How To Fix Your Relationship – Using Mind Control Seduction Tactics

Alright, buddy, let’s be honest here, OK? Like it or not, man, most relationships will eventually start going downhill. Really, it’s just a matter of time! Once upon a time, my girlfriend of two years started to slip away from me because of all the attention she was getting from other guys. It distracted her. It got to her head. She then gradually became more distant from me as time went on.

Needless to say, it drove me fucking nuts. I had been nothing but good to her but I could feel her slipping away more and more each day. I really didn’t know what to do. I constantly asked myself how I could get her back but none of the usual techniques worked for me.

And then, one day, I found a piece of advice which literally changed everything, and I really mean everything. So you’re in the need of fixing a failing relationship? Then here’s some good news… I’m going to pass that piece of advice that really worked for me to you in a second, but first here’s what I need you to help me do. Click on the LIKE button below so that you can encourage me to produce even more of these videos for you.

Done that? Excellent. Now let’s start, shall we?

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First things first. There’s something that you need to realize about the female psyche. You see, buddy, women don’t think like you or me. Unlike us rational men, they are driven purely by emotion. Every choice they make is made because their emotions forced them to do so.

And guess what, this is true for ANY woman… the girl you date, that sexy receptionist at work, that hot co-worker from finance, your boss’s wife, Michelle Obama… every woman is completely driven by her emotions, and almost never by her rational mind.

I know this sounds completely un-politically correct, but fuck that. I am here to speak the truth, not to be a hippie-loving hypocrite. And if you’re looking for plain vanilla, “feelgood” piece of advice then you’ll probably need to go elsewhere because you ain’t gonna find that shit here.

Still here with me? Great. 😊

So, how did that realization of the female psyche help me? OK, here’s how…

You see, since a woman is completely controlled by her emotions, I found out that if I could manipulate her emotional beliefs then I’ll be able to make her want me more than any other guy. Makes sense, right?

That’s not all…

I also discovered that women have a natural instinct to chase whatever is running away from them. In the psychology field, it’s known as the ‘forbidden fruit’ phenomena.

So here’s what I did to fix the relationship and made her come back to me in no time…

To mess with her mind and manipulate her emotions, I had to purposely push myself away from her. In other words, I had to REPEL her in order to make her want me more. Get it?

Now, this method may sound manipulative, but if you want to win, you sometimes have to play dirty. And guess what… if you decide not to manipulate her then don’t come running to me when you get outplayed by her. She doesn’t have any qualms about manipulating you, that’s for sure. Why? It’s because women are naturally manipulative, that’s why! It’s hard-wired in their genes!

REPEL is part of the ENTICE/REPEL technique which is found inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method, but we’ll talk about what Shogun Method is in a minute. For now, let me explain the REPEL technique and how you can use it to make your girlfriend come chasing after you. So listen up, alright?

It’s no secret at all that women don’t want nice guys. Guys who are constantly singing a girl’s praises trying to impress her are a major turn off. On the other hand, women seem to can’t get enough of assholes who treat them like dirt. Why do you think?

Here’s the explanation. You see, when a guy REPELS a girl, it brutally intensifies the attraction between the two. Weird, I know, but it’s just how female psychology works.

Additionally, it also makes the girl feel more comfortable because she feels like you’ve stopped trying to get her into bed. As a result, her defense mechanism shuts down, and she immediately becomes more suggestible.

So here’s how you can use the REPEL technique to make her come running to you. Start by being distant from her yourself. Ignore what she says to you. Don’t look her in the eye while you talk. Regularly check out other women as they pass you by. Get the idea?

Once you’ve done that, she’ll start noticing the change in you, and will even try to confront you about it. When this happens, don’t stop. Escalate things to the next level by inciting some jealousy into the relationship.

This is how you do that – spend time with other women, especially if they’re close friends. Make it obvious that your interest in her is waning. Her mind will then go into overdrive and the reality of the situation will kick in. The fear of losing you will creep up on her, and she’ll be forced to take drastic action! Awesome, right?

The REPEL strategy is part of a pattern known as Fractionation – a technique also taught in the aforementioned Shogun Method. In a nutshell, Fractionation is a process which creates alternating sensations of psychological pleasure and pain in a woman, and is a quick way to get her attracted to you. It’s an industrial strength Mind Control technique which can give you the superpowers to pretty much control and dominate any woman you want… it’s really that powerful.

As the Shogun Method states: don’t be pushy and desperate; instead, fractionate.

However, there’s something that you need to be aware of, though, and it is this…

When used correctly, Fractionation can get a woman under your control, enslave her and make her fall in love with you far quicker than the usual “Pickup Artist” tricks. I have to warn you though that it is not possible to “undo” the effects of Fractionation. Once you have enslaved a woman using this technique, dumping her will cause irreparable damage to her psychology. Therefore, please use this technique responsibly and ethically.

To learn how you can use Shogun Method and Fractionation to manipulate a woman’s mind and enslave her to you emotionally, go to or click on this link right now.


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