How To Build Rapport With A Woman Using Conversational Hooks

Different from conventional dating beliefs, the Mind Control seducer’s way is to make the woman do all the heavy lifting during rapport building.

In other words, what you want to do is to get her to actively build rapport with you. In short, you want her to be the ‘aggressor’ in the interaction, not you.

You see, the harder she has to work to build rapport with you, the more you will be “worth” to her. Chances are high that she will maintain rapport with you right until the end of the seduction process.

On the other hand, if you are the one who tries too hard, she will subconsciously pick up the vibes of desperation from you, which will cause her to break rapport.

So how do you get your target to actively work for rapport then? Simple – using what we call “Conversational Hooks”. These are persuasion devices which are designed to get your target to ask you questions (repeatedly) in order to fill in the information gaps that you deliberately leave out.

Now let’s imagine I tell you the following story:

“I arrived at the LAX and as soon as the immigration officer saw my passport, she said – Mr Rake, we’ve been expecting you. Two plain-clothed policemen came and took me to a lowly lit room. To make a long story short, I managed to get out after two hours, and I immediately hopped in a cab to my hotel, all the while trying to see if there’s anyone following me.”

I’ve just told you a story but it is incomplete. There should be some questions in your mind now, like – why were the police officers waiting for me? What’s inside the room, and why is it sound so sinister and shadowy? What happened in the two hours that I was inside the room? Who is trying to follow me, and why?

Notice that the flow of the story is natural, told in a tone which is casual and conversational. Remember: Conversational Hooks, like the best Mind Control devices, are delivered most subtly and covertly. Contrast this with the standard “Pickup Artist” approach of trying to get women interested by shoving information down their throats.

Conversational Hooks are only one of the 147 techniques inside Derek Rake’s Shogun Method, the world’s one and only seduction system based on Mind Control.

When used correctly, Mind Control techniques can get a woman to fall in love far quicker than the usual Pickup Artist tricks. These remain somewhat hidden in the underground until they have been exposed to the mainstream recently.

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