How to Control a Woman’s Mind and Make Her Love You

Alright, Justin McKinsey here, and I am standing in for Matthew in this mini-guide on, well, mind control :). It may seem strange, but lots of our new members to the Baltimore Lair ask us about our infamous “How To Use Mind Control On Women” guide which got shared around in the underground seduction lairs, since, 2002.

Here’s a short summary of the guide. Disclaimer – we have edited (OK, deleted) some of the original content because it’s just too controversial to be published online like this. Matt still sends out the guide (and other good stuff like the video on fractionation) – I thought that’s pretty risky but hey, he’s the leader of the Baltimore Lair for the reason that he has got balls. 😉

Now here’s what you need about mind control on women…

A lot of men (at least, the newbies who come thronging our lair after the short feature on CNN in April) seem to think that some women out there are completely out of their league just because they are downright gorgeous. However, while these men believe that they will never be able to win these gorgeous women over, the world shows that this definitely isn’t the case. Ask Matt. Or Derek Rake. Or me. 😉

The truth is that any man can get any woman that they want. They just need to turn to subtle psychology tactics to help them re-structure women’s thought processes and get what they want. If they succeed at doing this, they can make women see them in a different light and become more attractive in their eyes. Keep reading to find out what these different tactics are and how you can use them for your own personal pleasure.

One thing to remember, though, is that picking up girls is an art. And our job here at SIBG is to teach you that art. Buckle up.

Step One: Take all of the power.

male power

Keep the power to yourself by being indifferent at times.

Women normally hold all of the power when it comes to relationships, especially in the beginning when men are very vulnerable. Once women realize that a man likes them, they tend to change and everything around them changes, as well. Because of this, you have to make a conscious effort to keep your power to yourself and not hand it over to the woman that you like, no matter what.

To keep your power to yourself, all you really have to do is be subtle and indifferent at all times. Keep some distance between the two of you, for starters, and avoid showering her with too many compliments. Although it is alright to flirt with her, don’t make it seem like you are willing to devote as much time as possible into getting her to like you back. If you remain indifferent throughout the entire process, you can get the upper hand and keep your power to yourself as needed – remember that.

Another thing you have to remember is that women will lose interest in you and might even start to disrespect you once you lose all of your power. This would definitely result in a doomed relationship, so avoid this at all costs!

Step Two: Take control of her thoughts.


Be careful with taking control of her thoughts. You wouldn’t want to turn her into a stalker.

Once your power is intact, you need to start taking control of everything around you with the use of various mind control tactics.

Experts in the world of seduction tend to use various mind control tactics to seduce women. It pays to know the difference between the male and female minds, too. The conversational tactics that they use are actually so effective that they can successfully hack into the female mind and get women to fall for them in no time. The good news is that beginners won’t have any trouble learning these tactics because they are so easy.

One of these tactics is called fractionation. In a nutshell, fractionation refers to a very effective hypnosis tactic that is both fast and easy to use. In just 15 minutes, this tactic can re-program a woman’s feelings and make her depend on you for all of her positive emotions. You have to be very careful if you choose to use this tactic, though, since you could unintentionally turn women into stalkers if you aren’t careful.

Matt has developed a short video on how to use fractionation to seduce women initially to share with the rest of the Baltimore Seduction Lair members a few years ago. Unfortunately the video has been spread BEYOND the lair, and as a result, he has decided to keep it within the members of the lair (and those who join our mailing list). For more information click this link below –

seduction techniques picture

How To Use Fractionation In Seduction (short video)

If this link is dead, it means that we have decided to take it off. Truth is that this stuff can be misused to harm women’s psyche, and we NEVER recommend using mind control tactics by AMATEURS on women. If you have any intentions to use this to harm women, DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK.

Respectfully yours,

Justin McKinsey, senior member (


  1. Keith Mills says:

    I would like to know if it is possible for this Woman to like me.

    You see, I met this woman and she came over to me and initiate a conversation, by introducing herself, etc.

    Our next meeting she was wearing a short skirt over a pair of tights, we were in a colour-stone-energy class. I was told by the tutor to lie on the floor on my back in order to perform some energy therapy on me. To my surprise the woman came over and virtually stepped over my head, I mean her feet were 2 or 3 centimetres from my head. My eyes were open and I saw her knickers. Does that make her cheap? She always stares at me but never smiled, could she be interested in me?

    • taco swagger says:


    • It could be that she loves you but how to relate with you is her problem. Some women think that it is the man who should propose. Such women do things to make the man realize that they have feelings for them. When they are around, they want to be noticed. May be she is one of such ladies.

    • Valerian says:

      Don’t know if you’re an idiot or just retarded.

    • seducer says:

      That woman likes you sir, she actually wants you to speak to her. What you need to you is talk to her and be careful how you do it because you might blow it. Tell her some nice things between conversations. Hence; you don’t need to sweep her off her feet.

  2. Ridwaan Panker says:

    Y dnt my debit card transactions dont wanna go through?

  3. This shit is great myself plus this system equals 700 women i read this stuff 8 yrs ago I’m 29 now and Ive had and am having so much fun

  4. It rele love this girl a lot but I’m just failin to make her love,, I rele need help in gettin this girl to love me,, we bother go to the same college…. NEED HELP AS SOON AS POSSIBLE..

    • All you can do is give the girl an opportunity to like you. If she doesn’t reciprocate, move on to bigger fish in the sea. P.S. A woman decides if she is going to have sex with you within the first couple of minutes meeting you.

      • No we don’t.

      • No, and you know what, I hate that jerks like you think that.

      • MichaSam says:

        Except for the last part, you can definitely give her a chance to like you back but don’t try too hard. She’ll definitely make it clear that she likes you if she’s interested in you; just don’t blow it by acting as though you thirst for her and if she doesn’t show you that she’s interested, put your attention towards the things you like doing and she definitely will come around. Also, things are always easier when they choose you.

    • Talk to another another girl in front her if u see no reaction, she can be hiding it well or she is not into you if shows indifference its over any other emotion you can work with

      • Anonymous says:

        If she likes you she might make it obvious, or hide it as best as possible. She is usually scared that she will get turned down.

  5. Then there is this story of the author’s own friend who was going to be dumped by her boyfriend when she turned to the author as he always listened to her and her problems. Her condition was growing from bad to worse as she struggled with the very idea of herself; her puffy eyes proving that she had been crying for days, also she had these weight issues since teenage years and rejection at various levels had developed a sense of inferiority complex in her mindset bringing her to the verge of mental breakdown. To drag her out of the pain-the author gave her the secret formula which he hadn’t shared with many but with his own experience he was sure that it would work with her boyfriend. And after a few days what he saw was totally unbelievable as she was happy with a wide grin, looking better than ever before and told him that she was moving in with her boyfriend. This reaction of his friend struck an emotional chord with him as the formula he suggested worked really fast and with lots of accuracy. After that the author shared the formula with hundreds of women and every woman who consulted him reported back with successful and amazing results. The girls who didn’t used to get a call back after dating with various men –tables turned within days.

  6. anonymous says:

    I can’t click because I am a psycho with many intentions to harm women .

    • bofa neez duts says:

      Yeah, me too. But my bad intentions cause me to click anyway. My method is to lie my face off. Become the best liar you can be and you will always have women. Screw all the other bullshit because it’s all noise!

  7. Please help?

  8. Hollywood says:

    This is sickening. Just reading this caused me to cry because I have been mentally abused using these methods. This stuff should not be used at all. Just be yourself guys! If she doesn’t like you unless you use the mind control then she isn’t worth it! It may seem like it’s ao hard to find a beautiful woman who loves you… But just be patient please! Don’t use this on women.

    • AceSmooth says:

      Exactly….I’m a man.If you are her type there is no wrong that you can do unless you are a total azz. You can’t make every beautiful woman go to bed with you. not going to happen.

    • Easier said than done a girl uses mind control too we all do some intentionally and unintentionally. If I see a girl I want bad I would do it its not my fault her dad was a jerk

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you so much, AceSmooth and Hollywood. See, they are some of the only people on here who get it. AceSmooth is one of the guys who, if he acts like that, probably is going to get something

      • bofa neez duts says:

        He is almost right. Some you will click with but what about the others? Yeah, so you have to have a way to get with those too. My way is to lie well.

  9. Jeff Blake says:

    What do you do as the male if you lost your power in the relationship, and everything is starting to go bad?

  10. I hate this page because I am a women and people attempting to “mind control”. If the guy has all the power right, why can’t the girl leave the relationship. We are not your servants to be dominated. Anyone thinking to use this site is heading in the wrong direction

  11. Nope

  12. Im really into Alexandra Daddario because her ***** are nice maybe i can just kill myself yeah

  13. My question is that i love a girl very badly and she is like that for her career n parents are more imp than anything she has rejected my 3 to 4 proposes bt she also says she always faces a different sensatiin whenever i am with her n i say tht i love u…….its almost 1 year now n this happens every day plzzzz help me what to do plzzzzz ur earliest reply would help me n plzzz can u mail it to my id…..

  14. I want to convince my wife to take me back without question, we had a falling out and although she stayed with me for almost two years after she asked me to change, she finally told me to leave… It’s been about two months and she has already moved on, but I want another shot because I’m still in love with her and I believe that we can make it work… Please help…

    • Anonymous says:

      It’s probably over. If she’s moved on, she probably won’t come back. Depends on how terrible you where to her, no offense.

  15. Sebastian says:

    Take the power! Be subtle!

  16. Like Ass tralia the US seems to have a male surplus , created by dim witted politicians who allowed it occur . In nature rather than attack “Women ” because they have the “power” who would cull the males who created this situation. Interestingly that in many parts of Europe this problem of male surplus does not exist. Pity its not legal to cull the idiots who created this situation.

  17. Men can date married and taken women.

  18. Ram Chandra giri says:

    I love may wife but she don’t lions she is May life she is May hart when she gone oute side that time me very very shek field hole body pen fool that’s why I want to do day please help me I want too may wife please I can’t stops love sm.
    Sorry may English not good

  19. i love my friend very much as i cant say through words.but i am worried because she is least bothered..once she wil care much n once she wil frgt me completely…dono wts goin in her mind can u pls help me out…i just cant even give up also……

  20. Mike Hawk says:

    Does this trick also work on feminine men? I am a straight man but I like feminine men. I am not gay but I am attracted to feminine features and behaviors that are displayed physically by a man. Also, how can I pretend that the man has a vagina? Thanks! Please help.

  21. anonymousfeeling says:

    I had to unfortunately read this article to change myself. I consider myself almost a feminist (in the sense of purely respecting womenhood). I hate someone disrespecting women in various walks of life both in the west and the east. But what if a women feels that this belief is not ‘manly’ and considers it to be fake? What if all the love and respect i can give is not reciprocated? What if she behaves indifferently to every discussion of improving things? I have to change myself and act like my opposite and play these disgusting games.

  22. I have a better way! Girls complain they want a nice guy, but they only want the nice guy to pay for all of there materialistic items while they go out with the guys who treat them bad.

    For years I was that nice guy and it got me nowhere. I started to act like an asshole and guess what, it works! Good luck!

    • Problem is I’m not an ass at all, quite the opposite. I also find this is my problem in getting girls to like me. However I have far too much respect to treat someone badly just to pull. It should be enough emotional attachment on top of the pleasure of being with one another intimately.

  23. Hi guys,

    I’ve been searching the net for how to make a woman love you and I’ve come across your site a few times. And frankly i’m doubtful on whether you’re for real… however, I don’t believe in shooting it down until you’ve tried it.

    So, I’m from south Africa and I have struggled with finding the right girl. Whenever, I find someone I like things end up just losing. I love beautiful smart women (what guy doesn’t, right). But their interested in me.

    I have 3 issues right:

    1. I meet a hot girl at a party and I manage to get her numbers but the next day I lose the little interest I had sparked.

    2. I see a hot girl and somehow I just can’t manage to spark her interest. Even though I feel like if she knew me she would like me…

    3. I can’t close the deal on a women I had initially sparked an interest in.

    So their all kinda linked. I’m not a player i’m just looking for a gf to share life with.

    There is a lady i’m into now and she is absolutely amazing. I met her last week and I want to her to fall in love with me.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    • OK, you just read my mind but what my problem is this –

      She says she doesn’t have a boyfriend and next she turned up with a boy kissing each other. I was like WTF! (excuse my language)

  24. jefery sanchez says:

    I know.

  25. i am a poor boy and my lover have stopped loving me because I don’t have money. So please somebody help me to get her to love me again. I will be always thankful for this.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Seriously, just BE YOURSELF. I know women say it all the time, and that’s because it’s true. If she doesn’t like you for who you are, then it’s not meant to be. If you fake it, then you get married, and start acting like your real self, and she thinks you’re an asshole, she’s GOING TO LEAVE YOU. u can’t control a persons mind. They are people. Please. Just don’t do it. Not only will you hurt yourself, you’ll hurt the beautiful woman you love, and there is no chance you will get her back. please.

  27. seducer says:

    Females are all humans just like males. My suggestion is that if we think about what we like for ourselves then we will have a firm idea about what she may like and then we would have to apply our knowledge. Psychology is natural in most of us, Even females use it and our job is to counteract. I have flirted with really beautiful girls and succeeded.

  28. This lady I’m in class with,initially introduced a guy to me as her boyfriend.later she told me she just used him as a cover to protect herself from men.we are really close and she gets so jealous when ladies approach me friendly. I proposed to her and she said she inky likes me as a brother but still doing strange things to me.I also now lied to her and introduced someone as ny girlfriend and she I jealous and saying I’m in a rush.does she really have feelings for me?

  29. SpoondiggerOU812 says:

    Anyone, male or female, especially the women, who say or think, even for a minute that “being yourself” will work, you are full of s__t. Things move too fast in today’s world for anyone to take the time to give a flying you-know-what about what someone really is inside, it’s ALL about presentation, ALL of it, and a good part of that is ALL about, yeah, you guessed it $$$$! and you women who say it’s not, yeah, right, if the guy you know is interested in you looks like some regular Joe you wouldn’t give him a second look, but if your friend came up and said, “….oh, don’t you know? that’s so and so, he just invented the greatest widget and he has a house on both coasts” you’d be in a race with every other b__ch in earshot to drop your drawers! It’s true, it’s absolute. Now, you think any man should be ashamed to use these types of tactics?, pleeease!

  30. Ashley Marshall says:

    There is this girl I love, but she is someone who doesn’t make decisions.. We mostly chat on the phone because she is too shy to talk in person. Most of the questions I ask her she will normally respond with “idk”.. It’s so confusing not knowing what she’s thinking..

  31. it’s not fair that people take advantage of that person and changes their thoughts or emotions ect. to me that’s like invading their personal minds

  32. Ya know, this “mind control” thing is a hoax because its confidence that women love. All a guy has to do is be confident in himself and be brave enough to ask the difficult questions and show his feelings.

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