How To Text Her (Using Deadly Mind Control Lines)

So, you have the phone number of a girl you’d like to attract. You went to a tonne of effort to get her to exchange numbers with you. What should you do next then?

You might be staring at an empty text screen, not having any idea what to say to her. You might be worried you’re going to undo your hard work, or that she’ll tell you she’s not interested.

These are both completely normal fears, and ones I’ve experienced many times (of course, before my, ahem, ascension to the lofty position of the leader). However, what if I told you there’s a Mind Control technique which will make her fall head over heels for you? With just a few simple lines, you can get her to the point that she’ll become emotionally addicted to you?

And the good news? Yes, it works via text message too. Let me show you how!

How I Stumbled Upon Mind Control Texting!

Alright, let me first tell you a story. My life totally changed a few years ago when I discovered a book entitled the Shogun Method written by a man named Derek Rake. In the Shogun Method, I learned of a little trick which has sky-rocketed my success rate with women to incredible levels.

(I’ve reviewed Derek Rake and Shogun Method here and here.)

What we’re going to do is use a technique I learned in the Shogun Method which allows us access to a woman’s subconscious. First, let me tell you about a certain vulnerability inside a woman’s mind.

Shogun Method is greatYou see, a woman may or may not believe what you say to her. However, she will never, ever doubt the conclusions that she arrives on her own.

This means that if we can bypass a woman’s rational thought-process and appeal directly to her subconscious, she will believe the information we’re feeding her to be her own thoughts. Therefore, to seduce a woman, you’ll need to “guide” her to come to the conclusions that benefit you.

And guess what, you can easily do this using a Mind Control technique called Implanted Commands.

Implanted Commands: The Secret To Controlling Her Mind Remotely Via Texting

So what’s an Implanted Command then?

Very simply, an Implanted Command is a phrase which forms the part of a sentence, which, if spoken on its own, would be a direct command.

For example, try sending her this text:

“Sure, I can tell you that that by replying to this text and agreeing to meet me for dinner will change your life for the better, but I’d rather you experience it for yourself.”


“You’ll never know if by simply replying to this text, you’ll be telling your grand kids about our first date one day.”

The phrases which surround the Implanted Command in each sentence will hide the command so that it goes undetected by her conscious mind.

So, in the examples above, the subconscious messages are “agree to meet me for dinner” and “telling your grand kids about our first date”. These messages are accepted by her mind without questioning because as Derek Rake says: “what a woman can’t detect, she can’t resist”.

See why these works like gangbusters? Pretty awesome stuff indeed! 🙂

Why Implanted Commands Are Ideal For Texting

Implanted Commands are ideal for texting to women because the manipulator doesn’t need to worry about delivery or body language. They can simply be delivered word for word! (Of course, don’t forget to supplement your Implanted Commands with our in-house Guide To Seduction Texting.)

And guess what, these are only two of the 44 (yes, 44) Implanted Commands found inside the Shogun Method. These can be copied directly or adapted to whatever your needs might be. Copy, paste and you’re off to the races!

What works even better is a combination of another Mind Control technique called Fractionation with Implanted Commands which will pretty much guarantee that she will fall in love with you in a snap!

If you’re familiar with Fractionation, you should already know how powerful it is on its own. And if you’re not, here’s what it is: you’ll use simple storytelling to make a woman go through an emotional roller coaster with you.

How Fractionation works is this: it exploits a woman’s psychological hunger for emotional ups and downs in her life. You see, each woman yearn for drama in her everyday life… that’s why they read trashy Mills and Boon romance novels and watch soap operas to bawl their fucking eyes out!

So what you want to do is to “recreate” those story lines inside romance novels and chick flicks, and involve yourself inside those stories in order to make her emotionally addicted to you. Cool idea, isn’t it?

Of course, this may sound easier said than done, but the good news is that the technique has been simplified into a series of steps that any guy can take to make Fractionation work for him. To learn more about Fractionation, click on this link below to register for the Fractionation Online Masterclass led by Shogun Method coach Derek Rake himself –

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Click here to register for the Fractionation Online Masterclass

  • One last thing: we do NOT guarantee that everyone will get a spot because, frankly, I don’t want bad guys to learn this technique to use it to harm women. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. Alfred Wanwanji says

    My partner of 7yrs has lost her love for me and we are on the verge of a painful breakup. We are now living seperately. I have been quite aggressive towards her lately but it’s not making her love me again. I am excited about this method and am confident it will work for me to win back her Love.

  2. Me and my wife have been apart for about one year. I’ve started a few of shogun methods courses. I have tried 2 implanted command texts to her and she has started to respond to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  3. I will use it in a good way

  4. I’ve been talking to this girl and I’ve spent a lot of time with her, I like her but she flirts and then pulls away when I flirt. It’s only when I’m funny she likes me (likes me more than a friend). How can I text her and talk to her so she starts thinking about me more? What are some things I can talk about with her to get her to like me more… and how would I slip this into the conversation without being weird or it being totally noticeable???

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