that the person thinks about upon waking up, as well. If you want to ensure that you are the last thing on a woman’s mind every night, make it a habit to call her before bed. This way, you can be 100% sure that you are the last person she talks to before drifting into dreamland and the first thing that she thinks about after she wakes up. Also, learn the secrets of the female mind by Googling for Derek Rake’s Dark Rake Method.

These are the simplest ways on how to make a woman miss you, ensure that she always thinks about you and make her fall for you in no time. As long as you follow them to a tee, you’ve got it made.

The Last Resort!

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Good luck!


  1. James Dobson says:

    Was hanging out with a girl that has a boyfriend in another state and he’s really terrible with her. Her and I met and hit it off very well. We were perfect for eachother. Now she is siding with him and I have 4 classes left with her. She says she needs time for things. What do I text wise and in person. Her texting and phone calls have tailed off as well

    • Nothing, she has a boyfriend dude. If you get her like this this how might lose her. The best thing to do is to walk away and go about your life. Tell her that you were really enjoying getting to know her and that you guys might have something and you want to explore it. Then wish her well with her relationship and then tell her to get ahold of you if it doesn’t work out. Then walk away, don’t talk to her or text her anything. If you see her be cordiall but let her come to you at that point.

      That’s all you can do, if you steal her from him she might grow to resent you for it and blow the shot you might actually have if you do it right. Go date other women for now.

      • I agree with everything Jay says, walk away, don’t presue. Just find someone new, if it’s meant to be then she’ll come back some way or another, if not, case closed. I’m actually dealing with the same situation. She knows how I feel, and if things don’t pan out with the boyfriend, then I’m here. If they do work out with the boyfriend, then that’s fine too, I’ve already started dating a couple of girls and I may not even care in a couple of weeks. For both you and I, time will determine the ending to the story, but until then, get out and date, there are more girls out there then you could every meet in a lifetime.

      • Adamski says:

        Very true dude. Definitely tried this and guess what… the woman eventually came begging.

        So here’s the deal. You have to make yourself valuable, hard to get hold with, etc. However, you’ll have to transform into a true gentlemen when around her.


      • I’m not sure how you can give this advice to this guy when you have little understanding of him and this girl’s interactions. James, she said she needs time which is a clear sign you are putting too much pressure on her. Chill out dude. It’s like you’re giving her some ultimatum …, no wonder she talks to you less. This is basic stuff man.

  2. okwudiri says:

    good point you got there bro…

  3. It’s always good to try to get her to think about you more but in my experience there are no hard and fast rules. Women are different and they don’t all respond to these tactics the same way. That’s all I’m gonna say. If I have to spell it out then you’re not deserving of knowing.

  4. Tammy Lucero says:

    He’s still married. I’m his wife. Why is he reading this?

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