Getting Her To Love You – An SIBG Primer Seduction Guide

Face it: it is hard to learn how to get a girl to love you. No matter what other “seduction gurus” say. It’s friggin’ hard.

Yes, it has always been hard for most guys to do, but the truth is that it doesn’t have to be. In all honesty, most guys only have a hard time because they go into the game believing that it will be hard. As such, they tend to overlook the easy and effective ways on winning a girl over.

If you have been into the dating scene for quite a while, you know that getting a girl to fall in love with you comes in steps. It starts with meeting women, then seducing them to like you. And both of them are completely different from having her fall in love with you.

If you are absolutely determined to win over the girl of your dreams, though, then you need to learn about forbidden psychology and how to use techniques of forbidden psychology to win your dream girl over. Forbidden psychology has actually been causing quite a stir in the dating world lately because of the “forbidden” word. Everyone knows that the forbidden fruit tastes great, right? Well, it should because it really works!

Getting a girl to fall in love is hard. But it doesn't have to be.

Getting a girl to fall in love is hard. But it doesn’t have to be.

In a nutshell, forbidden psychology refers to a collective principle that involves persuasion, hypnosis and psychology. Although it is a closely guarded secret, a lot of guys now learn about it to successfully attract the girls that they like.

Forbidden Psychology…?

Here are several forbidden psychology techniques that you can use to get any girl to fall for you:

  • Practice Mind Manipulation.

One easy and effective way to win over a girl would be to go through her mind. That’s right. Dominating the thoughts of a girl can bring about incredibly successful results in the dating game. All that you have to do is use contradictory responses to mess up a girl’s head and derail her initial repulsive reactions.

  • Create Mind Confusion.

Mind confusion literally involves messing with a girl’s mind and her thoughts. Unlike mind manipulation, though, it doesn’t involve complete mind control; just mere mind confusion. Basically, if you keep confusing a girl, thoughts of you will start to invade her mind and create a subconscious obsession with you in it. You should alternate the attracted feelings to the reserved feelings when it comes to this, too, so that you can really confuse her. A shrewd technique like this will give you might better chances of winning a girl over with mind confusion.

Create a permanent presence in her mind so she thinks about you wherever she goes.

Create a permanent presence in her mind so she thinks about you wherever she goes.

  • Create a Permanent Presence.

Another forbidden psychology technique involves creating a permanent presence in a girl’s mind. If you get this technique right, you should be able to make a girl think about you wherever she goes. If you succeed at doing this, that girl will also develop an instant attachment to you, which is great because you won’t have to do much work at all after that. The attraction and desire will just come on their own.

  • Stare into Her Eyes.

Just like in regular hypnosis, you can attract a girl by staring into her eyes and make her feel like you are boring into her soul by doing so. This may be a bit tricky when it comes to forbidden psychology because some girls find it rude when guys stare for too long. However, if you are having a deep conversation, you should be able to captivate her into focusing on you, too. If you do, then you can easily make her feel at ease with your staring, make her feel closer to you because of it and eventually even make her obsessed with you, too.

  • Incorporate Reverse Psychology Techniques.

Forbidden psychology techniques will work even better when used in conjunction with reverse psychology techniques. Have you ever noticed that women don’t usually say what they feel, but the exact opposite? That’s because women are into reverse psychology. And admit it, reverse psychology is effective! So, if you ever find yourself argon or fighting with a girl, give up and take her side every once in a while. Although this would entail giving up on a fight even when you are certain that you are right, you can make her think that she will always get her way if you do end up going out. If you think long and hard about it, this really is just a small price to pay to get a girl to fall for you.


Keep in mind that all of the unconventional psychology techniques mentioned above need to be used with the utmost caution, though. Generally speaking, any kind of psychology technique could be dangerous if overused and may even backfire if used in the wrong way.

A final note…

The good news is that seducing girls through psychology is always effective and successful if done right and in moderation. This is because girls are practically hardwired to listen to their hearts instead of their minds. So, if you follow the aforementioned techniques to a tee, you can get any girl of your choice to fall in love with you in no time.

For more (rather insidious!) mind control seduction techniques on how to manipulate (and emotionally enslave) a woman, click here.


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