Stealth Attraction – How To Stealthily Seduce A Woman

First of all, I want you to understand this. When it comes to seducing women, honesty is probably not the best policy. In fact, being “honest” with a woman will probably fuck you over.

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Let me explain.

We have been conditioned to believe that if we want something from a woman, we have to be direct with her. We think that doing this will make her respect us for being so honest and open, and will then allow us to get what we want.

But ask yourself: has this ever really worked for you? 😉

Imagine approaching a woman and telling her directly:

“I want a relationship with you.”

Or maybe even something more cringe-worthy like:

“I want to take you home tonight.”

Or worse:

“I like it, doggy-style. What do you like?”

How do you think she’s going to respond to this? You think she’s going to be impressed? Fall into your arms?

Of course not! She’s going to get embarrassed and walk away. So why do we still think it’s acceptable to be direct with a woman when it’s obvious that it’s never going to prove successful?

I rest my case. 🙂

Stealth Attraction: Why Wearing Your Heart On Your Sleeve Is Counter Productive

The best advice I ever received regarding seduction techniques was from a man named Derek Rake. Derek is the author of a particular notorious book entitled the Shogun Method – a seduction manual which can teach you the art of covert manipulation in order to make any woman fall in love with you.

And the best thing about it is that it works both on a woman whom you had just met, or someone whom you have known for a long time, like a hot colleague, an existing friend, or even an ex-girlfriend.

Sound too good to be true? Well, it all becomes clear when you understand the foundations which the Shogun Method is built on.

Get this: Derek mentioned something to me which made me change way I acted around women completely. His advice was not only game-changing, but it’s also one of the preconditions of every technique inside the Shogun Method:

“You must conceal your intentions until the manipulation is complete.”

What does this mean?

Well, the concealing of intentions is one of the reasons why Mind Control techniques whoop Pickup Artist ass any time of the day. When you use Pickup Artist tricks, your intentions are clear as day to women. For example, when you use Pickup Lines on a woman, you’re pretty much communicating to a woman that you’re desperate to bonk her. And that, my friend, is why she rejects you.

On the other hand, if you’re already a devotee of Mind Control based seduction techniques, then you’ll know that if you want to persuade a woman to do anything you want her to do, your true intentions must be hidden.

In other words, you’ve got to be stealthy!

(Of course, being stealthy means that you’ll need to be covert in both the things you say as well as in the body language that you portray. For a guide on how to make a woman want you using non-verbal attraction techniques, read this excellent guide.)

Overcoming Her Rejections: Here’s What You Need To Know

It’s important to understand this: women are hard-wired psychologically reject direct commands issued to their brain.

In order to make a woman comply to your wishes, we must therefore present our commands subconsciously before her brain can process these commands and thus reject them. In other words, by appealing directly to her subconscious mind, her defense mechanisms are unable to prevent her from dismissing your advances.

If anything, remember this: every attempt to manipulate and seduce a woman must be done stealthily without her conscious awareness. In Derek Rake’s words, a woman cannot resist what she cannot detect.

Now that you know that in order to seduce a woman you’ve got to conceal your intentions, then what are the Mind Control techniques which you can use to make your seduction stealthy?

Well, here’s the answer in one word: Fractionation.

Simply put, Fractionation is a stealthy seduction technique based on Mind Control which makes a woman fall completely in love by hacking into her subconscious mind. It exploits a particular psychological weakness which is present in every woman which makes her addicted to emotional roller coasters and soap operas.

Next, let’s probe a little further on Fractionation and how it can give you the superpowers to attract any woman you want. Continue reading…

Fractionation: The Most Powerful Stealth Seduction Strategy Ever Invented

Understand that Fractionation is first and foremost a hypnosis technique. It was first “discovered” by hypnotherapists who realized how effective it was in getting a person into trance.

Its usage in dating and seduction, however, is fairly recent. Much of the innovative work in this area has been done by Derek Rake (whose flagship program Shogun Method contains possibly the world’s most complete guide on Fractionation as used to seduce women.)

So here’s how Fractionation works: you make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster by telling her a series of simple stories. These stories are designed to be hypnotic, and will make her feel both sadness and happiness in quick succession.

Hypnotists have known for ages that when a woman goes through an emotional roller coaster, her brain will be “brute-forced” to develop an emotional connection with the person that induces that state inside her. When done a couple of times, she will soon be emotionally addicted to him. No joke!

It’s quite hard to describe how to use Fractionation correctly inside a short guide such as this. Therefore, I would recommend that you attend an Online Masterclass (conducted by Derek Rake) which can be found at this link:

Derek Rake’s Online Masterclass On Fractionation

And because how controversial this topic is (let’s face it – talking about enslaving women emotionally is never politically correct), this link may go offline from time to time. Thank you for understanding!

Matt Ganz SIBG

  • For an in-depth review of Derek Rake and his work Shogun Method, click here.


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