How To Make A Woman Intrigued By You With Three (3) Shogun Sequences

“Sequences” are conversational patterns inside the Shogun Method which are designed to influence a woman’s subconscious and make her fall in love quickly and easily.

These are Mind Control routines which are specially designed to tap into the female psyche, bypass her critical factor and elicit her emotions and values on a deep level.

Getting a woman intrigued is the first level inside the Shogun Method roadmap before building rapport (second level) and generating attraction (third level). Indeed, it’s a mistake to jump into rapport building before you make a woman feel intrigued.

By using the techniques contained in this video, you’ll be able to use what we call “Intrigue Pings” to capture a woman’s attention and generate that first spark of fascination – giving you ample opportunities to develop deep rapport with her.

There are three intrigue sequences shown in this video that you can use to quickly make a woman interested in you, and to be captivated by you so that you can use other Shogun Sequences to attract, and eventually, seduce her.

Watch this video below –


For more (rather insidious!) mind control seduction techniques on how to manipulate (and emotionally enslave) a woman, click here.


  1. Works like magic!

  2. i want someone to pls teach me this IRAE model am begging

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