How To Make A Woman Miss You Badly

So let’s say that you’re going out with a woman, and things seem to be doing great.

Before you start doing something stupid like, well, putting down your guard and start resting on your laurels, heed this warning.

Attraction is a fleeting thing.

Nothing lasts forever. Not even “true” love.

I hate to burst your bubble, but that’s reality.

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And as Mind Control seduction expert Derek Rake says, it’s not nearly enough to make a woman “fall in love”. To make a woman want you forever, you’ve got to enslave her.

Her attraction to you may wane for many reasons.

She may just one day decide, out of the blue, that she’s not ready for a relationship.

Or she may have some preconceptions about you which turned out to be false the more she finds out about you.

Shogun Method / FractionationOr worse, she might have met another guy who seems to be more appealing. Just pray hard that he’s not using Shogun Method on her.

Listen to me, because this is important.

If your relationship is going great, it’s time to throw the proverbial spanner in the works.

Not many guys realize this, but conflicts make relationships stronger.

If your relationship with a woman is conflict free, then it becomes pretty fragile over time. On the other hand, relationships which survive severe ups and downs will often last a lifetime.

So what you need to do when your relationship is going great is this…

Take time off and give her the “gift” of missing you.

That’s right. Stop contacting her and go “missing” for a little while. It’s good to make her panic. Heck, do it even if she gets a little annoyed. It will work wonders for you. Trust me on this.

When you go incommunicado for a couple of hours, naturally she will try to call or text you. Ignore her first few calls or texts.

Then, when she shows some sign of annoyance, text her this:

“im ok”

Keep it short. You want to keep her intrigued, and continue to text you.

Then, when things heat up, ramp up your responses…

Tell her that you’re rethinking everything because you’ve become unsure if you’d want a serious relationship in this point of your life.

Imply (i.e. don’t say it outright) to her that you have other goals that you want to pursue first, and the relationship is getting in the way.

It’s important to adapt a rather nonchalant attitude to everything at this point.

Then, when she is on the verge of a breakdown, then pull her back and say you want her.

This will make her go over the moon, and as she realizes that she’s always in danger of leaving her, she will behave herself without giving you too much of a trouble.

In short, she will fall under your dominance and control. It’s that powerful!

Now listen up because what I’m going to say next here is important.

If you’re familiar with Mind Control and hypnosis-based seduction techniques, then you’ll be aware that the technique above is a simplified version of Fractionation.

Master seducers have been covertly using a technique like Fractionation to completely “brain wash” a woman and get her to fall under their control in literally minutes.

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Matt Ganz SIBG

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