How To Control Women In A Relationship

We all want control in our relationships. There’s nothing worse than being powerless with and around women. Trust me, I know!

You see, I’ve been a pussywhipped little wimp for most of my life. My ex-girlfriend would boss me around and make me do things like take the garbage out and cook instant noodles for her. I really hated every moment of her barking orders at me.

Out of frustration, I went to seek help. My best friend Brian recommended that I go learn this particular Mind Control technique called Fractionation. Curious, I Googled it, and boy, was I amazed at what I found.

It’s quite difficult to outline the entire technique inside this short article, but here’s something useful that will get you started.

Watch this video below –

To make a woman Fractionate, you get her through an emotional rollercoaster through a story that you tell her. What this means is that you make her feel happy, sad and then happy again in quick succession.

Why does this work? Well, there’s a little-known psychology flaw that’s hidden inside every woman’s mind, and it’s this – a woman gets emotionally addicted to anything (or anyone) which makes her experience extreme high and low emotions. This is also why chicks get addicted to soap operas and romance novels, by the way.

So how do you use Fractionation on women then? Simple! For example, you can say:

  • “Growing up, I had lots of fun with my dad, who would bring me to baseball games and coach us in the little league. He was loving and caring and I would really look up to him.” (Positive statement)
  • “But sometimes, especially when he gets drunk, he would whip me with his belt and punch me. Whenever I hear him coming to my room, I would shake in fear.” (Negative statement)
  • “Still, he could be the best dad in the world when he’s sober.” (Positive statement)

I used this, and other similar stories on my girlfriend over a week. The result? Well, she’s now the one who takes the garbage out and cooks instant noodles for dinner!

Jokes aside, Fractionation really helped me regained my power and control over women. My girlfriend is now more loving, considerate and understanding. Of course, she didn’t know that I used Fractionation and other Mind Control techniques on her when I picked her up. The key to making this work is to conceal your intentions as much as possible.

For more (rather insidious!) mind control seduction techniques on how to manipulate (and emotionally enslave) a woman, click here.


  1. Thanks for letting me know about this. Now I know whom to avoid and what to look out for. 🙂 Stay class boys. Cause you will always be boys.

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