How To Get Your Ex-Girlfriend Back Fast (Using Mind Control)

OK, let me first get this to you straight.

If you’ve been trying to follow the conventional advice found in crappy “get your ex back” ebooks, and you’re not getting the results that you want then I don’t blame you.

get ex girlfriend to miss youTo get your girlfriend back, you should stop using lame tactics like “No Contact” because, as you should know by now, they are about as useless as a pair of sagging tits on a 92 year old nun. 🙂

Jokes aside, I want you to understand this. You should stop reading those lame “get your ex back” ebooks written by clueless Pickup Artists. Instead, you should stop messing around and immediately use what really works: Mind Control techniques.

Check this video:-

Use Shogun Method to get an ex girlfriend backYou can find out more about how to use Mind Control to seduce women inside a resource such as Derek Rake‘s Shogun Method, but we are getting ahead of ourselves here. In this short video, I’ll share with you a simple two-step technique which will make her come back to you, fast!

Avoid This Mistake At All Costs!

First things first. Understand that it’s a mistake to ask her directly if she’d want get back together. Why? Well, it’s because by doing so, you’re just giving her the opportunity for her to reject you.

Therefore, the first step is to plant the idea in her mind that she wants to get back with you, and you will have to do that covertly.

Inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method, he outlines a total of 44 Implanted Commands which can be used to plant any idea inside a woman’s mind by exploiting her subconscious vulnerabilities.

Use implanted commands to covertly influence her thoughts and behavior!Implanted Commands are a powerful Mind Control technique, and they have been used by master seducers to dictate a woman’s thoughts and imagination. Similarly, you can use this list of Implanted Commands to “suggest” to her that she wants to come back to you.

We don’t have time to cover all 44 Implanted Commands, but here are a couple which you can use:

  • “Start to imagine when we get back together…”
  • “Sure, I can tell you that you want to get back with me, but I won’t…”
  • “You don’t have to feel the relief as we are together again…”
  • “You might just, you know, decide to be with me again…”
  • “You’ll start to notice how good it feels as you’re in my arms again…”

Sprinkle those liberally in your conversations with her and with repeated exposure, she will start to feel that she wants to get back with you.

When this happens, then you’ll need to act quickly and seal the deal. To do this, you’ll need to take the second and final step, which is to use Fractionation on her.

Fractionation is a Mind Control technique which exploits a woman’s psychological vulnerability in order to make her feel emotionally addicted to a man. You see, when she is addicted to you emotionally, she will be forced to come back to you because she’ll need you just like air to survive. It’s pretty powerful!

How Fractionation works is pretty simple: it makes her go through an emotional roller coaster, making her feel both sadness and happiness in a period of time. What you’re doing is to create a soap opera inside her mind with YOU as the focal point.

Women are addicted to soap operas on TV (as well as chick flicks and teary Hollywood movies) because of the Fractionation effect. If you know what to do, you can use the same technique and make her addicted to you – it works pretty much the same, really!

To learn how to use Fractionation to get your ex girlfriend back fast, attend this online masterclass by clicking on this link below:

Fractionation Online Masterclass

Good luck!

Matt Ganz SIBG

Matthew Ganz, lair leader


  1. But what if she is not talking to me, i mean if there’s no contact

    • Sahil zaidi says

      Then simply stay no contact for a while that will make her realize.. But during no contact rule you must make your ex jealous her that you are fine without her and show her that you are happy without her… Upload pictures on social traveling, party,going to favorite restaurant etc… And when she text you ignore her.. Keep them texting you…and when she crazy to you then reply… I am ok.. She will crazy for you

  2. How does a person master theses methods. I’ve sent my ex a couple implanted commands and she asked where I got them. She said they make no sense

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