How To Subliminally Influence A Woman (Into Loving You)

OK, first, I’ve got a confession to make. I used to suck at women. I had my first girlfriend when I was already 30, and even then, at the end she left me for my best friend. To call me a loser would be like to call Einstein a “smart man” – the understatement of the century!

Now, things are so different. I am now dating three women at the same time, and amazingly, they are all very accepting of me having multiple girlfriends. I’ll let you in on this very simple trick that I used to almost always make a woman fall in love with me. Promise me that you will watch this video up until the end so that I can show you the tactic in full, OK? Great!

Watch this video below –

When I was failing with women, I used to wear my heart on my sleeves by telling women that “I love them” and be really upfront about my feelings. Fate had it that I managed to meet Derek Rake, the founder of the legendary Shogun Method, and he told me something that I would never forget.

“Fredo,” he said. “You’re violating the most basic premise of seduction. You should conceal your intentions until the seduction is complete.”

What Derek had meant was that I should never tell a woman upfront that I was interested in her. In fact, I should even disqualify her and tell her that she wasn’t my type. “Tell her that she should only be your friend, and ask her not to get any funny ideas,” he suggested.

I was skeptical of this at first, of course. But then I called the girl I was interested in, and told her, “Clara, let’s just be friends. I am not interested in anything else. There are other things in my hand that are more important.”

As Derek had predicted, it completely shocked her, and over the next few days, it turned her into the aggressor and the chaser in the relationship. Of course, I then just let her seduce herself for me!

There you have it… and easy way to “subliminally influence” a woman and make her chase you. If you only learn one thing from this video, it’s this: in Derek Rake’s words, you must always conceal your intentions until the seduction is complete. Do that, and your success with women will multiply!

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