How To Get Any Woman You Want

This is the kind of knowledge that I wish I had received years ago. Seriously.

In fact, this is the kind of important stuff that you wished you got taught in school, but hadn’t.

Over the years, I pretty much learned how to get any woman I wanted by myself through trial and error…

… and that also meant unnecessary frustration, disappointment and heartbreaks.

Women routinely rejected me.

I never blamed them, though. I knew I was the problem, not them.

I gotta tell you. My game was piss poor.

I was darn clueless about how to talk to women and present myself in the best light possible.

Worse, I had fallen into the trap of trying to learn from those so-called “Pickup Artists“, or also known as “PUAs”.

I was entrapped in the “seduction community” where we would sit behind our computers and talk about “seduction theory” without doing anything concrete in the real world.

I wasted so much time doing that. Instead of getting out there and improve myself, I ended up sharpening my typing skills, turning into that proverbial “keyboard warrior”.

Watch the video below :-

My Turning Point

Looking back, I really wanted to smack my own head for my foolishness and naivety. Geez.

Hence, it’s kind of ironic and I stumbled upon the solution to my woes online when I found Derek Rake and the Shogun Method.

Use Shogun Method to learn how to seduce an attached womanOK, so here’s the deal. I’d rather not talk that much about Shogun Method here because, well, I’m still leery about sharing this knowledge as I’ll explain later.

(If you already know about the Shogun Method, you should know what I am talking about here. The truth is that the fewer people know about it, the better it is for us.)

Rather, I’d share with you a technique which you can use to get any woman you want with a super high chance of success.

It’s a technique which had literally turned my dating life around. Seriously, it’s that good.

Earlier, I had talked about Pickup Artists and why their advice are pretty much as worthless as tits on a man.

According to these Pickup Artists, the way to seduce women is to use pickup lines and opener routines in order to impress them.

You are supposed to hit on as many women as possible, use those Pickup Artist lines and then hope that some of them will bite.

Of course, there’s a different way of looking on dating and love which I am going to share with you next.

Think about it. Using pickup lines is kind of lame. You’ll also look unoriginal, weird and frankly, like a loser.

Instead of spouting pickup lines and other types of “Pickup Artist” style openers, you should learn about tactics which are rooted in female psychology that will somewhat “force” her to fall in love with you.

These kind of tactics will rewire a woman’s mind so that she feels strong emotions for you and she won’t even have a choice about it.

(I’ll show you one such technique in a moment, so continue reading.)

Also, according to this line of thought, you don’t want to do the “numbers game” and approach lots of women. Instead, you should zero in on that one woman that you want to seduce.

Of course, you can use this technique on as many women as you want over time, but focus is key here.

How to get any woman

Ready For Some Mind Control?

This technique has been taught to me by Derek Rake, and it’s called Fractionation.

Fractionation is an age-old hypnosis technique used by psychiatrists to put their patients into trance so that they subconsciously follow their suggestions.

What Derek Rake had found is that a man can use the same technique to put a woman into trance so that she subconsciously follow his suggestions!

Exciting isn’t it?

So here’s how you make a woman fractionate in order to make her fall in love with you. The first step is to make her imagine a happy occasion from her past.

Make her describe the occasion and make it as vivid as possible. While she recount that positive experience to you, she should be feeling joyous and enthusiastic.

Then, immediately get her to imagine a negative experience. This can be a story from you, or again, something from her past.

Again, get her to imagine that experience (real or fake) as vividly as possible. She should be feeling somewhat down or depressed.

Then, repeat the cycle.

In short, you want to make her go through an emotional roller coaster with you, via a series of emotional ups and downs with you and her as the main characters in the stories.

This is similar to the “soap opera effect” on a woman. If you’re wondering why women seem to be addicted to chick flicks and romance novels, this is the reason.

In other words, you are using the same psychological technique to make her feel emotionally addicted to you. It’s really powerful!

If you use Fractionation correctly, you’ll be able to make a woman feel emotionally connected to you because you have created this illusion in her mind that she has been through a lot with you.

And as you already know, the mind cannot tell the difference between reality and fantasy – provided that the fantasy is vivid enough.

This is the “loophole” in female psychology which you can, and should exploit to the fullest. In fact, if you want to make a woman want you, this is how you can hack her mind and get her to fall in love.


Of course, there’s always the risk for a Mind Control technique like Fractionation getting abused. In fact, there are scores of ex- Derek Rake disciples who go around hurting women in order to exploit them emotionally.

So, if you’d like to give Fractionation a try, promise me that you’ll never use it to hurt women.


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