How To Make A Girl Think About You (And Stick In Her Mind)

Make a woman like Pauline Anderson think about you all the time!Here’s the ultimate key to seduction that most guys don’t have no clue about – the longer you stick in a girl’s mind, the easier it is to get her to fall in love with you.

Every savvy businessman knows this: the longer they can get their products to stick in the minds of their customers, the more money they will make.

Unsurprisingly, the same principle applies here – if you can make a girl think about you long and frequent enough, then it’s just a matter of time before she falls for you.

It’s really as simple as that!

However, here lies the kicker…

Surely, you won’t be around her 24/7 to make sure that you are on her mind all the time, right? Unless, of course, you’re a psychotic stalker who will soon get slapped with a restraining order.

Jokes aside now. So, what can you do to make her think about you when you are not around her, then?

Do you want to know how to be on a woman’s mind always, no matter if you’re near her or far?

Well, we’ll tell you how to do that in a while, but first, let’s talk about something important first.

Do This One Thing And You’ll Achieve Tremendous Success

Before we go into the nitty gritty of this guide, there’s one very important thing to bear in mind…

Here’s the deal. Reading this guide without acting on what you’ve learned will be pretty useless.

Unlike other “seduction” or “Pickup Artist” blogs that you’ve read elsewhere, is all about putting knowledge into practice. You’ve got to try these techniques out yourself and see what happens. Merely “reading” this guide is never enough.

To help our Lair members to take action from this guide, we’ve prepared an Action Checklist containing everything here in easy-to-use, step-by-step format. And here’s the good news: the Action Checklist is now made available for you to download for free!

Here’s how to use the Action Checklist:

Before you use these techniques on a woman, simply leaf through the Action Checklist to see if you’ve forgotten any important steps. This way, you’ll cover all your important bases in order to ensure your success. Pretty simple, right?

Download the “How To Make A Woman Think About You” Action Checklist here:-

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Before You Start

One more thing before you start…

Our knowledge base, as you can probably tell, is very different from the cookie cutter “Pickup Artist” stuff that you’ll find elsewhere.

We are believers in the “alternative” way of seducing women – using Mind Control. This means that we go about ten levels deeper than the usual Pickup Artist stuff, and well into the realm of hardcore psychology and extreme persuasion.

The truth is that if you want quick and long lasting success women, Mind Control is the way to go. There’s really no two ways about it, seriously.

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How To Get A Girl To Think About You: Top Eight (8) Tips To Stick In Her Mind

  • Exploit Her Insecurity

Make her feel insecure about herself every once in a while.

Seriously, do it.

While you want to be seen loyal to her, you also want her to know that you’re in hot demand with other women. (Don’t underestimate the power of inciting jealousy in a woman!)

If you can keep her guessing if you’re with another woman when you’re not with her, then she’ll be “forced” to think about you.

This will ensure that she never takes you for granted and will make her work harder to keep your attention on her at the same time. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

  • Be Unpredictable

The majority of men out there are pretty darn predictable, so women have no trouble figuring out when and how men will react in certain situations.

Shogun MethodUnfortunately, women get bored of this quite easily. Predictability is an excitement killer, no doubt about it.

So, if you want to keep a woman interested in you for as long as possible, hide certain things about yourself and create an aura of mystery.

This will keep her guessing when it comes to what kind of man you are.

Change up your dates a bit, too. Basically, just be different and you are sure to get her thinking about you all the time… trying to figure out what your next move is.

If you’re up for something a little edgier, do this –

Once in a while, flake on her. At the very last minute, text her: “I can’t make it. Something came up.” Cancel on her.

Be as vague as possible (“Something came up”). She will be pissed – that’s understandable (if she’s not, then start to worry.) Don’t offer an explanation. Fuck with her mind!

Remember: who dares, wins!

  • Untie Her Leash

Do not hang around her all the time.

There’s an old saying which goes: familiarity breeds contempt.

And guess what? It’s really true… especially when it comes to women!

Instead of being too available to her, give her space to miss you every once in a while.

Here’s how that works: if you stay away from her for a while, she will start thinking about you more than if you are constantly hanging over her shoulder.

In other words: give her the “gift” of missing you!

Joanne Lee at SIBG.comIn fact, some space would be absolutely vital if you want to build attraction over time.

So, go ahead and take time off. Use the opportunity, for example, to tool up on the Shogun Method. And when you’re back, you’ll have an arsenal of new Mind Control tools to work on her.

  • Give Her A Hard Time

Contrary to popular dating belief, you shouldn’t always agree with everything a woman says.

In fact, you have to give her a hard time sometimes and make her work for your approval.

Not only will this help you keep the power in the relationship on your side, but it will also build up the attraction much faster and make her think about you more than usual.

Makes sense?

It’s highly attractive when you’ve got pretty strong opinions (although you may be wrong… it doesn’t matter). Being headstrong and decisive is what women want in a man… there’s no question about that at all.

On the other hand, kissing her ass and putting her on a pedestal will only backfire on you in the long run. After all, no women would want their boyfriends or husbands to be spineless wimps, right?

  • Manipulate Her Emotions

Now before anyone gets offended by my choice of word (“manipulation”), understand this –

Everyone’s a manipulator. If you’re going to seduce a woman, then you’re “forcing” her to feel love for you… and that, my friend, is manipulation.

If you’re not manipulating her, then she’s manipulating you. So, you might as well be the aggressor and reap all the benefits, yes?

By manipulating her emotions, you will be making her feel uneasy when she is not with you. This is achieved via anchoring and conditioning (two Mind Control techniques that are usually used when it comes to mind manipulation.)

  • Use Implanted Commands

Implanted Commands are a Mind Control tactic which is frequently used to plant ideas inside a woman’s mind covertly.

Using Implanted Commands, you’ll be able to “brute-force” a thought inside a woman’s mind, and as such, make her think of you constantly! Think about what you can do with this tactic once you’ve mastered it… it’s going to be awesome, don’t you think?

To learn how you can use Implanted Commands, watch this short video –

BONUS: For more examples of ready-to-use Implanted Commands, see pages 10 and 11 of the (free to download) Action Checklist PDF.

  • Exert Control And Dominance

On that note, you have to keep the power in the relationship at all times. There’s absolutely no exception to this rule, ever.

Keep in mind that there is a fine balance here that will determine who calls the shots whenever you are together. It’s important not to screw this up!

You see, if you ever let go of that particular power, you will never be able to make decisions again in the relationship.

Learning how to control and dominate women is the subject for another SIBG guide – see this if you need more advice on that matter.

Make her your emotional slave using Shogun Method

  • Use Fractionation

Of course, there is nothing which is going to stop you from going a little “rogue” and start using somewhat covert techniques in order to stick into a woman’s mind and think about you a great deal…

Learn fractionation to make her want you!One of such technique, known as “Fractionation“, is famous for giving guys the powers to make women fall in love in as little as 10 minutes from start till finish. It’s pretty awesome!

However, there is some risk when it comes to using Fractionation on women – if used irresponsibly, you may end up damaging a woman’s psyche, perhaps permanently. And surely you don’t want that to happen, do you?

Therefore, if you’re going to use it, be careful, and never use it to purposely harm women. (Remember, karma is a real bitch!)


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Matt Ganz SIBG

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  1. We met in Paris, danced in Geneva, kissed in Beit Jala, and had sex in Brussels! #winning

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      mmm that’s alright but don’t stop … keeping looking. she sounds like she’s having fun. Which is good but still who cares you have wants and needs and if she fails at them. Well you need them to be fulfilled.

  2. Right how do I start…met this girl around New Years, actually we went to the same school together. She was in a very complicated relationship but it was basically over. We exchanged numbers and started texting. Everything was going brilliant. after about 6 weeks I finally decided to ask her out. She said yes! we have went on several dates since over the last 5 weeks and they have all went really well. She didn’t want to jump into a relationship so soon and I respected that. 2 nights ago we were hanging out, we went back to her place to chat as she had work the next day and was tired. We chatted for ages and she even said, ‘Maybe I should bite the bullet and go out with you’. Great! However conversation came up about the girls I was with in college, while I was single I might add! She then got pretty angry and said she had to go to bed and said I should leave. When I got home she text me saying that she thought I was different and that she doesn’t wanna see me again. I told her she had the wrong end of the stick and how much I wanna be with her. Her last text was ‘I don’t know what to say but i’m not sure and my heads all over the place’. I’ve decided not to make any contact with her, as hard as it is and to give her some time to think. Any advice guys?

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      Complicated out of her moth is her saying “I’m not sure I’m into you in fact your more into me.” Let it go and find another. She’s not into what your selling .. what you want to do is show her your much different than you were back then how much you have changed have a different air about you.

      find a few other girls to keep in and around you at all times like sort of other picks ones you will talk with throughout the week.

  3. My wife left me after 9.5 years of marriage. We have 2 kids under 8 and it is really affecting them.
    She had what she calls an emotional affair because she said she felt lonely.
    What I’ve learnt is that a guy from her work used the tactics out of the book “The Game”
    on her. Now she is all confused. I panicked when I found out about him. Started checking her phone, controlling our money and reacting to other things really immaturely.
    She is living with her parents atm which suck coz they hate me. They say It’s all my fault she got lonely and left.
    I still love her. What she did sucks, and what I did I’m not proud of, but we have two awesome kids and I believe that for them to have the best life possible I need to get her back.
    Any advice on how re attract the woman of my dreams and be the man of hers would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      Her parents are right start owning up to your life ..this is your life is it not?! Get going buddy you sound liek your the immature one here. You took all this and then didn’t do anything with it. She wants a man. Be there for her when she needs.. him. and wants him. if ou can’t tell when she needs you there that’s pretty bad you need to figure that one out that’s how to get into a women’s pants quick like this guy did see after so many tries it can be 100 to 1 or 2 tries a guy with game will start to see oh this girl is lonely she NEEDS a dick.. another guy.. ect. What you don’t see is this. Why? Because you’ve been out of touch .. out of the game so long.. get back in it. never stop looking for other gals women to please or piss off. It’s human nature. YOU NEED. to start all over again. And get talking to other people fast. Talk about anything everything tell them off be kind caring hate all that you’ll figure it out.

  4. Ummm… I met this girl a last week, we started talking and that was cool. We really hit it off. I asked her if you wants to do something when she has time and she answered yes. Now, here is where I messed up. Last weekend Friday to be exact, I found her on Facebook and added her and she accepted. We started messaging each other on Facebook on Saturday night. I was a little drunk so for every one of her response I would reply with five of my own. It got to a point where she starting responding less and less. So the next day I woke up and read the tread. I messaged her and apologized but she didn’t respond at first. Finally after five more messages and 8 hours after the first respond, she message me back and said its all cool, stating “what are you going on about, honestly I’m fine”.

    With all the guilt of being clingy the previous night, I blocked her on Facebook. Later on that night I unblocked her but now I really wanted to tell her I truly have fallen for her. Problem is she is avoiding me I THINK. Any advice?

  5. I’ve been with this girl for 5 months without any game whatsoever. I did everything with/for her that i could do. I was such a head over heels b*tch thinking back on it. We fought recently and she said she needs space. That she doesn’t have the 24/7 desire to be with me like i do her and feels suffocated. Since then I’ve been giving her space and trying a “i don’t care what you do I’m busy” attitude.

    As you have correctly predicted, she came back crawling into my arms. I couldn’t believe what happened. So, thank you for this awesome knowledge.

  6. Che Rebel says

    We have a lot in common, sometimes I think she is into me but she then just makes it seem the opposite. I have come to realize that she sees me as a boring mug as I have no social life with the people she hangs around. I always have my suspicions that she was getting back on with her old boyfriend… and it turned out to be true.

    I then used fractionation, not on her per se, but to destroy her boyfriend. And it worked! She dumped him, and called me up to get back together again. God, the boyfriend really didn’t know what hit him!

  7. I agree with some of these attributes being shown to a woman… Respect, being a bit unpredictable, giving a woman space. However, I’ve got to say that the encouragement to play to a woman’s insecurities and to attempt to place himself in a position of power over her are, in my mind, the perfect premise for a failed relationship. In my experience, this can only be a recipe for success for a man if all he wants is to have sex with a woman who does not know who she is. Any man who believes that playing to a woman’s insecurities and playing a power and control game with her will, at some point in the future remit a growing loving relationship between him and her, is a weak man to so think. I would go so far as to say that this is sandbox childish behavior akin to what children do when they want to have power and control over another child. Any woman worth having close to your heart and in your life must know that every day when she wakes up, she has a choice… that she retains her free moral agency and us free to pursue her man. If this is not affirmed to her, she is no better (to herself or to her man) than a robot is to a Ford automobile Factory. Any man who attempts to thwart a good, strong woman’s need for these kinds of things is missing the basic constructs of WHY a woman in his life (and him in hers) is valuable and does not realize than any one can be born male and call himself a man but that a real man enjoys all the challenges a woman’s personality can bring… finds her strength and autonomy enthralling and rises to the occasion as required by their evolving union. The insecurity play and control will attract a woman who does yet know who she is and, like I said, he’ll get to fuck her but he will never have her heart. He will hear “I love you” but sooner or later he is going to realize that that entire sentence has no meaning until she knows to what she is referring when she uses the word “I” in that sentence because, until that word has meaning, the other two words can have no meaning. For any women reading this, please take heart, not all men are childish pigs looking to dominate a woman through emotional manipulation and exploitation through fear of loss. For any women reading this, there are some good guys out here. I am a 57 year old man who is in love with and loved by a 33 year old woman who knows exactly who she is and we grow together in everything that we do. We will never become bored with each other because we embrace the ideology I have outlined above. The sexual part if our relationship is jyst ungodly amazing BECAUSE we truly RESPECT and SEE each other’s whole person….soul to soul. Please forgive the typos, I am using voice to text while driving.

  8. Curious. Does anyone use the Shogun Method here?

  9. Matt, I tried clicking the masterclass link and tried to register with my email address but it didn’t work (error: resource is offline). Did I get blacklisted?

  10. My girlfriend told me that she needed space, because I would overwhelmed her but at the same time she has been insinuating that she wanted to get married and have a baby but I acted a bit off and pushed her away with my actions all because I wasn’t stable in the first place with a job and having a difficult time where I live due to personal problems, work problems, family problems, etc, etc. I bought her a ring but its over I think. I don’t know what to do. she gets mad at me that I went to another country alone to clear my head while getting robbed, no place to sleep except the train station and embassy wouldn’t help me at all, except send me to a place that has free meals, and a pplace where people on the streets sleep there, and there wasn’t any extra bed plus it stank badly. but then she goes skiing with her male coworker (lawyer) in the same town. she was fed up and the past month I lost the power of the relationship and I tried horoscopes, tarot, coaches, psychologists, and many other ways of attracting her using the laws of attraction and it goes back and forth. I really love her and would do anything for her and to make her really happy in any way. looking for a more stable job than I have now, just going to church I don’t know, im lost and confused. she has a lot of friends, also she know a lot of people, plus some of her contacts are working as lawyers, police and in many other job sectors, like banks, or supermarkets, and send her messages on the phone application whatsapp. when im always with her, she is always sending and receiving messages from whatsapp and it bothers me, its not for work its personal and I know she knows something I dont. I don’t even know if she is playing me not just with others or not, but playing with me knowing my boss and always asking me for my brothers phone number or my mothers phone number to tell them that im not okay that its not fair for me to live alone with many problems and half the city I live with laughs at me, due to certain actions I do or take in life I don’t know what to do and I need real help here. I even went to the police and many other emergency type employees to help me that know her, and no advice. none. I tried religion, nothing. I don’t know what to do. I keep receiving bad information or bad tips and its making it worse, im at the point where If I leave her alone I don’t know what will happen. she also had problems with her ex-boyfriend and is still in love with her ex boyfriend but hurt. we went on two romantic trips it was great, to be with her on these trips. sometimes she would cut me off, and then I would cut her off on whatsapp phones, she would always turn off her 3 phones that she has. she is a lawyer and has a house and her family, and she says she wants to be free and independent, I do too want that for both of us, just don’t know what to do. I would love to take her out on a romantic trip just the two of us to rekindle that flame from the beginning. something anything.
    I need help please. I have bought the 5,000 dollar/euro ring she knows I have it, she says that its cute that I sing to her over the phone, but to stop annoying her and I stop, but I don’t know what to do. anymore. im tired of finding another woman and starting over. I never felt like this at all to any woman. please help me. she says she wants to be friends and we can talk a few times in a month and when my life is better maybe we can have a relationship and maybe get married or have a baby. by the way she always is talking with other men on her whatsapp, she also speaks to a shrink, to get passed all her fears of her past problems, that she was hit once or twice before by her ex boyfriend. fuck I don’t know what to do. I feel completely stupid to share this to anyone, but I just don’t know what to do.

    • Alex listen to me mate. You need to do the following –

      1. Return the ring.

      2. Leave.

      3. Move somewhere new and start your own life!

      4. Fulfill your own dreams. Earn good money, work on your passions! Become a man!

      5. You will find the answer!

      6. Don’t waste time on her!

      7. She is playing you! Man the f*ck up

      • Man, you’re motivating me. When you said “stop wasting time on her” I love that feeling. Thanks, man. Peace!

    • Hey buddy, listen to me. You have some problems with this girl that you don’t even understand. Message me and I will explain.

    • Alex,

      I went through the exact same thing. She is a free-spirited woman and is going to do what she wants to do. Just let it go. Trust me, my friend.

      You are addicted to the “idea” of her but not the actual person. It’s hard to let go but that’s what you have to do. Don’t hold out hope that she’ll come back to you or anything like that. The truth of the matter is that women like her come around every five minutes!

      But… if you insist at keeping her, then go use fractionation on her. It will mess her mind a little, but hey, at least you’ll regain her, and more importantly, control and dominate her.

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      Space means time to think be with herself and see how she feels about you.. does she feel for you even. ect just let her be if she wants she will come back if not she wont simple. Also don’t wait get out start looking for other females to flirt with fake even get out and start to flirt with the cashiers but better than that is a random convo with a person on the street or in the park ect. Make her laugh with a joke or something anything if she smiles laughs this means she finds you funny but don’t be to forward with any of them. Just be light like you were when you first met you current gf think about how you treated her and how things went 😉 that’s key.

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      No that’s messed. Wow, she’s just having fun with this the more you feed into it the more fun she’s having say 🙂 Buah Byeeeee. Get rid of her. What I’d do is well you coudl move ect but if you have little to no money stay with a parent if any or someone you trust and have loved over your entire life.. and they back like a relaly good friend.. Stay there until your the best you can be.

      1. Work on your rapport and start flirting with people men and women. It’s not gay or stupid to do such don’t’ be limited to such thinking.

      2. Get onto sites like POF and others and start talking up storms with ladies see what it is they like the best and the worst.

      3. get out and do the same it’s much easier in person than you think that’s why women don’t like it it’s so easy for them to fall prey to a mans willing arms and have him whisk her away into bed and have his way with her.

      Right here .. after you’ve experience all these steps is where you’ll thank me. 🙂 you’ll be the happiest man you yourself have known in your life time. Your welcome.

  11. My girlfriend is so in love with me when I am not with her, but doesn’t feel the same when am with her, can anybody help with what it could be?

  12. Control and domination, baby. Works a treat!

  13. I’ve gotten friend-zoned. Must say it kinda sucks.

    What should I do now?

    • Just back off from her for a while, if she interested even just a little, it will drive her crazy. Wait for her to contact you, when she does, just tell her you’ve been busy, dont apologise, just say ‘Yo, i’ve been busy, whats up?’ Try and ACTUALLY be busy though.

      PRO TIP: Use fractionation on her. It seriously works if you do it correctly.

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      You tell her you’re not looking for friends. Don’t have time for that. You already have many other girls wanting to be friends. Start gaming on other gals.

      Even better, like what the above poster says: USE FRACTIONATION!

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      She’s into FWB but you need to make it so.. just play it out right and you could be banging her all weekend with NSA. Thing is you have to get other gals on he side. Find other women to talk to about it even just that a girl that you tell what you want start practicing that and this girl and others will respect you that is the best thing you can ever get from her is respect once that is gone 😛 Pff it’s over. Unless and this is like 50/50 here
      You’d have to get her to see you can be respected again. Trusted ect. Make her fall in love again. I once had an ex and by doing this three or more simple things I had her telling me things and doing things. She’d tell me.. she’d say I fall in love with you all over again when I see you. When she left she even said she still loves me 🙂 I met someone not even after but before she left 😀 lol at the park area where I had to uh volunteer. She was even bigger than my recent ex and wanted “D” so I invited her over.

      We had the best meal because it’s the most telling off what she wants.. PIZZA. If it’s that or take out she wants it nice and quick simple and easy. 😉 She finds you very attractive but this may not last long it may or may not. If you see sighs then start up something not no drama that drivers most away. More like a external kind like you fining out that she’s not working out or something out there is changing your mind and she needs to pick that up.. if not it doesn’t work but girls are great at this so she will. It could be you talking to another gal that also wants to have pizza with you 😀 😉 this (I’m not eve joking here) will make her so mad. She may even drive or come right over to see who she is. Just to see. That’s it. Girls 🙂 They are so hilarious.

  14. My wife asks me to “give her space”. WTF?

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      uh oh. 😐 Not good your not following the space rules. Give her space but say you want more time alone. Start seeing other women. She’ll bounce back.. and if you can’t your done in the relationship world. You have to keep that game up.

      • Avery Cole says

        He is married. Start seeing other women? Bad advice. She will leave you for fool.

        Vic: focus on her. Learn about fractionation (see the masterclass link.) Then use it on her. It will work. Trust me on this.

  15. I’ve tried a couple of these tips and they work. Now checking out fractionation!

  16. My girlfriend dumped me. I then took revenge on her by messing her mind with fractionation.

    Sweet, sweet tears.

    • Matt "Cougar Hunter" Ganz says

      Alas, this is what I fear most.

      You could have used fractionation to get her back into your arms rather than, you know, screwing her up.

      • MoralsBeDamned says

        Not exactly condoning what he did but don’t you think that by taking her back he would be constantly reminded of the hell he went through when she cheated on him ?

  17. Jason "Ace" King says

    These methods are fabulous. Thank you SIBG crew!

    • someoneyoushouldlistento says

      I’ll be honest did all these and yes if you do them right like you really know that you are doig this one and that one and not just saying you are ..then yes tthey do work you have to knwo i in your own head your own mind if not your game is noting. So that being said.. this is great but really it breaks her.. I have done all these on a girl i met had no intentions of being with but ended up with her for a year of my life wasted 🙂 lol well I learnt some things. SO yeah it treas them down really is what it is and if she can spot this she is going to play the crap out of you.. most won’t but I’m saying if she at all has had this done to her she may catch on quick. She’ll tear you up.. so just warning you now. Look a it this way or every effect there is causality I know i know tit’s lame but no it’s true it’s the universe making things right right so like ying to the yang I don’t care how much you don’t even believe in that it doesn’t matter that just means you will not even see it coming let alone know of it happening.. thing is.. 🙂 She does. Girls are in tune with this side of things. You should be to. you’d win a lot more.

      Think off it like sex you have sex .. well you end up with a baby or not.. Same thing. sometimes she see it sometimes she doesn’t it’s the hard truth of everything in life it’s that simple .. you harness that and there will be no one who can’t stand in your way. The girls will melt right on the spot. No cake needed she’ll just blow right there and then 🙂 ad ask you for more and you say .. :S More? More of of… what? 😉

      I’ll say this to if you got that.. this then your penis size wont matter girls need 80% mental and the other 20 % physical to come 😉 so you tell em which is winning to them.

      This is the new age women only need think of it for it to happen. same goes for us men but we are the old breed and don’t’ knwo how to do this so we have to teach ourselves how. THIS.. is how.. beat them mentally. Challenge them is what I mean. Don’ do it for them do it for you.. and you’ll have so many women hanging off off you it won’t be funny. you will want to get away from them. thus you’ll come to understand why they say those things they do :S you’ll get why they just bam leave. 😉 Start looking at things from their side and it’ll blow your mind.. there isn’t anything you can’t do.

  18. She says she I’m handsome, gentle and nice to be with. She thinks about me sometimes. But she’s not sure if she loves me. So she is not giving me a chance to be with her

  19. I was kinda desperate when I saw this, and I used all seven techniques on my girlfriend. She turned from a cold cucumber to a hot banana! Now I can’t get her hands off me!

    jonathan fisher

  20. I don’t want any women thinking about me, I prefer to just be me and and not have a 100 pound ball and chain. I would rather be busy at work, in fact almost live there. I do a great job and I’m always on task until the project is done and done right.
    I keep clothes, shaving gear in my office and I work out every day and shower at work. I do go back to my apartment to pick up mail and do laundry. My company doesn’t mind if I sleep at work as long as I do my work. I sack out down in the company clinic on a cot. This is me and if any female thinks about me, well so what, she better move on to some one else.

    • What you are doing is good you have purpose in your own life. But it sounds like you want a woman too but are in denial of that possibly happening. I too was like you after my break up with my ex of 8 years. I didn’t want any woman. Then one day I found something I love karaoke and got quite good. I started to allow myself to socialize and in the process started meeting women I’ve been meeting lots of women. Maybe if you allow yourself to have fun doing something you love where their are cool women you can meet you’ll increase your chances to meet the perfect girl.

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