How To Get Out Of The Friend Zone (By Playing Mind Games On Her!)

Alright, I won’t mince my words here. Apart from getting dumped, getting friend-zoned is probably the worst thing that can ever happen to a guy. It’s no joke at all.

I know this because I’ve been through it. During my younger days as a guy who was totally clueless about dating, I would get friend-zoned by women left, right and center. It was horrible.

You see, I had no problems meeting and chatting up women at all. They would get all chummy when we’d hang out and have lots of fun together.

However, things would always turn to shit whenever I asked a woman to be my girlfriend because I would hear this dreaded line:

“Let’s just be friends.”

Seriously, whenever I hear that I feel like poking my eyes with a large fork.

Those days of continued failure with women have mercifully ended. Thanks to a man named Derek Rake, I finally understood why I looked more like an emotional tampon to a woman than a legitimate love juice provider.

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Friend-Zoned? It’s Not Your Fault, Man

First, gotta understand this though…

If you’ve been friend-zoned by a woman, it’s not your fault.

Yous see, it’s just that there’s a flaw inside a woman’s mind which makes her categorize friendly men as, well, friends. She’s just wired that way.

So, to avoid being friend-zoned, you simply have to exploit this flaw so that she sees you as a potential lover instead.

How do you exploit this flaw in her mind then? Well, pretty simple… by playing mind games on her! And you do this in three simple steps.

The first step is NOT to freak out. Screaming “…but I want to have sex with you!!” ain’t gonna help. Keep calm and do what I’m going to tell you next.

Step 1: Apply Some Reverse Psychology

Tell her that you agree with her. Say something like, “Haha, what was I thinking? Yeah, being friends is probably better.”

Her guard will down immediately, and will cause her to think, “Wait, did he really mean it when he asked me to be his girlfriend?”

This will mess with her mind a little bit which is exactly what you want!

According to Derek Rake, the only way to get a woman to let her guard down is to make her confused. When she is not thinking straight, then it’s easy to bypass her “rejection filter” and make her fall in love with you.

Remember – confusion and misdirection is the key to winning the game of seduction.

Step #2: Do The Reverse Friend-Zone

The second step is to do the “Reverse Friend-Zone” on her. It’s pretty easy to do –

First of all, hang out with her less frequently. Learn to say NO to her requests although it’s tempting to go see her.

And when you’re with her, treat her like a guy friend.

Call her “bro” or “mate” or “fella”… so that she may start questioning her own femininity.

Next comes the killer move – ask her about her opinions about OTHER women (preferably someone that both of you know, or even better, someone she mildly despise or is jealous of.)

“Mandy’s pretty hot, isn’t she?”

“I heard Sarah is newly single. If she’s on the lookout for a new beau, I’ll be there!”

“I might just ask Julie out. What you think of that, bro?”

See what I’m getting at here?

Work the jealousy angle and you’ll find her starting to view you as a potential lover than just a friend.

If you do this right, she will change her demeanor with you, or even start getting a little pissed off with you. This is a good sign.

From experience: you simply can’t overdo this – keep turning the screw until she gets angry. Again, this is a good sign. You should only be worried if she is indifferent to you.

(As a sidenote: this is also a highly effective technique if you want to make a woman leave her boyfriend for you.)

And when she is pissed with you, then you’ll be ready to “seal the deal” with the ultimate Mind Control seduction technique which I am going to share with you next…

Step #3: Seal The Deal

The third and final step is to “seal the deal” and turn her from a friend to a girlfriend. And you’ll do this using a Mind Control technique called Fractionation.

With this technique, you’ll be making a woman go through an emotional roller coaster with a series of stories that you tell her. When you do this, you’ll be able to “access” her brain and plant thoughts in her mind (so that she thinks that she’s falling in love with you.)

This is similar to the “soap opera effect” that is utilized by the mass media to make women addicted to movies, TV shows and novels. You’ll use the same technique to make a woman feel emotionally addicted to you. When this happens, it will be impossible for her to quit you – because she’ll need you to survive just like she needs air to breathe and water to drink. It’s really that powerful!

Needless to say, Fractionation is a controversial technique, and indeed it has been (mis)used to hurt women emotionally and psychologically. Therefore, if you’d like to learn this technique, you must promise us that you’ll only use it for good, not for evil. This is important!

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