How To Break Up A Couple

OK, let’s face it. Nothing hurts more than being dumped by your girlfriend for another guy. I should know. It happened to me a couple of years back. My girlfriend of five years left me for a guy she works with, and it left me an emotional mess.

Naturally, I understand that not all relationships last, but she’d only known this guy a few weeks. That’s what hurt the most. She didn’t even explain her reasons to me, so it left me wanting a little bit  of revenge

Can you imagine how I felt?

To make her come back, I tried a couple of Pickup Artist techniques, and guess what… they were pretty much useless. I almost gave up until I eventually came across a very manipulative method which – to be honest – I was a little scared to use. The technique claimed to be rooted in Mind Control methods which appeal directly to a woman’s subconscious.

Want to know more about this technique?

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So this is what happened. I plucked up the courage and I tried it. I’ll let you know the effects it had in a while, but for now, let me explain the technique I used, alright?

The method I came across was known as the Truth Camouflage. What it does is to place a simple lie between several truths in order to make the lie appear more genuine.

Once you’ve learned how this works, you’ll see this manipulation trick used everywhere: newspapers, TV documentaries, sales conferences – anywhere that needs a lie to appear truthful.

And guess what, it works tremendously well for relationships, too!

In order to plant the seed that a woman should break up with her boyfriend, use the Truth Camouflage to hide a lie in between three factual statements about him.

If that sounds a little abstract – don’t worry, let’s go through some examples to make things clearer for you, OK?

You could say to her:

“Maybe you haven’t noticed, but your boyfriend hasn’t replied to your text for several hours. He might be ignoring you. He clearly hasn’t checked his phone for hours – and you might be falling out of love with him.”

Make sure the first three things are solid facts. In this case, her boyfriend hasn’t replied to her. He has ignored her, and he hasn’t checked his phone. These are all evident by her boyfriend’s silence.

The fact that you have thrown in the ‘you might be falling out of love with him’ line following a steady flow of truthful statements also gives this piece of information the illusion of truth.

Makes sense, right?

On the flip side, you can use the Truth Camouflage for positive implications about yourself. For example:

“I’m studying at med school. I live in Los Angeles. I play basketball in my spare time, and I’m your ideal man.”

Notice how the first three statements are factual, followed by a final lie? It’s easy when you know how, right?

OK, so I used both of these methods on my ex-girlfriend, and let’s just say that I had completely fucked her new relationship up. She grew really suspicious of her new boyfriend, and after a couple of fights, they broke up. Served that little prick right. Fuck him!

Of course, she had begged for me to take her back after that, and out of the kindness of my heart I took her back, and guess what… she turned into a docile little kitten who pretty much obeyed everything I said from then onwards. Pretty awesome, right?

There’s one thing that bothers me sometimes though, and it is this…

Like it or not, knowing how to break up a couple is pretty essential if you are after a girl who already has a boyfriend. It can be shitty, I know, but like a wise man once said, all is fair in love and war, and if you’re not prepared to use these somewhat underhanded techniques on women, then you’ll lose out, plain and simple.

So, here’s the deal…

The Truth Camouflage has made seducing women easier than ever, and it’s thanks to Derek Rake, the inventor of the Truth Camouflage and the entire knowledge base of Mind Control seduction tactics known as the Shogun Method as well as the Fractionation Formula.

There’s one thing that I need you to know though, and it is this…

When used correctly, Fractionation can get a woman under your control, enslave her and make her fall in love with you far quicker than the usual “Pickup Artist” tricks. I have to warn you though that it is not possible to “undo” the effects of Fractionation. Once you have enslaved a woman using this technique, dumping her will cause irreparable damage to her psychology. Therefore, please use this technique responsibly and ethically.

To learn how you can use Shogun Method and Fractionation to manipulate a woman’s mind and enslave her to you emotionally, go to or click on this link right now.

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