How To Control A Woman’s Mind Using Implanted Commands

In Mind Control, the tools that will help you to subconsciously implant desired thoughts inside a woman’s mind are called Implanted Commands.

An Implanted Command is a phrase that forms the part of a sentence which if spoken on its own, it would be a direct command. The other phrases in the sentence would camouflage the Implanted Command so that it goes under the radar, undetected by your target’s conscious mind.

You use an Implanted Command to make a suggestion to your target which is automatically accepted because she won’t be noticing it consciously, making it impossible for her to evaluate (and reject) the suggestion.

Here is a couple of Implanted Commands to help start you off:

“Start to imagine <Implanted Command>…”

Start to imagine what you would do if your best friend suddenly dies in an unfortunate accident? Can you imagine the grief and emotional suffering that bites you inside the very core of your soul?

You can use this to incite both pleasure and pain inside a woman. In particular, if you’re familiar with the Fractionation technique, then you’ll want to use this to invoke feelings of pain inside her. Before you use it, take caution as it’s what known as a “dark pattern” which will cause hurt if used maliciously.

Here’s another Implanted Command that you can use to plant ideas inside a woman’s mind:

“Sure, I can tell you that <Implanted Command>, but I won’t.”

When used correctly, Mind Control techniques can get a woman to fall in love far quicker than the usual Pickup Artist tricks. These remain somewhat hidden in the underground until they have been exposed to the mainstream recently.

For more on how you can use Implanted Commands to make a woman want you, read this guide.

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For truckloads of (rather insidious!) mind control seduction techniques on how to manipulate (and emotionally enslave) a woman, click here.

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