How To Dominate A Woman (And Own Her Soul Completely)

Look, I gotta first put this disclaimer out. I am NOT a woman hater.

If anything, I’m women’s biggest fan. If not, why would I write so many articles teaching men how to make women want them, right? 😉

Now that I’ve convinced you that I’m not a misogynist, I’ll share with you a method with which you can dominate a woman and own her soul completely.

Here’s the fundamental truth about women…

In order to be truly happy in a relationship, women naturally want to be dominated.

Psychologically, women are programmed by nature to want to be led when it comes to love and relationships.  Women don’t want a subservient wimp as their partners.

Does that make sense to you?

Once you’ve dominated a woman and put her under your control, she will be a happier person, and better still, you’ll stop getting pussywhipped by her. So, you’re really killing two birds with one stone here.

Sounds great, right?

So, now let’s talk about how you can turn a woman from a ferocious lioness into a docile little kitten, shall we?

Before anything, forget about using stupid Pickup Artist tricks that only work on young, impressionable teenagers. In order to dominate a woman and completely make her subservient to you, you’ll need more powerful…

… like industrial strength Mind Control.

Check out this video :-

How To Dominate A Woman: By Exploiting Her “Hidden Addictions”

I’ll share with you one simple Mind Control technique which will make you powerful over women in a short while, but for now, let’s switch gears a bit and talk about the concept of “Hidden Addictions” inside a woman’s brain.

You see, the only way you can make a woman obey you completely is to exploit her emotional vulnerability. And it turns out that every woman is vulnerable emotionally in one specific way:

She has got a hidden addiction to drama and emotional rollercoasters.

Ever wondered why women seem to be attracted (and addicted) to soap operas, chick flicks and Mills & Boon romance novels?

The answer’s simple: those TV shows and books make the viewer or reader go through emotional trips consisting of ups and downs which happen in an unpredictable and irregular manner.

The good news is that you can replicate this effect and make a woman emotionally addicted to you using the same method. This means that all you need to do is to bring her through an emotional trip of ups and downs in an unpredictable and irregular manner.

Do you see what I am getting at here?

Here’s the exciting part, and so please pay attention!

Using a Mind Control technique called Fractionation, you can easily tell stories that will bring a woman through an emotional rollercoaster which then gets her addicted to you emotionally.

Control Her Mind And Emotions By Putting Her On A Rollercoaster

Here’s how Fractionation works…

The first step is to ask her about a past incident that made her feel especially happy. For example, you can ask her:

“Do you remember something that has happened in the past that made you feel especially happy?”

When she said yes, ask her to share with you the specifics, and more importantly, how she felt at that time. Get her to re-experience that memory and feel happy.

Then, immediately switch mode and ask her about a past incident that made her feel especially sad or depressed. For example, ask her:

“Do you remember something that has happened in the past that made you feel especially sad?”

Similarly, ask her about the specifics of that memory, and get her to re-experience that depressing incident.

Then, ask her about a happy or positive experience again. Rinse and repeat

See how simple it is?

With enough positive and negative cycles, she will soon start to develop an emotional connection to you, and her brain will soon be addicted to you – just like how she’s addicted to soap operas and chick flicks. It’s that easy!

Now do you see why a Mind Control technique like Fractionation works so well when compared to the lightweight Pickup Artist stuff?

Mind Control Is Not Child’s Play

I’ll make something clear: I did not invent Fractionation.

Most people think that Fractionation came from Derek Rake, but he himself had made it clear that it did not come from him (read this review about Derek Rake which I had written some time ago).

Fractionation in seduction is adapted from an age-old hypnosis technique which has been used regularly by hypnotherapists to make their clients fall into trance quickly.

(Using Fractionation, you’re essentially putting a woman into trance by making her go through an emotional roller coaster.)

On the downside, this technique can be abused because as you can see, it can pretty much mess a woman’s emotions up, and possibly damage it for the long term.

In fact, there was a time when some “rogue” students of Derek (and followers of his flagship program the Shogun Method) went on a rampage to use Fractionation indiscriminately on women, leaving behind a trail of messed up individuals with damaged psyche.

While I hope he continues to teach this technique (let’s face it – guys badly need the upperhand when it comes to dating), he has started being careful to who he gives access to this technique to.

Here’s some good news…

If you want to learn how to use Mind Control to dominate a woman and be completely subservient to you, watch this online Masterclass conducted by Derek himself –

Female Enslavement Masterclass (Apply Here)

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Then, go to your email inbox to see if there’s an invite. Remember also to check your Spam folder just in case the invite lands there.

If you don’t find the invite in a couple of minutes, it means that you’re not qualified, or we have taken the Masterclass offline. Thank you for understanding!

My best,

Matt Ganz SIBG

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