She Has A Boyfriend! (How To Answer That Objection)

Women often spout the line “I have a boyfriend” as a way to test guys who hit on them. In this video, we are going to share with you some killer responses which are guaranteed to make her attracted to you.

Before anything, remember that there’s no “universal” line which works on all women. It’s best to first quickly check what kind of woman she is, and then match her with the appropriate response.

Check the video below :-

(Of course, this is Seduction 101 – you gotta tailor your responses to the type of woman you’re seducing.)

So here goes…

  • “Who gives a shit?”

This works well on women who like strong, dominant guys. You can tell this type of woman by their excessively feminine traits as well as their tendency to overdress or apply makeup.

  • “OK, so I have a pet poodle. Who cares?”

A cockier version of the above.

  • “Wow, slow down. We’ve only started talking, like what, five seconds ago!”

Use this line on the kind who seems to flirt with every Tom, Dick and Harry in town. It also disarms her by implying that she is jumping the gun to assume that you’re hitting on her. Works a treat!

  • “Nah, you’re not my type.”

This is what we call a “disqualifier”. Be careful when you use this line because it may well turn off average looking women (as well as those who don’t really get hit on often.)

On the other hand, this line works well with hot women because they know that you’re purposely challenging them with something which is obviously untrue.

  • “So, does he allow you to talk to other guys?”

Use this line on headstrong, independent women. It implies heavy dependency on guys which can come across as a major challenge to their personality.

On the other hand, here are some lines which are, frankly, bad.

  • “I don’t care.”

The fact that you say that means that you actually do.

  • “Ask him to come over! He can buy the first round.”

Who knows, she might just ask him to come over, and in effect, cockblocking you from making any further progress with her that evening.

Get the idea? Great!

So let’s say you used one of the responses above after you get the “I have a boyfriend” objection. So what do you say next?

Understand that at this very moment, you’ve just bought yourself a small window of opportunity to quickly capture her attention and make her attracted to you.

This fleeting moment will be gone forever if you don’t quickly capitalize on the chance to quickly deliver the killer blow.

With this in mind, I recommend that you use a Mind Control technique known as Fractionation to quickly seal the deal and make her attracted to you quickly.

With Fractionation, you’ll pull a woman through an emotional roller coaster so that she feels both sadness and happiness in quick succession. When this happens, her defense mechanisms will be short-circuited so that she couldn’t reject you.

For more information on how you can use Fractionation to quickly seduce a woman into your arms, watch this online Masterclass by clicking here.

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