How To Woo A Woman (Using Mind Control)

First things first. I want you to know that the knowledge that I am going to share with you is quite controversial. Indeed, as you may have seen in the comments section of my guides here in, we get lots of hate from feministas and loathsome Social Justice Warriors with good measure.

how to use fractionation

But frankly, I don’t really give a shit because it’s my job to spread the truth and help the guys to win in this unfair game of love. If I get hated on for telling the truth, then so be it.

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The fact is that there’s only one way to make a woman completely surrender to your authority, and that’s by using Mind Control on her. I laugh when guys tell me that they use stupid Pickup Artist tricks only to fall flat on their faces.

When I started using Mind Control on women, my love life completely turned around, and for the first time, I felt that I am in the driver’s seat as far as my relationships are concerned. And guess what… my girlfriend has never been happier with my newfound confidence, and she’s living a blissful life getting completely dominated by me. It’s a true win-win, I must say!

Here Comes The Bad News…

Here’s some bad news however. Real Mind Control techniques are actually quite hard to find, and indeed, the Internet is full of fake information when it comes to legitimate Mind Control stuff. Of course, you can just get Derek Rake’s Shogun Method but we are getting ahead of ourselves here.

how to woo a mind using mind controlIn this short article, I’m going to teach you a powerful Mind Control technique called Fractionation. With it, master seducers have been known to be able to quickly enslave women emotionally and put them under their control and dominance. As you’ll see, this goes well beyond the Seduction 101 material that you’ve seen elsewhere.

So here’s how Fractionation works. With it, you want to take a woman through an emotional roller coaster with you by making her experience both happiness and sadness in quick succession.

When done correctly, Fractionation is able to create an illusion inside her mind that she has gone through a lot of life’s ups and downs with you. This in turn will make her feel emotionally connected to you, which is of course the key to make her fall in love with you. It’s really that powerful!

Potential For Abuse…

However, I do have to let you know that a Mind Control technique like Fractionation can be easily abused, and indeed, there are psychopaths who deliberately use Mind Control to hurt women. And for this reason, we must control who gets access to this knowledge. So this is what you need to do.

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Good luck!

Stephen “Welshboy” Gail

(Posted by Matt Ganz)

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