How To Attract A Woman Who Already Has A Boyfriend

When I first found out about the Shogun Method, I thought I’d just use it on single women. Then out of curiosity, I used it on this pretty coworker who seemed to be happily attached at that time. And guess what… soon she dumped her boyfriend and started calling me non-stop. No joke!

Frankly, I was quite amused, and then her burly boyfriend turned up at my house. He was really angry, and had threatened to bludgeon my head with a baseball bat. Then, out of a sudden, he burst out crying and begged me to “give him a chance” and to stop his girlfriend from dumping him. I really pitied him, but as you know about the Shogun Method, you can really “undo” whatever you’ve done with it… including boyfriend destroying.

Watch this video below –

So here’s what I did. The full technique is inside the Shogun Method, but here’s the gist of it.

First, you get her to describe to you what she is looking for in a boyfriend. In other words, you want her to paint to you the picture of her ideal boyfriend. This will help greatly if this is done as vividly as possible.

When she has done this, you will get her to compare her current boyfriend with the idealized version that she has just described to you. And guess what… her current boyfriend will always fall short when compared to the idealized version in her mind. Pretty evil if you ask me!

The Shogun Method is full of Boyfriend Destroyer tactics like this. But if you’re to ask me if you should buy Shogun Method, then my answer is no. Why? Well… I hope nobody else knows this because frankly, I’m having the time of my life now. I dread the day when Shogun Method becomes known to everybody. As it stands now, the knowledge is still underground which is kinda cool.

Anyhow, if you are curious, you can check out a simple Shogun Method trick called Fractionation which is reputedly used to seduce women in less than 15 minutes.


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