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How To Make A Woman Fall In Love – In Ten Minutes Flat

Now if you’ve been reading our mini-guides you will realize that we are heavily influenced by Derek Rake’s teachings. In fact, SIBG’s founding was influenced by a meeting I had with Derek Rake in Sacramento back in 2000 – where he shown me a mind blowing seduction trick which changed my dating life forever… and for good. 🙂

I am going to show you this trick in its entirety in this video that you’re going to watch next. Derek Rake invented this technique (also known as the “Female Mind Loophole“) which hacks into a woman’s mind and make her fall in love quickly (often in ten minutes or less). Inside this video, you’ll learn…

  • The classic Fractionation technique, which is one of the “forbidden patterns” which have been used widely in underground seduction circles since 1996. Interestingly, underground dating gurus have been telling people NOT to use this technique because according to them, it’s like “bringing a nuclear bomb to a gunfight“.
  • A set of three exact, word-for-word lines which any guy can use to make a girl attracted to him subliminally. I’m sure you’ve seen guys getting kissed by girls minutes after they approach. This is how they do it.

This Is What I Fear…

I worry that once this technique gets exposed, more and more guys will attempt to use it clumsily and then render it useless. I go out to meet women here in Baltimore every Saturday evening, and the last thing I want is to have my game ruined by amateurs trying to use this technique on women.

And so, because I do not want more people to come to this website and find out about this technique, I’m going to ask you to enter your primary email address below. If you are from Baltimore, DO NOT ENTER YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS (I do not want more competition). Also, I reserve the right not to send this video out to anyone I am not comfortable with. Thank you for understanding.


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-Matthew Ganz, JD ( founder)

PS: Derek Rake has shared with me the technique with the condition that I would never reveal it to people who are NOT members of and my email list.

He is no longer providing personal coaching services although his email newsletter is still active (you will also get a weekly subscription to his Rake Letter – I highly recommend it) – he is now married with a daughter. Once you’ve seen the technique inside the video, you will understand why he is reluctant to share it.


  1. Hey I was wondering how to use fractination in an everyday conversation do you have any other examples that besides the two about your best friend dying? I say this because I feel like those are just hard to work into a conversation and I would really have to try to use that anything helps thanks!

  2. Totally agreed

  3. Why go through the trouble of “wooing” or “manipulating” women when all you have to do is be a “bad boy” creep?

    They go for these guys, and then get physically and mentally abused!

    The lights are on but no one is home.

    • Spot on man. They ignore the nice guy and go for the “bad boys” perspex who they know will mess them about.
      Seems like you have to be a total jerk before anyone even will talk to you.

  4. Sue Crosby says

    Having been psychologically abused by a man who played mind games with me which led me to have a traumatic life afterwards, I would say to any man ‘please don’t do this. It is damaging and ruins lives.’

    • Honey,

      Sad to say but, your kind has been doing the same ever since Eve seduced Adam into eating the fruit with her just so she wouldn’t be the only one punished.

      As a result, we’re stuck on this mud-ball. Get over it and get manipulated.

  5. the reason women go for the bad boy type, One, they have father issues (dad was an asshole in there life while they were young and has not paid them any attention, Eg, emotional attachment)

    Two (they have never had a father around and are looking for the biggest toughest guy around that will protect them, because they have attitude and want to mouth off, hence the muscle to back them up.)

    Three (they put up with this shit because these guys have connections with party animals, lots of friends, lots of parties, lots of alcohol, lots of drugs for the insecure and mentally immature.)

    Four, we all know ( they want to piss off there parents.)

    Stay away from these chicks, they will just stuff up your life, because it is a form of self abuse.

    Really most women want the princess / barbie dream, this is the mind set they have been brought up on. Simple economics, a millionaires daughter is not going to settle for a factory workers wage, average 30k to 40k a year, are they. would you if you were them, they would not know how to survive .

    Just imagine a chick from this sort of environment trying to mingle with the struggling middle / lower working class and your friends. It takes a very strong relationship to work that’s made in heaven to last this. most women are very competitive and compare their lives to what they have and what their friends have, hence the social ladder. stick with the women who are within your social economic status.

    Always think about this when approaching a women and calculate this into your approach, sure they may be horny as hell and looking for that one night stand after a few drinks, but what are they looking for. even old grannies are looking for a hard bang, hard body, big cock, but guys like me are able to sway their thinking, what they want is an erotic / passionate adventure.

    I’m 52 years old and not a good looker, married, for twenty six years and still pull chicks that are 25 years younger than me. Ha I’m bald and hairy, 65kg, skinny 5 foot nine inches tall(no shit.) but women tell me they are wet and want to take me home and fuck the shit out of me !!! after talking with them. WHY?

    1. I’m always conscious of my actions when I am around women and in public, I like talking to people, cracking jokes having fun, I’m not loud and I’m polite, I’m a very good listener. This is important, ( most people are thinking what to say next about themselves, when someone else is speaking, do not do this, actually listen to people and evaluate and then put yourself in their shoes and understand where they are coming from, not what you would do in the same circumstances. empathy is important.) I’m confident without being over confident, (No one likes a smart arse) hang around like minded people, this is where the action is, not people who want to lay out their whole life story for everyone, (boring).Women will be hanging around the fun people or on the perimeter listening. Be aware of the ladies on the perimeter who are listing to you when YOU speak involve them in the conversation by standing next to them and asking their opinions, and the ladies who are engaging YOU in conversation. I do not try and pick up any woman who is not making eye contact with me, it’s pointless.

    2. you have to connect on their level, (intellectual) try and find out what they do for a living and education, be honest with them, I stress do not try and bull shit to them, they will work you out and tell you to piss off. you need to be able to hold a conversation, I am confident with who I am, I don’t care if they like me or not. I do not go into a conversation with a woman thinking about my cock I’m not arrogant, I’m pleasant, I’m not educated, but I’m not stupid. I can talk about politics, science, economics, sport, and the most important thing is to let them know that you have an opinion based on knowledge and information don’t make shit up. Watch the news dude, read the paper, if you have no idea what they are talking about, ask them to explain / elaborate, they love to educate. Do not agree with every thing they talk about, be honest and open but subtle, polite and discrete, the last thing they want is someone that’s crude and overbearing.

    3. (emotional connection.) Ha fuck me, GOOD LUCK with this one. there is some seriously emotional unstable ladies out there, stay the fuck away from them they are more trouble than they are worth. you will be able to tell, they will give you their life story(sob) in ten minutes. Stick with the chicks who have had a stable background and family who are confident and know what they want and know what they are looking for at that point of time. Some are just out that night for a fuck just like us, others will be looking for the trust factor and just give you their number and a couple of dates later, after they work you out they will bang your brains out.

    4. (erotic connection.) This is foreplay of the mind, before the body. once you have them engaged in conversation and they are contributing and engaging you, and eye contact is constant, you want to make it one on one. In a calm and low tone Introduce yourself and put your hand out and to shake hands and ask her name. When you shake hands make sure you do not hold onto her hand for more than three seconds she wants to be treated as an equal but she wants to feel your hand, if it’s sweaty your stuffed, if your handshake is to firm your stuffed, the perfect handshake, hold her hand firmly without actually shaking it and squashing it, she wants to know if you can control your strength and be sensitive at the same time, get this right and you are home, hang on to it long, you are a sleaze bag.

    when you shake hands look her in the eyes do not focus on anything else it’s all about her now, you will know by her eyes if she keeps focused on your eyes if she is now seriously interested, if she pouts her lips even if its just a little bit, she just got moist, it doesn’t mean she wants to fuck you yet it was just a sensual reaction.

    by this time I already know what her insecurities are about her body because I have been observing her body language before introducing myself. I know this by what she has either been trying to obscure from view, eg; her arse and thighs, her tummy or her hands, feet or maybe she is self conscious about her breast. ( you won’t see cleavage.) or fidgeting with her hair or dress, there will be something just pay attention to what she is doing.

    now you need to understand women spend a lot of time planning what they are going to wear and how they are going to present themselves prior to leading up to go out to any bar, club, dinner or public function, they are very self aware of their looks so I usually feed a compliment about their hair into the conversation to feel things out if that goes well, the dress, then her jewellery and her nails if she has spent time on them, if they are long this is when I would softly hold her hand so she can pull it away anytime she wants to and ask about her nails as I stroke her fore finger softly with my fore finger and thumb on my other hand ( another sensual touch ) if she hasn’t pulled her hand away she is starting to trust you. so from there it’s really up to you to keep it going I’m not going to give you all my secrets on how to seduce a woman just the basics.


    • Thanks man, really appreciate it

    • TheTruth says

      …or you can just pay an escort for the night and enjoy the financial, legal and emotional freedom while avoiding the inevitable headaches. Not that I do it, Just saying…

  6. Can this work on men, too?

  7. Is this group still active? I’m just curious. I’m strongly considering joining and sending a letter.

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