SIBG Guide On How to Ask a Girl Out On A Date

Some guys find it extremely hard to ask a girl out. To others, it is something that just comes naturally. Of course, there are cases where everything just depends on the girl that is being asked, as well. Either way, though, any guy can ask a girl out, whether they do it through a text message or in person. The key merely lies in asking the girl in a way that will get her to agree to your request. Naturally, rejections are inevitable sometimes; but the way that you ask a girl really can make a difference a lot of the time.

To Plan or Not to Plan

This may sound difficult, but the expert seducer doesn’t plan things out too much. In fact, a lot of the time, it would be highly advisable not to plan things out at all. That’s what we do here in Baltimore. 🙂

While some details are important to know before asking a girl out, planning things out too much may make things seem unnatural and may cause confusion if the girl doesn’t follow the script that you had planned in your head. It would really be ideal to just go with the flow when it comes to this.

  • One of the things that you do need to think about beforehand, though, is where you will be taking her on the date. At the very least, you should already have some ideas in mind before you approach her. Girls generally hate hearing the words, “I don’t know” when asking guys where they will be going on a date. So, try to find out a bit more about the girl beforehand and plan it out. If she seems sporty, plan out something adventurous. If she seems more of an indoorsy type, then invite her to the movies. The most important thing, though would be to know exactly where you want to take her before asking her out. One of our lair members started this forum thread for date ideas in Baltimore – you might find it useful. And if you’re of the mature demographic then find more ideas here.
  • If you are having trouble figuring out what kind of girl she is for now, then stay safe and suggest something casual and fun. Remember: if you keep things simple and just aim to get to know her better during the date and nothing else, then your chances of getting her to go out with you will be much higher. And if you can’t tell whether she likes you or not, then this isn’t the right time to flirt with her. Watch a movie, go bowling or have some coffee together on your first date. You can even bring your friends if you want to ease the pressure while getting to know her. If things end up going well, then you can start planning some alone time with her in the future.
  • It would also be important to remember that not all girls are fond of nervous guys, which is why it would be best to ask a girl out at a time when you are feeling calm and collected. At the very least, you should seem at ease when you ask her out and don’t just jump the gun when you do it, either. Start with some small talk, laugh and smile when appropriate, and then casually say, “We should go out sometime.” when the time is right. Don’t forget to look straight into her eyes and smile when you deliver that line, either. Also, try not to anticipate a positive response. It would be best to be ready for anything, so that you won’t have any trouble dealing with rejection in case you end up disappointed. (Remember: the best way to pick up girls is to keep them in “HOT” mode.)

If she hints through text, then you may ask her through text nicely.

If she hints through text, then you may ask her through text nicely.

  • There are times where an opportunity to ask a girl out may present itself out of nowhere. If this happens, then you will need to act on the opportunity that is given to you right away. It would be important to make sure that you are presentable when you ask her out, though. Make sure you smell good, too, so that she warms up to the idea of going out with you and wants to get closer to you. The reasons why you want to go out with her in the first place is because you want her to like you. Make sure you look good, as well, so that the thought of spending hours on a date with you will be more appealing to her. Popping some breath mints wouldn’t hurt, either. If she hints through text, then ask her through text the nicest way possible.

Her Verdict!

As you can see, asking a girl for a date really isn’t as difficult as most guys make it out to be. However, she may already make up her mind on whether she would want to go out with you or not before you even ask her the question. So, while the manner in which you ask her could sway her decision into a favorable one for you, success may hinge on her overall interest in you before you even ask her out. To boost her interest in you even before you ask her, read this little guide.

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