How to Get Inside a Woman’s Mind

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How to get inside a woman’s mind

Are you ready to learn how to get inside a woman’s mind and totally revolutionize your whole dating approach? If so, then read on and master these awesome techniques as soon as you can.

  • Start From Afar. Before you even approach a woman, you should make it a point to watch her actions first. Then, once you think you already know some basic things about her based on her actions, approach her and tell her that you can tell her fortune. Most women will agree to this just for the fun of it. Then, based on the things that you saw from afar, say some random things that could fit her to a tee. If you are as accurate as possible when it comes to this, you are sure to impress her in no time at all. To perfect this particular technique, you should also try to find out as much as possible about female body language before even trying it out to begin with. This way, you will be able to tell if the woman actually believes the fortune that you are telling her or thinks you are full of crap. Ideally, you should opt to tell her fortune by reading her palm, as well. This way, you will have an excuse to touch her without seeming like a pervert and you will be able to build up attraction much faster at the same time, as well.
    Make her chase you.

    Make her chase you.

  • Have Fun. Women love men who don’t take life too seriously, so make sure you know how to chat with women, like you tell some jokes and play around with a woman if you want to win her over. Doing so will make her smile and laugh and have fun around you. Try not to tease her too much, though; otherwise, you might come across as childish or she might get angry, depending on how you tease her and what kind of woman she is altogether. The good news is that most women like playful approaches from men, though, because playing around tends to make them feel young again.
  • Hack into Her Mind. With the best hypnosis techniques by your side, you can get any woman to get emotionally addicted to you. Make her miss you or better make her be crazy over you! One of the best techniques in this particular department involves making a woman feel happy one minute and then sad the next. Women happen to love drama and making their lives feel like a soap opera would be their ultimate dream come true. Blow her mind with this article.


Stay in her mind all day and night.

Generally speaking, this kind of drama will also help you avoid being labeled as boring. If you can make everything around you more dramatic or eventful, women will automatically become addicted to you without them even realizing it. When this happens, you can then completely get inside a woman’s mind and make her do anything that you want her to do. You need to be warned that hacking into a woman’s mind can turn some women into total stalkers, though. Having said that, you have to make sure that you don’t emotionally damage a woman this way; otherwise you might not like the results in the end. Be careful!


  1. Jose Cespedes says:

    I am a likeable guy, yet I keep getting signals as if friend-zoned or uncertainty
    she acts weird, she’s complimented me once, the only girl I work with…I sat next to a woman who shared an orange peeled off with me as I made a comment of her food…
    You don’t know me I feel embarrassed to have taken your (fruit), she replied, “it’s okay!”
    like an instant spark…she works in the mall, go figure…we’ve only chatted shortly.
    As I understand I have to have a mindset that I don’t have much interest so that I’m the one being chased, i think I’ve made good and bad mistakes, all to learn from them.

  2. i want more in this tropic

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