Mind Control Seduction Tricks (To Seduce Women Covertly)

When my girlfriend dumped me and then proceeded to humiliate me by posting about my small hands on Facebook, I was left my scratching my head trying to figure out why. To get her back, I tried all of the lame Pickup Artist tricks but none of them made the slightest difference.

After a lot of searching, I eventually discovered a very secretive Mind Control technique which I’m going to share with you in this exclusive SIBG.com guide. Are you ready? 🙂

Anyway, there’s a happy ending to my story, because by using Mind Control, I was able to get her crawling to me on her knees, begging me to take her back. Of course, I took her back for about a week just to dump her ass. Revenge never felt so fucking good, I’ll kid ya not!

So what did I do to turn into a seduction stud then? Well, here’s what happened, so pay close attention.

Derek Rake: Mind Control Seduction Extraordinaire

It all started when I met a guy named Derek Rake, the founder of possibly the online legitimate Mind Control-based seduction method around, known as the Shogun Method.

Before anything, let me put this upfront: I’ve never been affiliated to Derek, and I stand to gain nothing from endorsing him. I’m just a happy camper that he has solved my problems with women, and then some! You should understand that what worked for me may NOT work for you. Read this review of Derek Rake’s work for more on this.

Different from Pickup Artist stuff, a Mind Control system like the Shogun Method has a very specific end-game in mind, and it is this: to make a woman emotionally addicted to you by enslaving her.

Forget what those lame Pickup Artists tell you. In reality, Enslavement is absolutely essential to make a woman stay in love with you. And guess what… this is what I was missing in my relationship. And once I had gotten that sorted out, then all my problems with women went away – poof – just like that!

Anyhow, don’t let the negative connotations with the word ENSLAVEMENT put you off! We’re talking about emotional enslavement here – not physical!

Mind Control Enslavement: Not For Lily Livered And Faint Hearted Pussies!

So, how does Mind Control enslavement work?

Well, enslavement requires you to build an emotional barrier which separates you and your target from anyone who might interfere in your relationship. Basically, you need to segregate her from the outside world.

I used what Derek refers to as a Segregation Tactic in order to see the results. My technique of choice was known as the Shared Experiences technique which by itself a really powerful Mind Control tactic.

So here’s how the “Shared Experiences” Mind Control routine work…

To enslave her, all I needed to do was deliberately introduce experiences which only me and her shared – whether those experiences be good or bad.

You see, it is human nature to form strong bonds with those we share intimate moments with, whether they be picnic dates ruined by rainfall or being stranded in the countryside with a flat tire. Even though they might feel problematic at the time, on reflection, they are moments which couples remember more fondly than idyllic dates.

So this was what I did in my case:

I introduced several of these and within a week, my ex-girlfriend soon came running back to me. Since then, I have continued to introduce further Segregation Tactics in order to strengthen her emotional connection to me, making her vulnerable to enslavement. Unfortunately (for her), I lost all interest in her, and I kicked her out as I went out to seduce three other women in her place.

Call me a heartless bastard… but who cares?

Shared Secrets: Form And Strengthen An Emotional Bond

Now let’s talk about another Mind Control seduction technique…

Shared Secrets is a tactic similar to Shared Experiences, and uses the notion of “only you and me know this” in order to strengthen the bond between you. It encourages a sense of togetherness within the relationship, and reduces the influence of outsiders.

(On a sidenote, this also works well as a Boyfriend Destroyer technique because it isolates her from her boyfriend and make her feel distant from him.)

The “Role Reversal” is another Segregation Tactic based on Mind Control. This technique introduces an element of unpredictability into the relationship to prevent it feeling stale.

So this is what you do. You basically need to subtly imply you’re interested in other women. You can do this by looking uninterested, not really focusing on her and letting your eyes wander around the room at regular intervals, for example.

Fractionation: The Emotional Rollercoaster

I like to use these Segregation Tactics together with Fractionation, which by itself is a killer Mind Control technique which is known to turn an otherwise feisty woman into a docile puppy yearning for your love.

Fractionation exploits a well-known weakness inside a woman’s mind which makes her vulnerable to guys who bring her through a series of “emotional roller coasters”. It’s really quite powerful, and will blow your mind even if you’re new to Mind Control tactics.

With these three Segregation Tactics as well as Fractionation, I’ve been able to attract, seduce and enslave multiple women in the time that I had immersed myself in Mind Control, and particularly, the Shogun Method. I’m living the life like a rock star now thanks to Derek! 🙂

Look, I admit these techniques manipulative, but I had to choose between being an honest loser or a successful manipulator. I chose the latter, and I’m much happier for it. I’ve been accused of being a real son of a bitch with zero ethics and low morals, but who the fuck cares? I’m getting all the women that I want, and most importantly, they are happy with me. And we all have got Mind Control (and Derek Rake) to thank!

John Gleeson

Note from Matthew Ganz (SIBG Baltimore lair leader)

The above is a contribution from an SIBG.com lair member. His opinions do not necessarily reflect that of SIBG’s. If you’re interested to learn more about Fractionation, attend this online Masterclass led by Derek Rake himself by clicking on this link.

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