How To Use Mind Control To Stop Your Girlfriend (Or Wife) From Leaving You

First, I’d like to introduce you to a Mind Control technique called “The Prophesy”.

It can be found inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method, but here’s a simpler version which you can use to stop your girlfriend from leaving you.

Inside the Shogun Method, Derek tells the story of a salesman who gets amazing results using the Prophesy tactic.

For example, when the customer starts to get restless and wants to go shop elsewhere, the expert salesman first disarms her, by encouraging her to do so. Then, he’ll suggest that she will just be wasting her time by “predicting’ what happens when she goes to see a competitor. He’ll say, feel free to go to shop so-and-so, but there will be higher prices, or smaller variety, or less flexibility.

So how does that help the salesman? Simple! If the customer is convinced and decides to stay put, he wins. If the customer decides to go to the other shop, discovers that what he said was true and then comes back, he wins. If she doesn’t return, he’s no worse off than before!

Now think for a moment how you can apply this strategy on your girlfriend or wife. You can use it to “inoculate” her against any attempts by other guys to steal her from you.

For example, you can say, “You’re free to go with him, of course. But you should already know some things about him which are not ideal now, something undesirable, or something that annoys you… and you will find more of these undesirable things as you know him more.”

The Prophesy is only one out of the 147 Mind Control techniques contained inside the Shogun Method.

When used correctly, Mind Control techniques can get a woman to fall in love far quicker than the usual Pickup Artist tricks. These remain somewhat hidden in the underground until they have been exposed to the mainstream recently.

For more on how you can use Mind Control techniques to manipulate a woman’s mind and make her fall in love with you:

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