How To Talk To A Woman (Conversational Attraction Techniques)

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How to talk to her.

If you tend to have trouble talking to girls that you find attractive, then it is high time to find a way to become better at it and become more comfortable talking to them. Sometimes, men who feel awkward talking to women stop themselves from approaching women altogether because of the awkwardness. This then results in them not being able to get to know women better or take them out on dates.

Simply put, you won’t really know how to pick up girls until you really master the art of having meaningful conversations – with the females or the males!

If you are sick of going through that yourself day in and day out, then you need to find some easy way to talk to women and make your life better. If dating is difficult for you right now, you should know that it doesn’t need to be that way. Here are several tips on how to talk to a woman and help you get better at doing so in no time.

Do not fill your conversations with too many compliments.

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Don’t over use compliments.

A ton of men out there tend to resort to compliments whenever they run out of words to say when talking to a woman. Other men do it because they want to make sure that women know they are interested in them. Unfortunately, compliments don’t really say much or do much in terms of helping you out with women. So, compliments aside, you have to talk about other things with her, as well.

If you don’t do anything but tell her how beautiful she is, you will merely blend in with the rest of the desperate men out there and fail at making a lasting and positive impression on the woman that you like. Remember: you probably aren’t the only man who thinks she is attractive. In fact, chances are that most men find her attractive to. This means that compliments won’t be anything new to her at all.

Do not focus too much on the fact that you find her attractive.

Enjoy the date with her.

Enjoy the date with her.

On that note, you shouldn’t focus on how attractive she is overall. The minute you start thinking too much about how gorgeous or how great it is, the more unnecessary pressure you will put yourself in. In order to avoid this, you have to trick your mind into thinking that she really isn’t that gorgeous or great, after all. Once the pressure is off the table, you will instantly have a much easier time talking to any woman that you want.

Look for things that you might have in common.

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to look for things that you might have in common. As a matter of fact, this would be one of the best ways to get her to give you her phone number and convince her to go on a date with you. Remember: when a woman realizes that you share a lot of common interests, she will instantly want to spend more time with you in order to talk about those interests. So, do your research and try to figure out what you can talk to and share together. And of course, if you know some mind manipulation techniques then all the better!

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  1. Cherno jallow says

    My is cherno jallow,i once fall inlove with a girl who I love so much dispite the fact that I still love her.before the girl was inlove wirh another boy in our group,i came from somewhere else to operate a small shop in that area and see this girl so beautiful and later we date and there is a one of my friend we came from the same town and we are in school together I meet friend again in place where I operate my I finally be inlove with this girl for about one months but I say too much compliments to this girl n I dont leave space between me and this girl and whatever I discuss with this girl I use to it all to my friend becourse I trust my friend,to my suprise my friend this friend of mine iS a boy he betraye me and reconcile the other boy I told u earlier on to go back in love again with, my girlfriend.what kind of friend do you think is my so called friend.i cant bear to loose my girlfriend I still love him.infact I still talk to my friend but I will never on earth tell him my secret anymore.but it hurt me so much that I dont talk to the girl anymore and I still love am seeking for your advice what can I do to get my girl back to love me again

  2. sorry for that.all i can say is that there is a stimuli and the this case ur the reaction after the girl was snatched(stimuli).all in all, i believe move forward,backward neva, the past holds no a matter of time you will forget is lyk a bird today here gone tommorow..

  3. Hi Cherno,
    I´m not sure I understand the situation entirely, but it looks like you are in love with a girl, who was involved with a guy from your group, then you, and then your friend. You feel betrayed, I guess, and you want her back?
    If I a m correct, this girl has some serious insecurities, if she plays around with guys from the same group, it sounds to me like her “security void” is only filled when the attention she gets is aknowledged by other members of the group. In other words, she may like having guys fight over her.
    If you´re looking for a hookup, approach her when she´s flirting with another guy, use all of your confidence, use a few compliments, and she might respond trying to get the other guy jealous.
    If you are looking for an actual relationship with her, ignore her for a while, don´t look for her, don´t call her, but if you hear, from someone in your group that she´s sad, or she might need a hand with something, do go help her, listen to her, but be a bit cold. This will take patience, but if you want to be in a relationship with her, you need to wait for her to get over the attention craving, and enjoy the moments of real connection. Offer her the real connection, but don´t fall for her game. Be there for her when she´s not being fun, and flirty, be with her when she´s sick, or angry. When you are doing this, don´t compliment her, but you can help build her sense of security, with statements like “I don´t know why you need guys to pursue you to feel beautiful, more guys liking you doesn´t mean you´re more beautiful, just that you´re more available, so they go for it” she may get offended, or take it the hard way at first, so it´s a risk, but have in mind that if this doesn´t work, and she doesn´t stop playing around with guys in the same group, you can´t be in a relationship with her, or you can´t have friends. if it doesn´t work, it´s still a good filter.
    Hope it helps. 🙂

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