How To Make A Woman Addicted To You Using The “Hearsay” Tactic

In this video, I’d like to introduce to you a Mind Control technique called “The Hearsay”.

It is a tactic which is specially designed to make a woman emotionally addicted to you by exploiting a specific flaw in her psychology.

To the rational mind, hearsay is untrustworthy. But, as you already know, the female mind is hardly rational. To a woman, hearsay is often taken as the truth, especially if the information has been deliberately hidden from her for a good reason.

As you’d expect, the “Hearsay” technique is regularly used as a Mind Control device by many expert manipulators and con artists. It is often used to make the victim feel deeply insecure, and to exploit that insecurity to ruin the victim’s relationships with other people.

If you’re familiar with Derek Rake and his work in Mind Control seduction, and especially the Shogun Method, you would have seen the famous “Prophesy” technique. Like the “Prophesy” tactic, you can use it on your target to inoculate her against the advances of another man, or more insidiously, to destroy her relationship with her boyfriend if she has one.

You can deploy this tactic more effectively when you’ve got an accomplice or a pawn who can spread hearsay on your behalf. Imagine a scenario where you can get your accomplice to tell her, “Do you know how proud he is to have you as his woman? He’s been bragging to his friends about how happy he is that he has got someone as smart and sexy like you as his partner. I don’t think he’ll tell this to you straight because he thinks he might embarrass you. Just so you know.”

By revealing this to her on a “second hand” basis via the accomplice, the impact is much stronger. If she is on good terms with the accomplice, she will tend to believe whatever she says to your benefit. It’s pretty powerful!

Similarly, you can use an accomplice to spread hearsay about her boyfriend, or anyone you want her to be segregated from. I’ll leave it to your imagination and creativity to come up with ideas that you can get your accomplice to feed her to completely destroy her boyfriend.

“The Hearsay” is only one out of the 147 Mind Control techniques contained inside the Shogun Method.

When used correctly, Mind Control techniques can get a woman to fall in love far quicker than the usual Pickup Artist tricks. These remain somewhat hidden in the underground until they have been exposed to the mainstream recently.

For more on how you can use Mind Control techniques to manipulate a woman’s mind and make her fall in love with you:

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  1. deception,lies, using people as pawns. this is all that person has to offer. that’s nothing. nothing at all. so a guy has 4 women. big deal! you know how hard that is on one man? think about how long he will have to work to make four happy? Why couldn’t he just better his own skills at being with one woman and making her feel special everyday? Narcissistic people need this stuff cuz they don’t know how to love pr feel anything for other people and people are just like possessions. It’s a big bad world out there and to each there own. for me I’m not into that. I like many friends but on a personal relationship I can only deal with one.

  2. What about if you were never her boyfriend. What would your accomplice say then??

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