How To Get A Girl Who Has A Boyfriend But Likes You

So there’s this girl who likes you, but she seems to be already attached to another guy. So, what do you do then?

It depends on how much you like her obviously. Is she worth the trouble?

There are lots of fish in the sea, and with the techniques that I share with you here (and elsewhere here at, you should have no problems getting the women you want…

I do hope you’ll understand that boyfriends tend to complicate things just a little bit.

After all, you won’t know who you’re dealing here. He could well be a burly Russian who kicked ass as Putin’s bodyguard. You can’t be too sure!

So, if you’ve decided to go for it and seduce her even when she already has a boyfriend, then you’ll find out exactly what to do with what I am going to share with you next.

This is a simpler version of the Boyfriend Destroyer technique on how to attract a girl with a boyfriend which is found inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method which I highly recommend.

See the video below :-

So here are the two steps you need to take in order to make a girl leave her boyfriend for you. First, you’ll need to highlight the boyfriend’s weaknesses repeatedly when you talk to her.

To do this, you’ll first need to find out what she hates about her boyfriend.

The truth is that even the happiest couples have one or two “sore” points which will break them apart if they get highlighted enough.she has a boyfriend but talks to me everyday

For example, you may find that the boyfriend has turned somewhat insensitive to her as time goes by.

Then you can say to her the following lines:

“Don’t you hate it when your partner turns somewhat insensitive to you?”


“Guys can be so insensitive to their girlfriends sometimes.”


“I really hate guys who are selfish and only think of themselves.”

On the other hand, you can’t be too direct or she’ll start to suspect what you’re trying to do.

For example, never say “Your asshole boyfriend is so insensitive and so you should dump him for me.”

Don’t do that!

What you want to do is to sneakily make her think about her boyfriend’s weakness repeatedly.

Over time, she will tip over and when the discomfort is unbearable, she will then take the easy way out and dump him.

When this happens, then there is a small window of opportunity for you to make her yours.

You see, this is the time when she is vulnerable, and you can quickly exploit the situation by filling up the “gap” by presenting yourself as the ideal replacement.

So how do you do this then?happy couple

Simple… by using a Mind Control technique called Fractionation.

With this technique, you can transfer a woman’s emotions for another guy to you by hacking into her mind and digging deep into her psyche.

Fractionation works by replacing certain fractions of her memory and then planting yourself inside her mind. Indeed, it is pretty powerful, and works wonderfully well as a Boyfriend Destroyer technique.

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