How To Get A Woman To Like You Using The Shared Universe Sequence

What I will share with you in this short video is a forbidden Mind Control technique which has been used quietly behind the scenes (by people in the underground MKDELTA community) to seduce women quickly and make them fall in love in just a couple of minutes.

Given the controversial nature of this material, if you’re easily offended by the use of Mind Control and female persuasion techniques to attract women and manipulate their feelings, then please stop watching right now.

In this video, I will expose to you the “Shared Universe Sequence” which is one of the core techniques of the famed Shogun Method, the world’s one and only seduction system based on Mind Control.

Every female wants to belong to social groups – it’s innate to their psychology, and it’s something that they will never be able to change. With the Shared Universe Sequence, you will exploit this particular need by creating a “shared universe” consisting just you and her. Inside this universe, you’ll be free to seduce her without inhibitions and outside distractions – making it as easy as taking a piece of candy from a three year old kid.

Since this technique is based on Mind Control and female persuasion, I must implore you to use it ethically – because the risk of misusing it to harm a female’s psychology is very real. Having said that, whatever you do with this Shogun Method technique is entirely your own responsibility. Use it right, and you will be able to seduce any woman and make her fall in love with you quickly and easily.

Watch this video below –

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