How To Make A Woman Want You Back

So your woman has decided to leave you for good. Is everything over? Is there something you can to to make her want you back?

The good news is that all hope is not gone yet. I’m going to show you exactly how you can make a woman want you back even though you may have gone through the bitter-est breakup ever.

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Before anything, let me clarify this –

I didn’t invent any of the following techniques that you are going to learn in this guide. As with much of the knowledge you find here in, these have been adapted from Derek Rake’s seminal work the Shogun Method. (For an impartial review of the Shogun Method program, click here. TLDR version: we highly recommend it.)

In order to get your ex-girlfriend back, try the following strategy – it has worked for many of our SIBG members, and I have no doubt that you’ll find success with it.

Step #1: Agree with her

This may sound somewhat counter-productive, but read with an open mind, will you? 🙂

how to make her want you badlyAGREE with her that things have gone sour.

Expect her to be taken aback by this, because trust me – she would have wanted to see you react badly to her suggestion to break up.

Instead, by agreeing to the breakup will fire up lots of questions in her mind…

  • Why did he suddenly agree to the breakup?
  • Didn’t he love me enough?
  • Is he seeing another woman?
  • Has he been seeing another woman?

Of course, if you’re familiar with the entire Shogun Method philosophy, this is the first step that every budding seducer must take: to Intrigue a woman.

(The core of Shogun Method is this four-step sequential roadmap – Intrigue, Rapport, Attract and Enslave, or the IRAE Model.)

Tell her: “You’re probably right. I think this is good for both of us.”

For some women, this will completely make them trip over, and who knows, it might just what you need to salvage the relationship!

Step #2: Twist the knife

If you’ve intrigued her sufficiently, then she’ll try to find out what’s the deal by asking you a barrage of questions.

This marks the turning point for you, and so it’s important for you NOT to screw it all up.

There’s always the temptation to give in and start to wimp out at this moment, but I must caution you not to surrender your power…

… instead, you must twist the knife and double down on what’s working!samurai knife woman

Be as vague as possible, and IMPLY that you’re seeing other women.

Some good lines to say:

  • “No special reason. I think it’s good to take a breather… to do other things.”
  • “No special reason. I think it’s good to take a breather… and perhaps see other people.”
  • “I think we should perhaps enlarge our social circle a bit more.”

Remember that you don’t want to be too direct because that would be too obvious that you’re just trying to get a reaction from her.

Step #3: Brainwash her

At this point, she will be overwhelmed by emotions that her vulnerability will start to show.

Again, show no mercy. You can seal the deal by using a Mind Control technique to brainwash her.

This technique is known as Fractionation, and has been commonly used by professional hypnotists to make their subjects go into mild trance since the 1980’s.

how to make a woman want you back

The good news is that it’s possible to also use the same technique to plant ideas in a woman’s mind subconsciously.

For example, if you want your ex-girlfriend or wife to get back with you, you can use Fractionation to slip this idea subconsciously inside her mind that she wants you back.

Mind Control techniques like Fractionation can be powerful indeed! However, it can be prone to be abused – especially by guys who want to get women at all costs…

Therefore, we will need to control who gets access to this knowledge, because we don’t want to leave behind a trail of women with damaged psyche and emotions.

For that reason, we have decided to put Fractionation behind closed doors so that only people we can verify can access it. If you’d like to be considered to learn this technique (via an online masterclass), click here.

Thank you for understanding!

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